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Panama Divers

Contact Name Clay Jorgensen
Address -
Address cont. -
City Panama
State/Province -
Zip/Postal Code -
Country PANAMA
Telephone +507 314 0817
Fax -
Email [email protected]

Product/Service Details

We offer dives at some of the best locations for scuba diving in Panama - locations deemed worthy of Discovery Channel attention.  On the Caribbean side, we recommend a remote area that is rarely dived near the fabled San Blas Islands.  The reefs there are very colorful and are comprised of nearly every kind of Caribbean coral, many at depths of 35' to 40'.  These dives are excellent for divers of all ages.  

In addition, we dive other locations in Nombre de Dios, Portobelo, and Isla Grande where the reefs are at depths ranging from 40' to 130' and surprises are around every corner.

On the Pacific side, we dive the Pearl Islands (which is where Survivor was filmed here in Panama).   Close to Panama City we are diving Toboga and Tobogia Islands where large fish populations can be seen. 

For the trip of a life time, I would recommend Cobia Island.   It boasts spectacular diving and is considered to be equal to if not better that the Galapagos Islands. Large populations of bottle nose dolphins, massive schools of tropical fish, turtles, rays, eels and a wide variety of sharks can be seen patrolling the reefs.

As safety is our top priority, our boats are equipped with everything you would expect from a professional dive operator such as oxygen, first aid kits, life vests, fire extinguishers, marine radio, depth finders, GPS navigation systems and divemasters/instructors qualified to make your diving experience safe and memorable.

Beyond the diving, the history here in Panama is unbelievable from Spanish forts, pirates, to the Panama Canal.  Also, there are countless opportunities to experience a vibrant rainforest ecology and visit authentic Indian villages where you can leisurely visit, go bird watching or ride horses.

If you are traveling alone, don't fret, there are always an abundance of
dive buddies on hand to join you in your underwater adventures.

We certainly can accommodate you for however long you would like to stay.



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