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Eden Rock Diving Center, Ltd.

Contact Name Stuart Freeman
Address P.O. Box 1907
Address cont. 124 South Church Street
City George Town
State/Province Grand Cayman
Zip/Postal Code -
Telephone +345 949 7243
Fax +345 949 0842
Email [email protected]

Product/Service Details

Eden Rock is not just a dive shop, it's an incredible and famous dive site in down town George Town where cruise ships unfortunately drop their anchors on the deeper wall, destroying and killing coral life.

Passengers from these vessels go to snorkel and dive here since it's only a short stroll from the docks, and even though these visitors arrive almost every day, few actually discover the true mystery and beauty of this special site's swim throughs, tunnels and marine life which lie in as little as 25-40 ft of water.

Summer is the best time to dive this extraordinary site.
The dive shop is located seconds from George Town with friendly helpful staff and very detailed site maps. The shop is easily recognized by its pale blue building and big red apple (as in Garden of Eden.get it) with a white dive flag slash through it.

Do not be fooled by a sigh at Paradise Bar and Restaurant, which has to be passed on the way to Eden Rock Diving Center when coming from George Town. Rent a tank with your buddy and you have a variety of choices when it comes to which direction you would like to go. To the north of the entry ladder is the Eden Rock mooring ball and to the south lays the Devil's Grotto site.

If you are good on air you may do both sites in one dive as the maximum depth is only 40 feet. Heavy breathers with healthy lungs may want to consider doing these two sites as a two tank dive.
Both these sites consist of an exciting array of tunnels under the coral
fingers, which stretch quite far under the coral heads. Note to oneself: "if you don't like small spaces, stick to the bigger ones."

A good way to cover the most ground on this site is to head to Eden Rock mooring first. From 20 feet of water there are several entrances to be seen, which lead into the tunnels.

In summer, especially July and August these spaces are simply filled to the brim with darting silversides. These tiny fish grace us with their presence, beauty and sheer number only once a year. They make for absolutely spectacular scenery, photograph and videography.

Silversides school together in massive numbers to protect themselves from Tarpon and Snappers darting into the school of tiny fish and snapping them up by the mouthful. It's quite the rare sight to see these schools of Silversides move in unison and in large circles around the bigger predators and scuba divers. It's like swimming into a curtain of liquid silver, which slowly parts to reveal the cave walls and surroundings.

At night the Silversides disperse, again for self protection as most marine life hunt at night.

Come the morning they group together in ever larger numbers as they gather groups of Silversides from other nooks and crannies. Once they have spawned and their eggs have been released the Silversides will die or become prey. Their minuscule eggs will release a new Generation the next summer.

The Eden Rock site has lovely swim-throughs to enter and exit with dramatic shafts of sunlight playing on the white sandy bottom.
From here Devil's Grotto can be reached and on the way there are several different species of Anemones, Parrot Fish, Tangs as well as Pederson Cleaner shrimp eagerly waving their white tentacles attracting fish to lie down for a dental check up. These tiny bright purple shrimp are literally the dentists of reef fish and do an excellent cleaning job of fish gills and teeth, thereby feeding themselves. With good buoyancy a diver can have a finger cleaned.

Devil's Grotto has a clean long tunnel to enter and exit as well as a rather tall and extensive finger coral which always features a school of Horse eyed jacks, blue wrasse and Bermuda chubbs. Amongst these coral heads you will find Two-eyed butterfly fish, Indigo
hamlets and Sharp nosed butterfly fish. The base of this large finger of coral leads into two very large caves, which connect and have exits at their ceilings to 25 ft. It's to the south of these where you will find many more tunnels and swim throughs, many not with a visible entry. It would be a good idea to enter these with a knowledgeable Divemaster as these spaces are intricate and very small. Only
experienced and comfortable divers should enter.

Because this is such a shallow site, safety stops can be done on the way back to shore while still appreciating the life on the hard pan. The dive shop is open all year round from 8am-5:30pm and even lone divers can usually find a buddy or team to hang out with in no time at all.

Guided dives can be requested from the staff at the dive shop.
Last but certainly not least, it should always be remembered that the ocean and its myriad of beautiful and mysterious life forms is vitally important to a balanced ecology for all who live and breath on earth.





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