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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Maimun Fishing Tackles
We are suppliers of fishing equipment, fishing gear, fishing tackles, fishing lines, boats, engines, fish ponds, pond liners
Contact: Taher
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 0725064745
Email: sales@mft.co.ke 
Mako Fishing Flies
a professional fly tying company based in Nairobi, Kenya that deals in high quality, inexpensive hand tied flies manufactured from high quality hooks and the finest fly tying materials both synthetic and natural from reputable tackle stores in different countries like India, UK, china, UK, USA and Norway.
Contact: Emmanuel Makokha
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 722 564 750
Email: e.makokha@yahoo.com 
Mary Flies
we manufacture fishing flies of all region. we us FEDEX, ONE WORLD AND EMS to ship the flies We offer best prices from about US$2.90 per dozen. We do not charge shipping for orders over 500 dozen
Contact: Mary
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 725 742 647
Email: mary_evans2005@yahoo.com
We deal with artificial fishing flies products. Our promise to our customers, is to supply them with high quality of flies. The flies we produce is very much competitive wherever we sell them. Our price is low and negotiable
Contact: Kenneth Isaiah
City: Kisumu
Tel:  +254 720 482 066
Fax: +254 720 482 066
Email: kfishtop@gmail.com
Michael & Son Fly Tiers
We are a tier of fishing flies and are looking for a potential customer to supply our classic flies, our rates are competitive.
Contact: Michael Kamau Kariuki
City: Nakuru
Email: kariu20042000@yahoo.com
Mid Crest Fishing Flies
All of our flies are tied by experienced tiers and with a lot of professionalism. We offer nothing short of phenomenal value and a focus on quality and service. As manufacturers with our own team of qualified tiers we have the ability to produce any fly pattern available and also make custom flies tied to your own specifications at no extra cost. No manufacturers surpasses our commitment to deliver on quality flies.
Contact: David Ngugi Kariuki
City: Limuru
Tel: +254  725 935 116
Fax: +254  725 935 116
Email: kariuki_dvd@yahoo.com
i do supply high quality fishing flies to my customers at good prices .but my prices are not constant, i do negotiate.if interested please contact me.
Contact: Thomas Njoroge
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 720 327 807
Email: miggflies@gmail.com
Morjoy Flies
Our company started with only a few tiers and has grown for the last 15years to 30 permanent and 10+ subcontracts We tie Nymph flies $2.5 per dz, Dryflies $2.8 per dz, Streamers $3.00 per dz, Saltwater $7.00 per dz, Bassbugs $12.00 per dz. We tie custom made flies per your samples Free courier shipping for over 100dz.You can use PayPal or any other payment mode you prefer.
Contact: Joyce Njeri
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 725 907 501
Fax: -
Email: morjoy20@yahoo.com
Morning Rise flies
Contact us for the best deals. We are a member factory specializing in fishing flies. We sell at reasonable rates. Join our family.
Contact: Samuel N Kioi
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 020 310 162
Fax: +254 020 220 162
Email: MorningRiseflies@yahoo.com
Mt. Elgon Fishing Flies
Our flies are tied to the highest international standards. We manufacture hand-tied fishing flies for trout, salmon, bass and saltwater fishing. We use sharpened, Japanese hooks and the finest hackles and feathers including Hoffman hackle. We tie drys wets, nymphs, streamers, muddlers, stone flies, terrestrials, stimulators, salmons, speys, bass bugs and saltwater flies.
Contact: Eric Cheloti Kokonya
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 0733 720 154
Email: ekokonya@yahoo.co.uk
Mud Flies Company
is a fly fishing centre for fine hand crafted flies based in Nairobi Kenya.It has a wider fly selections that sell to all parts of the flyfishing zones. Only perfect flies are produced by our skilled tyers each producing 15 dozen flies every day. We accept minimum orders of 80 dozens with free shipping. Specialists of all fly patterns and would tie any pattern you may need by providing us with the tying menu.
Contact: Assumpter
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 734 564 888
Email: daphfly@yahoo.com
Musania Flies Company
We are manufacturers of artificial fishing flies of all types. High quality is our main specialisation. We kindly request whoever is interested to send us just a small order to look and gauge our quality we produce in our workershop. Note that quality, honesty is our guiding principles.
Contact: Josephine W. Mwangi
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 722 645 952
Email: highhopeflies@yahoo.com
Mweru Fly Tyers Company
I based in Kenya trying to find market for my wide range of artificial fishing fly,high quality, prices are negotiable.
Contact: Grace Wagithi Maina
City: Nairobi
Tel: +274 720 994 276
Email: githi2006@yahoo.com
Nafka Flies Ltd
We make & sell high quality flies of all types. we sell at cheap prices, both on retail & wholesale basis. we employ experienced & highly qualified tiers for the best flies. We also deliver within strict schedules as per customers request. samples are always available upon request. Our flies are available in Europe, S.Africa, Asia & American markets.
Contact: Naftali Kamau
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 720 451 963
Email: kamaunaftali@yahoo.com
Nancy Flies
Hand tied flies of exceptional quality made with the finest materials: dries, special dries, nymphs, wets, muddlers, bead heads, salmon flies, saltwater and bass. We accept credit cards.
Contact:  Nancy Waithere Kamau
City: Nairobi
Tel:  +254 723 119 659
Fax: +254 2044 3367
Email: waitheranancy@yahoo.com
Nandwa Flyfishing Flies
wholesale supplier of Fishing Flies at best price. Quality flies, faster shipping via courier, payment via Paypal. price range is $2.3USD -$2.4USD for trout flies. We accept all major credits and debits card payment via paypal. Minimum order is 50dozens or 600 flies. We accept returns.
Contact:  Jane Nandwa
City: Nairobi
Tel:  +254703849443
Fax: +254703849443
Email: samflyfisher@yahoo.com
Natures Delights Products
Hand tied flies of exceptional quality made with the finest materials: dries, special dries, nymphs, wets, muddlers, bead heads, salmon flies, saltwater and bass. We accept credit cards.
City: Nairobi
Email: naturesdelights@hotmail.com
Nelk Fishing Enterprises
We specialize in tying quality front flies, pacific salmon flies and steelhead. We have a wide assortment of flies designed for rivers, lakes as well as salt waters and salmon flies. Most of these patterns we sell are favourites of our fishing acts from UK, USA, Australia, Norway and the Rocky Mountains. These flies are extremely durable and well constructed.
Contact: Nelson Momanyi
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 721 676 718
Email: nelkfishingent@yahoo.com
Nic Anglers
We are professional tiers and dressers of high quality fishing flies and baits. We are seeking for the market out there and request for buyers who can supply their own hooks and materials. Serious inquiries welcome.
Contact: Nicholas Nganga Mungai
City: Nairobi
Tel: +254 723 813 350
Email: nicanglers2003@yahoo.com
Nileflies Fishing Tackle
Our company has been registered to manufacture quality fishing flies for the last 10 years.
Contact: John Kimani Njenga
City: Nakuru
Tel: +254 0722 501 126
Email: nileflies@yahoo.ca
Njakin Tackle Options
We are manufacturers and exporters of high quality fishing flies. We tie dry flies, nymphs, wet, streamers, saltwater, salmons etc.
Contact: Onesmus Njau Kinyanjui
City: Nairobi
Tel:  +254 0720 486 299
Fax: +254 020 313 443
Email: njakintackleoptions@yahoo.com
Nyamongo Fishing Flies
i sell flies to different countries e.g canada uk usa brasil, swizaland to every competitive price, I welcome all my customer to visit my company called nyamongo fishing flies. all are welcome and ready to work with those who are serious in business
Contact: Nyamongo
City: Nairobi
Tel:  +254 072 961 0109
Email: nyamongoflies@gmail.com

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