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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Suppliers - Korea (+82)



Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Dawon Eng. Co. Ltd
We manufacturer the mid/high-end low-profile baitcast reels from standard size for fresh water to bigger size for salt water. Any inquiries regarding our reels are welcomed.
Contact: KM Sung
City: Seoul
Tel:  +82 32 556 2391
Fax: +82 32 556 2392
Email: dawoneng@hanafos.com
Dong A Fishing Tackle Co
We are large manufacturers and suppliers producing all kinds of fishing tackle products. For example swivels, hooks, wire products, monofilament and sleeve pipes (clip) etc.
Contact: Kim Sam Jong
City: Pusan
Tel: +82 51 624 7950
Fax: +82 51 623 7956
Email: fisheries@naver.com
Dong Ah Fishing Industries Co. Ltd
Fishing rod, reel, hooks, swivels, spoon, lure, spinner, monofilament line, wire cable, rope, net, twine, tuna hook, branch hanger snap, light stick, lithium battery, float.
Contact: Brian Anh
City: Pusan
Tel: +82 51 466 8374
Fax: +82 51 464 9402
Email: winsport@nuri.net
Dong Kwang International Corporation
We are manufacturing and exporting all kinds of longline fishing gears and commercial fishing equipments including monofilament main & branch line, tuna hooks, swivels, wires, sea lights, light sticks for sword fish, branch snap, sleeves, ropes, fishing tools, wet gears, marine equipments & fishing accessories.
Contact: Mr Sun Ki, Choi
City: Pusan
Tel:  +82 51 414 8361
Fax: +82 51 414 8362
Email: dkicorp@chollian.net
Dongyang Engineering Co Ltd
A manufacturer and exporter for radio buoy, radio buoy battery, sea strobe light and fishing light etc...
Contact: Chililo Hwang
City:  Jinhae
Tel:  +82 556 551 2448
Fax: +82 55 551 5565
Email: chililo@radiobuoy.co.kr
Forman Tech Co. Ltd
commercial fishing gears, tuna longline gears, squid fishing gears, saltwater fishing gears
Contact: Peter Park
City: Busan
Tel: +82 51 246 4601
Fax: +82 51 246 4611
Email: formantech@korea.com
Haesung Enterprise Co. Ltd
We are developers and manufacturers of fishing line. We are specialized in nylon monofilament commercial fishing line. Our Marinmax fishing line is mainly used for Main Line and Branch Line. It is specially designed for longline fishing. Ir provides reliable strength & durability with a unique recipe for blend and extruding of the polymer. We also supply good quality fishing gears.
Contact: J.W. Lee
City: Busan
Tel:  +82 51 831 1400 ~ 4
Fax: +82 51 831 1405
Email: info@marinmax.co.kr
Jeongwoo Industrial Co. Ltd
We are manufacturers and exporters who specialize in all kinds of fishing tackles and longline equipments (Swivels, wires, hooks, sleeves, baits etc).
Contact: CS Lim
City: Busan
Tel:  +82 51 261 7181
Fax: +82 51 261 7183
Email: jeongwoo@suntops.com
Korea FishingTec Corp
We are supplying fishing line, swivel, hook, snap, wire, sleeve, crimping tool, chemical light stick & fishing net, twine, rope, float, sea light (fishing net indicating light), fishing wears etc.
Contact: H.S. Shin
City: Busan
Tel: +82 51 893 6087
Fax: +82 51 893 6086
Email: kfcorp@kita.net
Lineteckorea Industries Ltd
longline fishing gears, monofilament line, monofilament main branch line, tuna hooks, swivels, light sticks, sea lights, rain wears, marine gears
Contact: sun ki choi
City: Gimhae
Tel: +82-55-329-5005
Fax: +82-55-329-5110
Email: longlinetec@korea.com
Moohan Enterprise Co. Ltd
Fish hook manufacturer/exporter. We produce various salt water hooks. We only use hi-carbon with very special cutting "X-cut" this is our own technology. Our brand name is "Fisen".
Contact: Maria Jo
City: Seoul
Tel: +82 2 942 6418
Fax: +82 2 917 7630
Email: moohanfa@moohanfa.co.kr
Uwon Marine
A leading manufacturer specialized in longline fishing equipment in Korea. It manufactures swivel lines, rope longline, stainless steel swivel, and fishing hook products, and exports the products to Europe, North America, South America, and, Oceania. UWON's longline fishing products are manufactured using polyester ropes all the processes are implemented through production automation and rigorous quality control for global customers.
Contact: Seungjae Lee
City: Busan
Tel: +82-51-266-6364
Fax: +82-51-266-6364
Email: uwonmarine@gmail.com
YM Fishing Corporation
Supplier as a specialist in longline fishing gears, commercial fishing gears, frozen squid for swordfish longline fishing baits, etc..
Contact: H.S. Yoon (Director)
City: Busan
Tel: +82 51 469 2411
Fax: +82 51 469 2412
Email: longline@ympesca.com

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