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from some of the BEST PLACES TO FISH !

1st April, 2009: FISHING REPORT:  Port Alberni Inlet, Barkley Sound, Ucluelet (West Coast), Somas-Stamp River System.

by Doug Lindores of Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing
Toll Free Number:  1- 888 214 7206

This is Pat who fished with Mike  out of the Ucluelet Harbor   This fish was 12 pounds and was caught at Great Bear   Pat had 7 fish hooked during his trip and landed two.  This 12 pound fish and another 13 pound fish.  The landed fish were caught on herring strip in a chartreuse teaser headThe saltwater fishing season has officially started. Some of the great winter storms off the coast of Vancouver Island are long forgotten and many are thinking of the many sunny and warm boating days that are waiting in the future. There have already been some lengthy high pressure systems settle on southern British Columbia which have produced many beautiful west coast days for those lucky enough to have already visited the area. People from around the globe have already or sometime soon will take advantage of the wonderful salmon fishing that Vancouver Island has to offer. We have been fishing in Ucluelet and Barkley Sound for the last four or five weeks. These two areas of Vancouver Island, British Columbia offer some of the worlds’ best salmon fishing. At some time during the summer months all five salmon species are available for the sport fisherman. There have been some very good days of salmon sport fishing for our sport fishing charter guides and their guests. These individuals have appreciated the fact that they have picked up some salmon and bottom fish on the troll but have also experienced the scenic ruggedness of Canadas’ West Coast. Even though it is already April we are making sure that we get out on the nice days. There can be some spectacular days on the Pacific Ocean in April and on the other hand there can still be some days where the weather just does not permit us to be on the open Pacific and our trips based out of Ucluelet lead us to Barkley Sound into Mayne Bay and the back side of Swale Rock where the water is usually very calm. The month of April marks the beginning of our SEAFOOD SAFARI. This is a remarkable fishery as we give guests an opportunity to fish crab, prawns, salmon and bottom fish. The Stamp River continues to be quite good for Winter Steelhead. We are expecting some phenomenal fishing right into mid April. The upper portion of the Port Alberni Inlet opens for prawn fishing on April 1st. Many local prawn fishermen have been setting traps from Mactush to Pocohontis Point and have been very successful. Local fishing charter guides and sport fishermen are very excited about this years’ sockeye sport fishing opening. This will be the first year in three that the Inlet will see the very popular July fishery once again open.

Port Alberni Inlet / Barkley Sound

Chinook caught by Ashley Finley of Oregon out of the Ucluelet Harbour near Great Bear   This salmon was caught on an anchovy in a clear Rhys Davis Teaser Head   The guide was Doug of Slivers Charters Salmon Sport FishingThis time of year there is not any salmon fishing in the Port Alberni Inlet.

Salmon fishing that has occurred has been down close to Ten Mile Point. It is in this area that several good sized Winter Chinook have been picked up. Three or four fish over twenty pounds have come out of these waters as have many feeders in the eight to fifteen pound range. Avid sport fishermen coming to the valley in early April to go and fish the waters of Barkley Sound should stop and fish the waters of the Franklin Wall and Nahmint. If there are bait balls throw out an anchovy or two on a Rhys Davis chartreuse or clear teaser head. Spoons and hootchies will also be okay. Prawn fishermen can once again, for the first half of April, set their prawn traps around China Creek and north into Cous Creek. This summer the Port Alberni Inlet is expected to be a hot bed for salmon fishing. The Inlet will open for sockeye fishing. It is expected that limits will begin at two per day per person with possession limits set at four. If the testing results show more than the return DFO predictions, daily limits could go to four with possession limits at eight. Sockeye were once only commercially caught salmon but years ago local sport anglers began using red and pink small hootchies and found a way to have the sockeye bite. Sockeye are attracted when there is plenty of color behind the boat. This often means running six to eight flashers off of the deep lines. The favorite hootchies that most use are mp 15’s (bubblegum) and mp 16’s (red). Many local salmon charter guides run red and green hotspot flashers with leader length anywhere from 22 to 28 inches.

The Alberni Inlet is also expected to have some very good Chinook and Coho Fishing. DFO has reported that the majority return of Chinook this year will be four year olds. This component was missing last year and will more than likely make up 60 to 70% of the 09 return. The return of four year olds is not only true of the Robertson Creek return but the return of the whole west coast from Alaska to California.

In summary it looks like a great season in the Alberni Inlet. Sport fishing in July, August and September looks very positive.

Zain from Calgary Alberta shows this winter steelhead that was released. This fish is ready to head back out to the Pacific.  This is one of 12 steelhead Zain played on his weekend trip to the Stamp River in Port Alberni B.C. Vancouver IslandBarkley Sound has had some good days for those targeting Winter Chinook. However water temperatures have been unusually cool and the Chinook in the area have not been feeding on the rich bait resources that can be found in the sound as frequently. The water temperature has been holding anywhere between 44 and 46F degrees. The guided trips for the past four weeks have had the best results fishing in the Sarita Bay area. There have been some good sized salmon in this area in water from 100 to 130 feet. Winter Chinook from 18 to 22 lbs. have not been uncommon. The white AORL 12 and the green spatterback hootchie have both been very good. Leader length from 40 to 44 inches has been excellent behind green and red hotspot flashers. Some guides and local anglers have been using various spoons and anchovy in a chartreuse Rhys Davis teaser head and when the water is clear, as it often has been, guides have not used a flasher but have used just a lengthy leader. As the water in Barkley Sound warms we are expecting the herring to come into the Sound in good numbers which should bring in good number of feeder Chinook. Swale Rock, Vernon Bay and Meares should become excellent spots for the sport fisherman.

Vancouver West Coast (Ucluelet)

This picture is of Rick from Vancouver B.C. who fished with guide Nick on the Stamp River near Port Alberni B.C. Vancouver Island.  The Winter Steelhead are still coming in and are bright and fresh.  We are expecting the steelhead season to continue into Mid-AprilApril is the beginning of our Seafood Safari. Days on the Pacific Ocean during this time of year can be absolutely fabulous. Warm brilliant sunshine is often the norm. This is not to say that early mornings are cool and brisk, meaning one has to dress very warm. It is easy to take off the layers than search for the ones you did not bring. Ling Cod usually open mid month and by months’ end or the first few days of May the first few migratory salmon begin to show. Mixed in with the local feeder Chinook there is plenty of salmon in our coastal waters. Our Seafood Safari is very much a favorite for many people. Individuals enjoy prawn and crab fishing mixed with some great salmon and rock fish fishing. The end of the day is fabulous with a great seafood barbecue and some great B.C. wine. Many guests stay at nearby resorts or bed and breakfasts. Some are located on the Ucluelet Harbor which is so very quaint, scenic, and has a romantic warmth.

Fishing has been quite good for the past few weeks. Of course weather at this time of year plays a role but as we get into April we should have more of a window to play with. Guide Mike has been fishing mainly just outside the Harbor and Great Bear seems to have been a prime location. With our guests Mike has had some good success. Many of the Chinook have been averaging 12 pounds with the biggest coming in at 18. There have already been a few halibut picked up by guides Mike and Al. The largest to date is 22 pounds Halibut opened on March 1st. The daily limit is one halibut at the moment. The salmon have been predominately hitting hootchies with blue and green colors combined. The last two trips however the salmon were hitting a chartreuse herring strip holder with a very long leader behind a green hotspot flasher. On Sunday guests from Alberta tied into 7 salmon but only two 12 pounders were landed. Guests also enjoyed some great prawning and crabbing.

The West Coast of Vancouver Island will have very good fishing this summer. Call Doug very soon as many favorite summer days are gradually being booked. 1-877 314-6800 is a good number to leave a message and reserve your trip.

The west coast will see all five species of salmon swim the coastline. Coho will be very strong with migratory Coho to the US reaching well over 1.5 million and returns to local streams, creeks, and rivers forecast to be better than last year. Chinook will also be much better and will be age class 4 predominately. Fraser River Sockeye forecasts are well over 11 million and Pink and Chum salmon are forecast to be strong. Anglers are looking forward to a wonderful Pink Salmon return. Expectations for the Fraser River range from a low of nine million to a high of 17 million. Take in consideration this return plus tributary streams and creeks and the pink return is absolutely huge.

Somass - Stamp River

This is a picture just a mile or two off of the Ucluelet Harbour  Guest playing a Winter Chinook which he lost.  Guide was Mike.Winter Steelhead fishing in the Upper and Lower Stamp continues to be quite good. There is still fresh fish coming into the lower river. Guides on the weekend tied into several fish for guests. Roe bags are very popular in the area below the bucket. The water is still quite cold but should begin to warm-up. We are anticipating some great fishing until mid-April. We are anticipating the fall of 09 to have some great fly fishing. Coho returns will be very good and Summer Steelhead stocks remain very strong. Fall fishing is very popular for many avid river fishing. We can teach you how to fly fish also.

Fishing in all of our areas is currently very good for this time of year and will only get better as we get through April and into May and June.


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Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing
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