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Naco Seafood AS

Contact Name: Johnny Fjetland
Company Position: General Manager
Address: Hjellestadvegen 217
City: Blomsterdalen
State: Bergen
Postal (Zip) Code: 5258
Country: NORWAY
Telephone: +4797385844
Fax: +4797385555
Skype: 39423a270e73aabe

Seafood processor, seafood exporter, seafood Wholesaler, King crab exporter, Salmon fish exporter, scallop exporter, Seafood Distributor

Naco Seafoods - Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Redfish

Live, chilled, fresh and frozen seafood Atlantic salmon, fresh Atlantic cod, Atlantic mackerel (scomber scombrus), Atlantic trout, king crab legs, live whole king crab (paralithodes camtschaticus), live tiger lobsters, fresh Canadian lobsters, fresh flower lobsters, Norwegian lobsters, crayfish, fresh salmon fillets, cod fillets, frozen Atlantic salmon, frozen cod fish, cod roe, cod bladder, frozen salmon heads, salmon bellies, salmon fillets, salmon backbones

Naco Seafood - Halibut, catfish, farmed salmon, rainbow trout

Frozen whole lobsters, frozen scallop meat, king crab legs, frozen ribbon fish, frozen Atlantic herring, cold water shrimp, warm water shrimps, Norwegian lobsters, frozen prawns, Atlantic pollock, sword fish, Atlantic horse mackerel, capelin, saithe, dry anchovy fish, stock fish, dry cod, sea cucumber, live green crabs, mud crabs, frozen scallop meat, scallop bay, swimming crab, tuna fish, Norwegian red king crab and many others.

Naco Seafood - American Lobsters, Squid, Atlantic Salmon, Clams

Quality haccp, iso, ifs, brc, asc, bsci, sa8000, global

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