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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Xiamen Kangqiyi Import & Export Co. Ltd.
Professional Fishing Products Products Manufacturer/Supplier. Custom Fishing Hats, Fishing Reel Cover, Sunglass Retainer, Bar Runner, Lanyards, Sport Bags. If you are interested in our Fishing Products ,We are very happy to send you some samples. If you have artworks/Own Logos, We also can make the pre-production samples for your approval.
Contact: William Shen
City: Haicang, Xiamen
Tel:  +86-0592 6538687
Fax: +86-0592 6538687
Email: [email protected]
Xinghua City Xinhua Fishing Tackle Factory
Squid jig, lure, lead fish, spoon, sabiki rigs, rubber spoon spinners, floats and soft lures.
Contact: Ren-Tang Zhou
City: Jiangsu Zinghua
Tel: +86 523 325 2188
Fax: +86 523 325 2188
Email: [email protected]
Xinhua Dahua Fishing Tackle Company
We are a leading manufactory of fishing tackle in China.  Products: Fishing hook, nylon fishing monofilament line (0.1mm to 2.5mm), Squid Jigs, lures, spoons, spinners, sabiki, jig heads, sinkers, floats Bells/Woodworks, Catching, Balancers, swivels, stoppers, fly fishings.
Contact: Miss Lily
City:  Pu Dong, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 5844 6215
Fax: +86 21 5844 6215
Email: [email protected]
Xinghua Prosper Fishing Tackle Factory
Fishing tackle factory founded in 2003, specialized manufacturer of textile machinery, sporting leisure articles and fishing tackles.
Contact: Junlin Zhai
City: Xinghua City
Tel: +86 523 526 6651
Fax: +86 523 330 1565
Email: [email protected]
Xinhua Shuangsheng Fishing Tackle Factory
Combo fishing sets, ice fishing sets, kinds of rigs & feathers (Sabiki), jig heads, soft lures, squid lures, electronic lures ,ice fishing lures, spinners, spoon, tackle box series, lead fish , zinc fish, diving boards, bait cages bait alarms , rod holders, kinds of floats, Wire leader, Fishing rings (bell), stoppers, kinds of glow in dark beads & accessories
Contact: Michelle
City:  Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province
Tel: +86 523 326 5046
Fax: +86 523 327 2046
Email: [email protected] 
Xinhua Xinya Metal Fishing Tackle Factory
Xinya fishing tackle factory main produce fishing hooks and squid jig and squid hooks.  I will give you best prices and high quality goods.
Contact: Zhenya Pan
City:  Xinghua
Tel:  +86 523 327 2398
Fax: +86 523 327 2399
Email: [email protected]

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