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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Suppliers - Kuwait (+965)



Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Al-Manar Marine Const. & Equip. Co.
For the past 30 years we have provided unmatched service and fishing knowledge in Kuwait. Manufacturers of plastic hand reels & the main distributors in Kuwait and Persian Gulf region for the best fishing tackles in the world. Distributors of Berkley Big Game fishing line, Rapala, Spider Wire, Penn Reels & Rods, Asso fishing line, Filva fishing line, Silver Thread, Dam rods & Lines, Poleco Rods, Bandoo Reels, Fishing nets all sizes and shapes, Muroto hooks, Mustad hooks, tool boxes, HookOuts, Manns lures, Yuzori products, gaffs and so many fine items.
Contact: Essam Abul
City: Kuwait
Tel: +965 241 9011
Fax: +965 240 1551
Email: Essam_abul@hotmail.com
Al Naqi International
We sell fishing equipment such as Mustad fishing hooks & fishing line, King Chou fishing net, Banax Fishing reels, Filfish fishing line, Omoto trolling reels, Daiwa fishing reels, Polico fishing rods, trolling rods etc.
Contact: Eisa Al Naqi
City: Shuwaikh
Tel: +965 481 7904
Fax: +965 483 7535
Email: alnaqi_intl@hotmail.com
Kuwait2000 Fishing Tackle
Largest wholesaler for all kinds of fishing tackle.
Contact: Robert
City: Kuwait
Tel: +965 657 0720
Fax: +965 481 7779
Email: kuwait2000fishingtackle@hotmail.com
Moayad Rodan Fishing Tackle Company
We deal with all kinds of saltwater fishing material.
Contact: Robert
City: Kuwait
Tel: +965 657 0720
Fax: +965 484 4723
Email: kuwait2000fishingtackle@yahoo.com
Pan Pacific
Number One in Kuwait dealing with saltwater fishing tackles only. Our trolling Centre is equipped with the best like Penn Reels and Tuna sticks, Avett Reels, Sampo harness and lures like Manns and heavy weighted Australian trolling lures. Our goal is to provide the best quality at the best ever price.
Contact: Adnan Ashkanani
City: Kuwait
Tel: +965 988 6377
Fax: +965 242 5583
Email: asashkanani@yahoo.com

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