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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Buzzbomb Tackle Inc.
Fishing Lures that are PURE DYNAMITE! For over 50 years our lures have been hand crafted in Canada, and lead the pack in design, innovation and effectiveness. Our company is totally focused on jigs, Pick you size and colour for both salt and fresh water. Buzzbomb Tackle is at the top of sales for jigs in North America. Our lures unique sonic abilities and erratic flashing action attract and annoy ALL FISH, large and small, into striking voraciously. Forget the "luck". Put SCIENCE on your side!! We dominate the market in the Pacific North West. Our lures work on every fish and have the hand finished quality people desire and expect.
Contact: Tim Dolden
City: Courtenay
Tel:  250 338 5364
Canada Live Bait Supply
We are live bait wholesaler, serving the USA for over 30yrs with high
quality and affordable live worms. Dealing with 12, 16, and 18 count worm
cups, call for a quote.......
Contact: Mike
City: Stoney Creek
Tel:  905 643 6527
Fax: 905 643 6402
Caribou Lures Inc.
Manufacturer of terminal tackle with international distribution.
Contact: George Polsky
City: Montreal Quebec
Tel: 514 636 1112
Fax: 516 636 3285
Email: info@caribou.ca
Cathy's Crawly Composters
Retailer & wholesaler of red wiggler worms, European nightcrawlers, worm bins, castings, etc.
Contact: Cathy Nesbitt
City: Bradford
Tel: 888 775 9495
Email: casey@cathyscomposters.com
Super Lures, Tackle, Rods, Reels and bait. Pretty well anything you need to catch the big ones.
Contact: Larry Lowery
City: Burlington, Ontario
Tel:  905-332-8544
Email: dyoung201@cogeco.ca

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