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Penguin Divers

Contact Name Tarik A. Fatah
Address P.O. Box 13
Address cont. Dahab
City Dahab
State/Province South Sinai
Zip/Postal Code -
Country EGYPT
Telephone +20 (0)69 364 0117
Fax +20 (0)69 364 0117

Product/Service Details

Dahab is the Arabic word for "gold", and it is almost certain that this
local area on the east coast of Sinai derives it's name from the rich sand that colors its beaches. Dahab provides a contrasting atmosphere to its over developed, package tourist southern neighbour, Sharm El-Sheik. Dahab has a growing following, and the name may soon refer to the wealth that tourism is bringing to the small Bedouin date palm settlement of Assalah. The combination of soft sand, world class diving, gorgeous blue waters, an oasis like strip of palm trees coupled with a relaxing atmosphere keeps people coming back to Dahab.

Assalah is the entertainment centre of Dahab, a sprawling conglomeration of palm trees, open air restaurants, bars, markets, hotels and camps that ignite the town with excitement by day and color by night.

Within just a few miles of Dahab are some great adventure spots. Excellent dive sites lie both to the north and south, including Blue Hole, one of Sinai's best. Just south are the wadis of Qnai el-Rayan and Qnai el-Atschan.

The adventure of a lifetime.

Diving: relaxing, action-packed, tranquil, adrenaline pumping, adventurous, fun. Diving is all this and more - the choice is yours.
Can you imagine being in Dahab this tropical location, between 4 of the 15 protected areas in Egypt.

1 - The RAS Mohamed national park (declared in 1983).
2 - The Nabq managed resource-protected area
     (declared in 1992).
3 - The Abu Galum managed resource-protected area
     (declared in 1992).
4 - The Saint Katherine protected area (declared in 1987).

Diving in crystal clear water surrounded by brightly colored coral and fish. You and your buddy put on your dive equipment to enter the water and explore the wonders of marine life in the Red Sea, one of the best dive destinations in the world. Or you could be off exploring the shipwreck of Thistelgorm, visit the national park of RAS Mohamed - the first Egyptian national park. Declared in 1983 with an area of 97km, it has since grown to an area of 480km.

You're ready for anything because you've invested in the right training and have gained valuable hands-on experience. Is being prepared for worth it? You bet! We are here to guide you in the right direction, we've listed the diving service (recreational & technical) offered by Penguin Divers Dive Center, Resort.


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