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Other Suppliers to the Seafood Industry

Suppliers of Products & Equipment for Seafood Processors:
Cleaning Products & Equipment Industrial cleaning products. Suppliers and manufacturers of organic sanitizer, fumigation services, liquids, powders and granules used to neutralize unwanted odors, cleaning & detailing supplies, antibacterial, antimicrobial....
Fish & Seafood Processing Equipment Suppliers and manufacturers of seafood processing equipment, packing, Automatic skinner for fish fillets, automatic skinner-defriller, de-scaler, fin cutter, de-heading machine, Salmon grading systems, stun & bleed systems, counting system....
Ice Machines & Refrigeration Suppliers and manufacturers of Flake ice machines, cube ice, freezer rooms, chilling room, cold showcases, Refrigeration equipment....
Restaurant Equipment Suppliers and manufacturers new and used restaurant equipment and foodservice supplies
Industrial Clothing, Work Uniforms, Gloves, Safety Wear Suppliers and manufacturers of Coveralls, work jackets, polo T-shirts, uniforms, towels, fire retardant overalls, work pants, round & V neck T-shirts, blazers/trousers, custom design fabric products, gloves, aprons...
Coatings, Seasonings & Batters, Flavorings Suppliers and manufacturers of Coatings, Seasonings & Batters, Flavorings, Food Additives, Oils, raw salt, Best Table Salt, Lake Salt, breadcrumb, predust, batter mix, tempura food coating systems, bamboo skewer, Food Additive and Feed Additive
Packaging Supplies & Equipment Suppliers and manufacturers of Scales, vacuum packaging machines, plastic packaging, checkweighing, carton manufacturers, automatic packaging machines, food packs, insulated fish boxes, fish tubs...
Temperature Measuring Instruments Suppliers and manufacturers of Pressure and Temperature Measuring instruments, Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauges, Test Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Flow Meter Recorders, Humidity, weather proof pressure gauges, temperature sensors....



Aquaculture Equipment & Services:
Aquaculture Equipment  Aquaculture cages, nets, oyster bags, fish feed equipment, fish tanks, aeration equipment, aquaculture net, buoys, mussel socking, fish transporting tanks....
Seafood Tanks & Ponds Aquaculture fish farm tanks, larvae tanks, raceway tanks, incubation tanks, transportation tanks, aeration equipment, Fish Feeding Systems......


Equipment for Commercial Fishing:
Fishing Equipment Suppliers and manufacturers of  Commercial fishing supplies and equipment, synthetic ropes, deep sea fishing cages, crab cages, long line, rods, reels, line, lures, clothing, foul weather gear ......
Fishing Floats Suppliers and manufacturers of Trawl net floats, marine marker buoy, fish float, fishing float manufacturers, heavy duty FRP buoys, Suspension buoys, navigation buoys, purse seine & gill net floats...
Fishing Nets, Cargo Nets, Netting Suppliers and manufacturers of Nylon Multifilament nets, Netting, Monofilament Nets, purse seine, trawl nets for shrimp & fish, fishing net, cast net, gillnet and trawler net....
Fishing Tackle Suppliers and manufacturers of Commercial fishing tackle stores, LED Fishing Tackles, commercial fishing hook, fluorocarbon line, Lead Weights, ish Landing Nets, Line, Hand Spinning Reels, monofilament main & branch line, tuna hooks, swivels, wires, sea lights, light sticks for sword fish, branch snap, sleeves....


Commercial Fishing Boats & Ships Equipment & Services:
Boat/Ships Service & Repairs Ship Repairers, marine spare parts suppliers, Life Raft Servicing & Repairs, Servicing & Repairing, Deck & shell plate Repair, engine repair, Overhauling, Boat Repair Service, Argon Arc TIG welding, Steel Fabrication, Ship Repairs at Sea, Shipwrights...
Boat Repairs Material Suppliers Steel products, stainless steel, metallic abrasives, machinery, material, equipment, steel scrap, rubber, other ship repair materials.
Crewing Agencies Crewing Agency, Crew Manning, crew managing companies, Fishing Vessel Management, manning agency, crews supplier to all and any type of vessels, seafarers, qualified and certificated Indonesian seafarers, crewing requirements, seagoing personnel in your ocean going vessels....
Fishing Boat, Trawler, Boat & Ship Manufacturers Design, build and repair of composite and aluminium boats, ship building, inflatable boat products, wooden fishing boats, trawlers, survey launches, patrol boats, professional boat designers, rigid hull inflatable, fishing boats, trawler, work boats.... 
Marine Engines, Parts & Spares spare parts for MAN B&W engines, pneumatic hydraulic pump, Marine machinery, Fresh water generator, Auxiliary Engine, Turbo Charger, Ship Pumps, Main marine engine spares, Crankshaft, rotors, turbine blades, diesel generating sets, turbo chargers, oil purifiers, air compressors
Marine Electronics sonar, Long Range Cordless Telephones, boating navigation systems, garmin gps, fish finder, telecommunication systems for boats, Radio beacon Direction Finders, Digital Ultrasonic Fouling & Algae Control, marine speakers, marine stereo, marine pumps, Fish Finder, Radio, Satellite, Furuno, autopilot, lowrance, raymarine...
Marine Equipment marine hardware and fishing tackle stores, deck equipment, marine safety equipment, Lifeboat, Marine Line Throwing Apparatus, Lifejackets, Lifebouy, searching lights, Lifebuoy & Lifejacket .lights Safety Hand Lamp & Torches, submersible pump, Electrolysis Corrosion, radars, compasses, auto-pilots, echo sounders, GPS...
Marine Fuels, Oils & Lubricants Marine Diesel Engine Oils and Lubricants, marine fuels, lubricant oils, petroleum distributor, bulk fuel, engine oils, lube oil, marine diesel engines, lubricating oil 
Navigational Equipment Radar, Gyro-compass, Gmdss,  Electronic & Navigation Equipments, lights,  Navigational Charts, Navigational Flags, Night vision Binoculars & goggles, navigation compass ....
Ships Chandlers & Providors Ships Supplier, ship chandlers, Fresh Provision, Deck stores, Spare Parts, Tools, Hardware, Ship Chandlers, Provisions, Fresh & frozen provision, Fuel, Oil, Freshwater, Spare parts supply, Deck & engine store supply, lube oil, life raft servicing, motor rewinding, freon gas, oxygen gas, acetylene,  anchor & chain....
Ship Repair Materials Stainless Steel, steel shot, steel grit, iron shot, iron grit, steel cut wire, stainless steel cut wire, and stainless steel shot, metallic abrasives, valves, pipe fittings, camlocks, wire mesh, Marine grade epoxy, fiberglass, marine repair, boatbuilding supplies, welding


Suppliers of Services to the Seafood Processing & Commercial Fishing Industries:
Boat & Ship Brokers & Sales ship broking, Shipping agent, Buying & Selling of Vessels, shipbrokers, Ship sale & purchase, charterer and ships brokers, brokering, Owners representatives, direct with buyer ....
Customs Agents customs brokers, Documentation specialists, Freight Forwarders, Customs Clearance, Clearing Agent, Customs House agents, quarantine clearance, licensed customs broker
Finance Companies Factoring, leasing, confirming, financial services, Equipment leasing specialist, trade financing, renting, financing, loans, finance, grants, money lenders
Legal Services law firms with expertise in Maritime Law, Legal, Tax, Shipping issues, vessel registration, ship and cargo arrest, Legal services for the commercial fishing industry, commercial attorney, law firms, lawyers...
Marine Insurance Companies Marine insurances, marine crew medical insurance, international health insurance, life insurance, Charterer Marine Insurer, boat and yacht insurance
Marine Surveyors & Marine Inspectors Marine Surveyors, cargo surveys, general cargo, damage claims, loading and transload surveys, marine surveyors, international service standards, Lloyd's maritime academy, maritime industry, technical inspections, damage survey, safety surveys, inspection onboard marine vessels, breaking of ship seal, certificate, marine surveying and consulting....
Seafood Buying & Selling Agents frozen seafood brokers, agent to deal seafood, international fish and seafood brokerage company, Liaison offices, Professional negotiating services, seafood agent, consignors, Fish and Seafood Purchasing Agents ....
Seafood Industry Consultants & Information Providers food safety, use of correct fish names, traceability and biosecurity systems, quality control, shipment control, regulations and certificates, Fishery Technology Engineers, tuna farming, tuna fishing industry, commercial fishing license, Marine Consultant
Security Services Security Officers, protection of persons, security guards, security systems, CCTV, Maritime Security, anti piracy security service, maritime sector, ID, vessel security, ships protection...
Ship Management Companies shipping services, port agency work, crew, ships spares, logistics, project cargo, Human resource management, full range agency services, Management and Ship Suppliers, stevedoring, ship storing of all kinds of goods and bunkering, ships repairing, cleaning, fresh water, watchmen supply....
Transport and Logistics freight forwarding, custom clearance, logistics and documentations, consolidation, sea and air freight logistics, Cargo Handling, Ocean Freight, Domestic Cargo, International relocation, Warehousing, transport company, refrigerated transport, refrigerated vehicle ....


Other Marine & Commercial Seafood Industry Services:
Commercial Diving & Divers offshore diving company, commercial diving, Vertisub commercial divers, subsea construction and inspection services, underwater inspection of pipelines, subsea structures repair and various underwater, engineered commercial products, Commercial dive work,  
Marine Photographers & Photos photographs, photography, underwater photography, marine sector supplying images of aquaculture, coast, fisheries, environment, energy, shipping, tourism, and wildlife.
Marketing & Exhibition Services Seafood marketing, exhibition services, seafood shows, trade shows, exhibition suppliers, International conferences, magazines, Market development, product development, test marketing, seafood merchandising, marketing consultants



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