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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu

Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing & Seafood Industry Contacts - Chile M - Z



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Marix Trading
With over 12 years of experience, first as producer and later as broker/trader, and situated strategically in Chile, we cover sea food offer, including fish meal, fish oil, salmon meal and salmon oil, from Chile, as well as from Peru and Argentina. Specialized in Asian countries as well as serving European market.
Tel: 2 224 6828  Fax:
Email: Email Marix Trading
Novofoods & Co
Export and import of seafood products, especially in value added gourmet food: steaks, whole and portioned From seabass, salmon, trout, southern hake, oysters, crab, lobster and smoked salmon.
Contact: Julio Vargas
City: Santiago
Tel: 22 037 700  Fax: 22 037 711
Skype: novofoods
Email: Email Novofoods & Co
Odin del Mar
We are fishing factory with base in Spain and South America. Atlantic Salmon, Salmon Trout, Giant Squid, Spanish Mackerel, Horse mackerel...For more information add us in Skype or send us an email.
Contact: Patricia
City: -
Tel: -  Fax:-
Skype: Patry_hikaru
Email: Email Odin del Mar
Patagonia Seafood Chile
Our company is dedicated to the extraction and export of artisanal hake caught in the waters of Magellan and Chilean Antarctic fisheries being exclusive, and we want to know if they are interested in purchasing our product
Contact: Hector Silva
City: -
Tel: -  Fax:-
Skype: -
Email: Email Patagonia Seafood Chile

Patagonian Fisheries Corp.
Producers, processors and exporters specialized on Chilean seabass, Patagonian toothfish, Mero and swordfish
Contact: Mauricio Reynaud
City: Santiago
Tel: +569 8158 2458  Fax:-
Skype: reynaudm
Email: Email Patagonian Fisheries Corp
Poseidon Seafood S.A.
Exporters of Locos Congelados (Concholepas Concholepas), Giant Squid (Loligo)
Contact: Gaston Alcaino Muñoz
City: Santiago
Tel:  +56 2 2717237 
+56 2 2717237 
Skype: -
Email: Email Poseidon Seafood S.A.
To Exporters and Consignees. You can access to monthly updated Statistical and Consignees & Prices Reports. Our subscribers, from different countries, can clearly read status and monthly tendencies of their products. Pricomreit, has been engaged in issuing Reports for more than 30 years. We understand the importance of our customized Reports as a useful business tool of information to our many subscribers, Exporters and Consignees around the globe. Ask for your Annual Subscription to our Reports. Contact us if you have interest in market as, seafood, fresh fruits, bulk and bottled wine, among others.
Contact: Carolina Navarrete
City: Santiago
Tel:  -
Skype: -
Email: Email Pricomreit
Procesa E.I.R.L
Exporters and importers of frozen oil fish, octopus, squid, shrimps
Contact: Jorge Veit
City: Santiago
Tel: 26 834 037  Fax:26 834 037
Email: Email Procesa E.I.R.L
Proyecta Corp S.A.
Seafood producer and supplier from Chile and Peru. Salmon - Chilean seabass - King Crab - Giant Squid - Loligo Squid - Scallops - Mussels - Octopus - Pomfret - Autralis Hake - Smoked Salmon - King Fish - Abalone - Silver Smelt - Snow Crab - Stone Crab
Contact: Mario fernandino
Benjamín Pinto Espinosa
City: Santiago, Chile
Tel:  +56 2 27384935
+56 2 27384935
Skype: mariofernandino | benjapintoe
Email: Email Proyecta Corp S.A.
Email Proyecta Corp S.A. Chile
Ralun Export
Producers, processors and exporters of Smoked mussels canned, Mussels in brine canned, Clams canned, Smoke clams canned, Calamari in pickle sauce canned, Calamari in chili sauce canned, Clams Tapas with green olives canned, Mussels Tapas with green olives canned, Locos - Chilean Abalones - Canned, Chilean Seafood Soup - Canned
Contact: Carlos Zuniga
City: Coronel
Tel: +56 41 2791737 ext 212 
+56 41 2791738
Skype: bcl5641
Email: email Ralun Export
San Isidro
Producers, processors and exporters of Chilean seabass / Patagonian toothfish, fillets and portions, Swordfish, IVP loins and steaks
Contact: Cristian Firmat
City: Santiago
Tel: 2 528 1179  Fax: 2 528 7143
Skype: -
Email: Email San Isidro 
Sanmar Chile Ltda
Our company is an importer and exporter of seafood products including Chilean Sea Bass, Sea Trout, Atlantic and Coho Salmon, Mussels, Octopus, Australis Hake, Kingklip among other species.
Contact: Alejandro Contreras
City:  Las Condes
Tel:  +56 2 494 6364
Skype: claajcw
Email: Email Sanmar Chile Ltda
Sea Fish Chile E.I.R.L.
Our company exports the following products: Rainbow Trout, Coho Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Giant Squid, Mytilus Chilensis, Merluza Austral,
Contact: Alejandro Barrientos
City: Puerto Montt
Tel: +56-65-281001 
Skype: alejandro.barrientos001
Email: Email Alejandro at Sea Fish Chile E.I.R.L. Email Sea Fish Chile E.I.R.L.
Seafish Ltda
We Are The Processors Exporter The Chilean Seafood , Our Products .- Salmon Atlantic, Salmon Trouth, Chilean Seabass, Hake, Giants Squid, Smelt , Black Pomfret. Mackerel, and Others Products Of the Chilean Sea. Our Plants Have Certifications, USA, FDA, SENASA, DIPOA, Asia Market, Russia.
Contact: Ramon Zelada
City: Valparaiso
Tel: 32 229 3837  Fax: 32 229 3837
Skype: -
Email: Email Seafish Ltda
Sermar Chile
Our company is focused on the export and marketing of frozen seafood products since we are experts in the transformation of raw materials into finished products in all internationally known frozen formats. Frozen Product:  Salmon in all its formats, mussels, king crab, swordfish, hake, giant squid among other products. Value Added Product:  Batter salmon, burgers made of 100% salmon meat or 80% and 20% soy. Line of breaded products, starting with hake fillet.
Contact: Sergio Gil  |  Matias Gil Morales
City: Concepcion
Tel: 056223566624  Fax: -
Skype: sergiogil1
Email: [email protected]
[email protected] 
South Fish Chile Ltda
We Are Exporter The Chilean Seafood , Our Products .- Salmon Atlantic, Trout, Coho Salmon, Giant Squid, Tentacles, Wings, Filet and Rings, Mussels and Other Products Of the Chilean Sea.
Contact: Jorge Oliva G
City: Puerto Montt
Tel: +56 9 77753222  Fax: -
Skype: jorgeoliva01
Email: Email South Fish Chile Ltda
Synergia Seafood Chile
We export to Chilean seafood products to Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Products include: Atlantic Salmon, Abalone, Sea Urchin, Swordfish, Chilean Seabass, Steelhead Trout, Patagonian Snow Crab, Wild Patagonian Mussels, King Crab, Atlantic mackerel - Verdel (scomber scombrus), Sardines (Pilchardus sardina), Atlantic saury - Relanzon (Scomberexos saurus), Chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus), Anchovy (Engraulius encrasicholus encrasicholus), Atlantic Horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus), Octopus, Sea Asparagus, Boga (Boops boops)
Contact: Natalia Serraino
City: -
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected] 
Takasima Trading
We are a Chilean Trader, located in Puerto Varas center of Farming and process.
Contact: Angel Takasima
City: Puerto Varas
Tel: 998 848 500  Fax: 65 438 757
Skype: angeltakasima
Email: Email Takasima Trading
Tharos Ltd
Nutrition and health are Tharos' primary business areas focused on animal, human and pharmaceutical products. Tharos works alternatively as project consultants, foreign company representative, quality program developers, brokers and/or distributors. Primarily associated with marine and seafood projects that require extensive operational and market analysis as well as superb sales practices - using the experience gained in successful and failed projects around the world including corporations in Japan, Korea, Poland, USA, Uruguay, Chile, Russia, Ukraine and Norway, among others.
Contact: Mr Dimitri Sclabos
City: Santiago
Tel: 22 734 966  Fax: 22 730 395
Skype: dimitrisclabos
Email: Email Tharos Ltd
Tracam Chile Eirl
We are Tracam Chile Freight forwarder dedicated on 90% to the export from Chile to all around the world of fresh and frozen fruit /vegetables, fish and others. Tracam is interested in offer you our services on all matters regarding logistic and export service.
Contact: Itziar Vaquero
City: Santiago
Tel: 23 353 645  Fax: -
Skype: ivaquero1
Email: Email Tracam Chile Eirl

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