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North Andaman Resources Ltd

Contact Name Richard Williams
Company Position General Manager
Address Room 507
Address Cont. La Pyayt Wun Plaza, No. 37, Alan Pya Phaya Road, Dagon Township
City Yangon
State -
Postal (Zip) Code -
Tel +95 1 371318, 95 1 248911
Mobile (Cell) Phone +95 9 5119223
Fax -
Skype -
Email [email protected] 
Website -

Supplying from Myanmar a wide range of Freshwater Fish including Rohu, Hilsa, Pangasius, Tilapia, Mrigal, Ayer, Boal plus Black Tiger, Freshwater and Sea-Caught Shrimp


Basa Tilapia Hilsa Rohu Mrigal
Basa Tilapia Hilsa fish Rohu Fish Mrigal fish
Ayer (Mystus Aor) Boal (Wallago Attu) Catla (Catla Catla) Chital (Notopterus Chitala)
Ayer (Mystus Aor) fish Boal (Wallago Attu) fish Catla (Catla Catla) fish Chital (Notopterus Chitala) fish