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Sea-Ex Celebrating 26 years of assisting seafood fishing & marine companies with online marketing

Sea-Ex is celebrating
26 YEARS of assisting Seafood & Marine Companies with online marketing!

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Seafood, Fishing, Aquaculture, Marine & Angling Directory

Celebrating 26 YEARS online assisting seafood, fishing and marine companies market their products & services.

Sea-Ex provides the community with information about all types of fish, commercial fishing, seafood, recreational angling, tackle, boating and more. Listed in directory format by product or country.

Seafood Fish Suppliers, Fish Photos, Wholesale Seafood Seafood Industry Contacts listed by Country Aquaculture Directory - Farmed Fish Products, Aquaculture Equipment, Water Treatment, Fish Species, Fish Farming Associations
Seafood/Fish Suppliers
Directories of Commercial seafood & fish suppliers, seafood importers, fish distributors, wholesale suppliers. Seafood export companies with detailed product information, Fish & Seafood photos & information...
Commercial Fishing, Australian Seafood Suppliers, Wholesale Seafood Suppliers, Seafood Agents, Fish Photos and Species Information ....
Seafood Industry
Contacts by Country

Companies & contacts for the professional fish and seafood industry, seafood and fish suppliers, exporters and importers listed with full contact details, govt. departments, country fish & seafood information. Listed by country.
Seafood Australia, China Fish, France, Greece Sea Food, Canada Seafood, India, Indonesia Crab, Thailand Shrimps, Seafood USA, Vietnam Basa ..
Aquaculture Directory
Aquaculture directory listing Fish farming information, sustainable seafood, fish breeders, farmed fish suppliers, goods and services to the Aquaculture industry including aquaculture equipment, fish hatchery, fish feeders, fish feed, water treatment, shellfish farming, aquaculture industry consultants....
Farmed Fish Products, Aquaculture Equipment, Water Treatment, Farmed Fish Species, Books, Fish Farming Associations

Boats, Ships & Marine Directory, Boating Equipment, Marine Insurance, Marine Surveyors... Suppliers to the Professional Fishing & Seafood Industry, Ice machines, refrigeration, seafood processing equipment, fishing nets, crewing agencies, transport & logistics Seafood Trading Board, Fish Market Prices
Boating & Marine directory listing suppliers of goods and services to boating, marine & shipping industries, manufacturers of boat equipment, navigation equipment, repairs, marine insurance companies, marine engineers & marine surveyors, world ports authority contacts, boat and ship construction, ships chandlers & providors....
Boating Equipment, Moorings, Marine Insurance, Marine Surveyors, Marine Engineers
Suppliers to the Professional Fishing & Seafood Industry
Directory of other suppliers of goods and services to the commercial fishing and seafood industries, Ice machines, processing & packaging, fishing equipment, fishing crew agencies...
Ice Machines & Refrigeration, Seafood Processing Equipment, Fishing Nets, Agents, Crewing Agencies, Transport & Logistics, Commercial Fishing Supplies ....
Seafood Trading Board
A dynamic seafood and fish trading board. Free to post buy and sell offers for fish and sea food products and related industries. Direct marketing of your seafood products. Fish Market Prices includes most major seafood and fish markets around the world. Daily or weekly catch landings and prices.
Seafood Trading Board, Fish Market Prices


Angling Directory, Game Fishing, Fly Fishing, Bait, Fishing Charters, Fishing Guides, Tackle, Clubs, Fish information and photos Diving Directory - Dive shops, dive instructors, diving boats, books on diving... Yachts and Yachting Directory, Yacht Charters, Yacht Brokers, Marinas, Sailing Clubs, Chandlers
Recreational Angling
Recreational and Fishing information and directory. Featuring information on all types of fishing - sport fishing, game fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing and more. Fishing fly patterns, wholesale fishing tackle suppliers and manufacturers. Find your local tackle and bait shop. Boat Charters and Fishing Guides directory. Local angling clubs and more...
Game Fishing, Fly Fishing, Bait, Fishing Charters & Guides, Wholesale Fishing Tackle, Fishing Clubs , Fish Photos & Info....
Diving Directory & Info
Sea-Ex Diving Directory featuring dive shops, PADI instructors, diving instructors, learn to dive, dive boats & liveaboards, scuba diving gear, information about diving destinations and travel, local dive clubs, Commercial divers directory, marine photos and information, ocean education resources and more. Scuba diving directory info is listed by country.
Diving Shops, Dive Instructors, Diving Boats, Travel, Diving Books ....
Yachts and Yachting
Yachts and yachting directory includes information and contacts for motor yacht and sailing yacht charters, brokers, transport and translocation. Marinas catering to recreational yachts, yacht manufacturers, international boat shows, learn how to sail, international marine flags and pennants meanings, motor yacht & sailing yacht chandlers and sail-makers....
Yacht Charters, Yacht Brokers, Marinas, Sailing Clubs, Chandlers, Manufacturers
Seafood Shops, Seafood Restaurants, Fish Recipes, Recipes for Seafood, Fish & Chips Shops.....

Florida Keys Fishing at Bud n' Mary's Marina


Information on Seafood - Preparation, Storage of Seafood, Nutritional Information, Identifying Fresh Fish, How to Open Oysters...
Seafood Shops, Restaurants, Recipes....
Retail Seafood & fish shops, where to buy your seafood, cooking fish and seafood, recipes featuring a wide range of products including shrimps & prawns, lobster, fish fillets, snapper etc. What to find a great seafood restaurant, see our Seafood Restaurants directory. Fresh and frozen Seafood and fish product company brand names.
Fish & Chips, Brands, Seafood Restaurants, Retail Seafood Shops, Snapper Recipes, Lobster Recipes, Prawn Recipes ....
Recipes for Seafood
  Info. on Seafood & Fishing
Loads of information on preparing fish and seafood, how to shuck oysters and open shellfish, how to thaw frozen seafood, storing seafood, Omega 3 info and benefits of eating oily fish, how much seafood to buy - fish, prawns, shrimp, oysters per person and serving, what is surimi and how do they make it?  nutritional information for fish. Names of fish products in other languages, recreational fishing guidelines, info on marine mammals, seafood industry news and trade shows.....
Seafood Information, Seafood Preparation, Storage of Seafood, Nutritional Info, Identifying Fresh Fish,
How to open Oysters ....

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