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3rd June 2013: FISHING REPORT:  Port Alberni Inlet, Barkley Sound, Ucluelet (West Coast), Somas-Stamp River System.

by Doug Lindores of Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing 
Toll Free Number
:  1- 888 214 7206

Brent was happy with his day of fishing with friends.  The group of four landed seven nice sized salmon fishing mostly at Austin Island and Meares in scenic Barkley Sound.  Most of the salmon including this one were landed using anchovy in a army truck teaser head behind a glow hotspot flasherJune is now upon us and the cool damp weather we have experienced on the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island is not uncommon for this time of year. The salmon fishing however has not been affected and the sport fishing especially for Chinook salmon has been excellent around Ucluelet and many of the surf line and inner areas Barkley Sound. It has been evident over the last ten days that many sport fishermen are now travelling on the nearby roads and highways towing a variety of sport fishing boats destined to fish out of Port Alberni and headed to the scenic and pristine waters of Barkley Sound or to drive out to Ucluelet and sport fish the open water offshore. Sockeye Salmon are beginning to show in the Somass River and there have been a few reports of Sockeye landed by sport anglers in the McTush-Franklin area of the Port Alberni Inlet. Water temperatures in the inlet are currently not favourable for the Sockeye to school in large numbers. The water has cooled over the past ten days. Warmer weather is needed to warm the river and Inlet water. We do expect the Sockeye fishing to pickup by mid June. The current Sockeye limits are two per person and on the 15th of June the limit will become four per person per day with a two day limit.

With the 2013 season now here the saltwater sport fishing forecasts for the inner and outer coastline of Vancouver Island British Columbiaís west coast look very promising for sport salmon fishing. These promising seasonal predictions should produce big schools of migratory salmon swimming the western coastline of Vancouver Island. Most of these salmon in June, July and early August are headed southward to the big watersheds of the Columbia River and the Sacramento River systems. These migratory salmon are just outside Uclueletís back door. This yearly migration of salmon has made Ucluelet one of B.C.ís most desirable fishing destinations. The migratory Chinook and Coho salmon also come into Barkley Sound and rest and feed heavily on the rich resources of bait fish before continuing their long journey.

These four Chinook were headed for the big southern watersheds to the south.  The salmon were landed in Barkley Sound Effingham area using anchovy and needle fish hootchiesOcean conditions over the past few years have been favourable for most of the five salmon species. The mortality rates have been relatively low. These great conditions have helped create a very high biomass of lipid-rich northern copepods. These copepods are what support the base of the salmon food chain. In the early spring year after year one will notice the juvenile salmon leaving their streams. These juveniles feed on the biomass of copepods which helps give them a good start on their journey to an unknown area in the North Pacific where they survive before returning to their natal rivers. This year West Coast Vancouver Island will see very good return of Coho Salmon. Coho have been British Columbiaís number one recreational sport fish. Coho are often swimming close to the beaches of outer Barkley Sound or they come into inner areas and feed. In June and July many of the Coho are transient and in August local Coho arrive as they make their way into their original streams, rivers and creeks. Coho are feeders and often put on a pound per week. Coho in late August and September can often weigh from twelve to sixteen pounds and are very acrobatic when on lighter tackle. Expect another banner year of salmon fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Barkley Sound and parts of the Alberni Inlet.


Port Alberni Inlet  |  Barkley Sound

The early forecasts predict that there will be an abundant return of west coast Vancouver Island Coho.  Jeremy who fished with Doug of Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing shows of two of his Coho caught late last summer in the Alberni Inlet.  Coho fishing this year in late August and into September should be very good in the Alberni Inlet.The Alberni Inlet Sockeye sport fishing officially opened on the first of May. Possession limits are currently two and on the fifteenth of June will move to four per person per day with a two day possession limit. There has been the odd Sockeye salmon landed in the Mctush-Franklin area. The water is now very cool as huge runoffs, due to heavy rain, over the past week has created a rise in the water levels of the nearby lakes and the Somass River system. Sockeye should begin to show in bigger numbers by mid June and will begin to school when the water warms to eighteen degrees Celsius. The fish will also school out into the inlet when large numbers begin to build at the river mouth as they wait to move into the Somass River. Sport anglers coming to Port Alberni and wishing to fish for Sockeye during the next couple of weeks should fish rather shallow. Fishing from twenty to thirty feet would be recommended. As the temperatures of the Alberni Inlet water warm than fishing at deeper depths is recommended. Sockeye are often attracted to boats by color. Many sport fishermen will have up to eight flashers right behind the boat. Four of the flashers are referred to as dummy flashers and the other four will have Sockeye gear spaced twelve to fifteen feet apart. The most popular gear is mp2 or mp 16 hootchies. The bubblegum mp 15 hootchie is a must out in the water behind a green or red hotspot flasher. The hippy hootchie, which is pink and dark blue or others that are pink and black also work very well. Leader lengths can vary from twenty-two to twenty-seven inches in length behind a green or red glow hotspot flasher. Favourable areas to fish will be the Franklin-Nahmint area. Also the narrows, Mctush, the slide, and Cous Creek will be busy with plenty of Sockeye swimming these areas. Letís hope the water in the Inlet warms over the next few weeks. If this develops we will see the Sockeye school in good numbers which often creates an excellent sport Sockeye fishery. Sockeye fishing is a wonderful family opportunity as the whole family can take part. Fisher persons for five to ninety-five can have the opportunity of landing a Pacific salmon.

Julia   with a nice 28 pound Chinook.  This salmon was landed using a green spatterback.  Julia was fishing with family and guided by guide ChadBarkley Sound surf line areas have been relatively consistent over the past ten to fourteen days. Sail Rock, Meares, Austin, Kirby and even out in front of the Bamfield Harbour have had some great days. Over the last five or six days Swale Rock, Allen Point, and Vernon Bay have had some nice sized Chinook with a few weighing in the low twenty pound range The whales have moved into the Sound and there has been bait everywhere. There have been plenty of needle fish at Austin and Meares and also out at Sail Rock. Other areas have had tons of krill and small herring which the salmon have also been feeding on. Austin has been very consistent but one often needs to get in tight to the wall and fish down to as low as 110 feet. Anchovy in an army truck teaser head behind a chartreuse glow hotspot flasher has been working very well. The fish around Austin and back at Meares have been gorging themselves on needle fish. Needle fish hootchies in the 115R have been working well as the green spatter back hootchie and a variety of spoons in three and a half and four inch in various green colors. Glow green and green-nickel have been two great coyote spoons to date. The other most consistent area has been out in front of Sail Rock. There has been plenty of bait in the Sail Rock area. Needle fish hootchies and anchovy seem to be the trick to land a few nice Chinook. The Chinook at Sail Rock have been hitting anchovy in a chartreuse Rhys Davis Teaser Head behind a glow chartreuse hotspot flasher. The Brown Turd on some days has been working very well also. The Chinook in most Barkley Sound areas are from 85 to 130 feet.

With the month of June now here we look forward to warmer weather and calmer seas and also bigger Chinook. With plenty of pilchards, herring, and needlefish moving into Barkley Sound during the summer months the feeder Chinook gorge themselves and gradually get bigger. At the same time the large schools of Chinook headed towards the southerly watersheds gradually increase as they make their long journey to natal rivers. The outer edges of Barkley Sound will definitely heat up during June with some great fishing in many surf line locations. Some of the best areas to fish will be Edward King, Kirby Point, Cree Island and Meares. Often Swale Rock and Vernon Bay can produce some very good sport fishing. Donít forget Coho as they will also get into the mix. During the summer months B.C.ís number one sport salmon can put on up to a pound per week. Most years the month of June is an excellent time to fish the shorelines and surf line of beautiful Barkley Sound.


Ucluelet (West Coast)

Crabbing can be a fun activity in the Barkley sound area.  Please check DFO rules before crabbing and also retention laws.Ucluelet is often referred to as Vancouver Islandís premier salmon and halibut sport fishing destination. Like Barkley Sound the water inshore and offshore from the Ucluelet Harbour offers some world class fishing. The water is very rich in bait fish (sardines and needlefish) which the local and migratory salmon feed on during the spring and summer months.

Most of the fishing around Ucluelet from mid April to now has been in the many inshore areas. Sail Rock, Great Bear and Mara Rock have all had some great days. Long Beach has been very consistent on a daily basis for the past while for feeder Chinook and halibut. Sport fishing guides with guests have been limiting on Chinook and Halibut. There have been many entries included in the Ucluelet Ladder Derby with a few salmon weighing in the high twenties. Most of these fish have been landed in many of the inshore areas close to Ucluelet. The Ucluelet Ladder derby is a summer long fishing derby with monthly prizes and cash prizes. The cost is either $50 for the year or $10 for each time fishing when entering the derby. June is the time of year when guides and sport anglers begin to fish many of the offshore banks. With the summer weather patterns beginning to unfold it is much easier for sport anglers to head out to offshore locations. During this time of year there is plenty of bait fish in small herring, pilchards, and needle fish. Anglers wishing to match up the bait fish remember it is important to remember that the herring are only four or five inches. Coyote spoons in the four inch variety behind a hotspot flasher is often the way to go when finding big schools of bait. Some of the best coyote spoons to use in June are green-nickel, blue-nickel, and glow green.

Boats will now become more evident out on the inner and outer south bank. Other areas like the southwest corner and the turtle head will provide fantastic opportunities for salmon and halibut. These areas are fairly easy to get to from the Ucluelet Harbour mouth and also from Barkley Sound.

Halibut Rules for this year are one per day with the maximum length of 126 cm. which is approximately 60 lbs. The daily limit is one and the possession limit is two with one halibut less than 83 cm and one less than 126 cm. The Annual limit is six halibut per license holder. All must be recorded with the catch measured and dated and recorded in ink on personal saltwater license.

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Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing
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