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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Epohook sia
Ice fishing tackle manufacturer specializing in Tungsten and Plastic mormishkas, Lures, Strike indicators, ice fishing accessories
Contact: Andrey Loss
City: Riga
Tel:  +371 6 724 7736
Fax: +3716 724 7736
Email:  andrei@epohook.lv
Lambi SIA
Wholesales and retail sales for all kind of fishing tackle, all the famous brand names are under our exclusive distributions. We can provide you a huge variety of tackle, on your request!
Contact: Igors Loss
City: Riga
Tel:  +37128309308
Fax: -
Email: info@fishingshop.lv
Manufacturers of ice fishing tackle.
Contact: Andrey Shipilov
City: Riga
Tel:  +371-22326688
Fax: -
Email: andrey@shark.lv
SIA R Soft Razotajs
Maver IT,Maver UK,Van Den Eynde BE-official representative in Baltic  States. Everything for fishing with pleasure.
Contact: Natalia Gazarova
City: Riga
Tel:  +371 2 986 9946
Fax: -
Email: koljucka2@inbox.lv
We are manufacturers of fishing baits like ice jigs, rattlins, sandhoppers, snagless sinkers and so one.
Contact: Alina Majorova
City: -
Tel:  -
Fax: -
Email: surflatvia@gmail.com

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