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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Suppliers - Bulgaria (+359)


Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Martin and Co Ltd.is a leading producer of fishing floats and wagglers from Bulgaria, with a trade mark bobifisher. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need information or samples of our items, which could be interesting for your market.
Contact: Silvia Boteva
City: Gabrovo
Tel: +359 6 686 0335
Fax: +359 6 686 0335
Email: [email protected]
ET "Vania Rizova"
We are a leading firm from Bulgaria for balsa float producing. Our production is confirmed on the home market, as well  as on the foreign market. We offer a great variety from 60 models, made from high-quality material. We accept individual orders with the logo of the firm-client.
Contact: Petar Rizov
City: Sofia
Tel: +359 888 809 155
Email: [email protected]
IZOTOP Fishing Tackles
We are wholesale producers of fishing plastic and clear plastic floats - 40 models. We have a very big capacity, unique design, very low prices and high quality. We search for a dealer from USA and Canada.
Contact: Mrs Snegana Yordanova
City: Popovo
Tel: +359 6084 0034
Fax: +359 6082 2353
Email: [email protected]
We are a wholesaler of all kind of fishing tackle.  We can provide You a huge variety of tackle, on your request! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any kind of requries! We are waiting for Your contact!
Contact: Hristo Kunev
City: Sofia
Tel: +359 888 388 115
Email: [email protected]

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