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Holdam Trading Supplies BV

Contact Name Astrid Watermans
Company Position Sales Manager
Address Ter Gouwstraat 4
City Amsterdams
Postal (Zip) Code 1093 JX
Tel +0031 685833454
Skype astridwatermans
Email [email protected]
Website Website

High Quality, Live and Fresh Fishery Products

Holdam Trading Supplies BV mission is to serve a worldwide customer base providing innovative international trading and logistics solutions that recognize the value of customer care.

Established in May 2008. Holdam Trading Supplies BV works with manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and other trade entities to facilitate the supply of bulk daily commodities like A4 Copy paper, Nuts, and seeds, Oils, seafood, premium meat products, Frozen Chicken, Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Beers, Energy Drinks, Baby Formula Milk, Scraps, and other commodities to our clients around the world.

We strive to develop and maintain sustainable business relationships with suppliers and importers worldwide to provide the best quality products and service.

We are suppliers of a wide range of seafood products such as:
- frozen and fresh salmon fish
- frozen mackerel fish
- frozen shrimp
- frozen lobster
- frozen mackerel fish
- frozen halibut fish
- frozen horse mackerel
- frozen eel fish
- frozen tuna fish
- frozen halibut fish
- frozen ribbon fish
- fresh baby octopus
- sea cucumber
- frozen pangasius fillet
- frozen salmon fillet
- frozen salmon head

For more information about our company and products,
please contact us.