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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

fish indicator. FISHALARM is manufactured in the EU and comes with 1 year warranty. The device is full waterproof and batteries (included in the price) will last with continuous usage for at least a year. We are a nationally accredited company in many fishing contests taking part in all the major fishing events, exhibitions.
Contact: J. Katechakis
City: Athens
Tel: +30 210 231 8636
Fax: +30 210 231 8636
Email: [email protected]
Company "IORDANIS " activates the sector of professional fishery, her main object is the manufacture and sale of nets coastal, middle , in favour native of the Pont fishery and Fish Farming . It manufactures ready fishing nets in any height, length, colour, thickness, and size of eye (thousandth) for any country.
Contact: I. Kourtzidis
City: Kavala
Tel:  +30 251 023 2938
Fax: +30 251 023 2938
Email: [email protected]  
ProFishing Hellas Corp.
Everything on Fishing Tackles & Live Baits and Diving Equipment
Contact: A. Demenagas
City: Piraeus
Tel:  +30 210 412 9179
Fax: +30 211 268 6781
Email: [email protected]

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