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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing Seafood Industry Contacts - Spain I - Z


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Iberian Fine Foods Brand
We only work with the best quality of wild seafood from the south of Spain. Looking for a Master distributor for USA. Prawns, White Shrimps, Scarlet Prawns, Norway Lobsters Nephrops.
Tel: +34673905527  Fax:
Skype: cascajosa1
Email: Email Iberian Fine Foods Brand
Industrias Arpo Aceltes de Pescado
AFINES - We are a company with more than 50 years of experience in the food sector for all types of animals. Being able to supply you with the following products: Fish meal according to the type of food for which it is intended. Fish oils with the different treatments necessary for its correct use. All this according to the needs of our customers. We would like to see with you the possibilities of collaboration to be able to supply you with any of these products.
Contact: Benedicto Campelo Alvarez
City: Pontevedra
Tel: +34 986 33 76 50
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Industrias San Cayetano
Grupo San Cayetano is a company with more than 50 years experience in manufacturing cardboard packaging and it is worldwide leader in the frozen seafood industry, exporting to more than 60 countries. Main Products Line : Corrugated Laminated Solid board Carton board Recycle, virgin pulp The design department is integrated to give the best consulting services and adapted solutions to our costumers.
Contact: -
City: Valladolid
Tel: 983 298 155  Fax: 983 298 165
Skype: -
Email: Email Industrias San Cayetano
Importers, exporters and distributors of raw materials to manufacture compound fodders for animal feeding. Fish meals and oils - vacuum dried, steam dried, squid meal, krill meal, seaweed or kelp meal, tuna and salmon oil, etc..
Contact: Carlos Sanz
City: Madrid
Tel: 914 486 139  Fax: 915 934 872
Skype: -
Email: Email Inproouisa
Inter-Tradind Sl Spain
We are a Spanish company based in south of Spain and we are in Morocco to for processing pelagic ,octopus and a large range of frozen seafood for the European market. we are looking partners from all the world to introduce them and to be partner in our company. we have our own sanitary number to introduce fresh and frozen seafood and fishes. we are looking to develop together agents in all Europe.
Contact: Charles Benibghi
City: Malaga
Tel: 667 565 056  Fax: 952 813 571
Skype: netmar.seafood
Email: Email Inter-Tradind Sl Spain

Juan Roqueta e Hijos, S.A.
A seafood goods marketing and distribution. During three generations we have been a global wholesaler of top quality fresh seafood. Our main product are frozen monkfish heads, perfect for broths and soups
Contact: José Roqueta | Tony Baynes
City: Barcelona
Tel: 93 336 1205  Fax: 93 335 4136
Skype: tonybaynes
Email: Email Juan Roqueta e Hijos
J.S. Rodriguez
Spanish longline ship owner of several vessels. We can supply mainly frozen swordfish, shark fins, shark meat, tuna and mako.
Contact: María José Rodríguez
City: Vigo, Pontevedra
Tel: 686 985 757  Fax: 986 610 324
Skype: mariacadilla
Email: Email J.S. Rodriguez
Laboratorio DPA S.A.
Contact: Antonio Garcia Cervello
City: Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona
Tel:  658964120 
Skype: antonio-50
Email:  Email Laboratorio DPA S.A.
Landmark Marine Services Limited
Landmark Marine Services Limited Company: Is an incorporated household marketing company, with full marketing and representation capacity from the principal company empowered in the distribution and supply of major African consumable sea frozen food varieties and species. Our company was incorporated & registered into the Nigerian corporate affairs commission 2009 & we are presently having a management staffs of 5 and we intend to expand its number of staffs as the year progresses. We supply our products frozen on board this is inline with the sanitary standard and for the efficient preservation of the said products within our domain, such as horse mackerel, mackerel, dentex, croaker, sardinella, sardine and African mixed.
Contact: Derrique Julius Eguavoen
City: Bilbao, Vizcaya
Tel: 634 066 576  Fax: -
Skype: fbjoe2001
Email: Email Landmark Marine Services Limited
Lanzal Productos del Mar S.L
Lanzal Productos del Mar S.L is company located in the port of Vigo (northern Spain) dedicated to the commercialization of frozen fish and seafood, mainly scampi (Nephrops Norvegicus).
Contact: Miguel Romero | Liliana Para
City: Vigo, Pontevedra
Tel: 986 441 827  Fax: 986 441 783
Skype: miguel.lanzal
Email:  Email Lanzal Productos del Mar
Luiz Poyot Partners
Our company is a consulting Firm based in Spain and we are sourcing for Frozen fish for our Client, Prime Project Commission. You should give us affordable price for immediate placement of Order
Contact: Antonio Luiz
City: Valencia
Tel: +34 603 239 850  Fax:-
Skype: -
Email: Email Luiz Poyot Partners
Feed additives and supplements for aquaculture, Foods for ornamental fish, probiotics, fish bait
Contact: Antonio Martinez
City: Madrid
Tel: 902 157 711  Fax: 913 567 300
Skype: -
Email: Email Liptosa
Macfont S.A. (Iberland Group)
Producers, Processors, Importers, Exporters of Salmon, Hake, Hoki, Cod, Tuna, Redfish, Alaska Pollock, Saithe, Blue Whiting, Anchovy, Notothenia, Catfish, Haddock, Yellowfine Sole, Monkfish, Shrimps, Brown Crab, Swimming Crab, Red Crab, Crayfish, Mussels, Scallops, Squid, Giant Squid, Surimi, etc.
Contact: Josep Ma. Pibernat
City: Girona
Tel: +34 972218825 
+34 972220362
Skype: -
Email: Email Macfont S.A.
A firm specialized in the marketing, exporting and production of frozen fish and seafood. Kingklip, nototenia, pampanito, grenadier, blue whiting, rubio, savorin, talisman, brotola, hoki, hake, squid, blue shark, shrimps.
Contact: Irina Catalá Olhovsky
City: Vigo, Pontevedra
Tel: 986 225 581  Fax: 986 441 834
Skype: irina_mapexel
Email: Email Mapexel
Mar Do Suido S.L.U.
Our commercial partnership with Galician and Portuguese companies allow us to have available such products as sardine, horse mackerel, mackerel, bogue, goldline etc. frozen in brine or in tunnel, of premium quality and at the best prices.
Contact: Elisa Csomos
City: Vigo, Pontevedra
Tel: +34 672085010  Fax: -
Skype: mardosuido_export2
Email: Email Mar Do Suido S.L.U.
Mar Invest Seafood S.L.
Since 2003, we have the confidence of some of main fishing companies worldwide. We try to do our best at every moment in order to have the best market conditions for our customers. Based at Las Palmas port, maybe the most important port in the central east Atlantic, into one of the most important fishing ground of the world, we have daily unloadings of fishing vessels. pelagic: sardine, sardinela, mackarels, horse mackarels, by catch..... sharks: Blue sharks, meka, Mako..... Cephalopods: octopus, squids, cuttlefish...
Contact: Javier Gonzalez
Tel: 928 464 393  Fax: 928 472 405
Skype: -
Email: Email Mar Invest Seafood
Meatimex & Foods SL - Groupe Jestin France
Seafood Agents, Importers and Exporters of giant squid, calamari, horse mackerel, mackerel, silver side, smelt, red snapper, grouper, octopus bulgaris, hake, bonito, herring, sardine, sardinella, bonito.
Contact: Farouk Hamed
City: Barcelona
Tel:  +34 93 8168007
+34 93 8168006
Skype: Farouk Hamed
Email: Email Meatimex & Foods SL
Nagasa Marine Surveyors
Marine surveyors of vessel and yacht, and P&I Club Correspondents in the South of Spain (Sevilla, Huelva, Algeciras and Cadiz).
Contact: JL Bastos
City: Cadiz
Tel: 956 201 355  Fax: 956 201 356
Skype: -
Email: Email Nagasa Marine Surveyors
Nores Marin Comercial, S.L.
We are one of the biggest ship owners in Spain. We have vessels fishing in Argentine, Mauritania, Canada and Hatton Bank waters. We offer fishes like Hake, King clip, Nototenia, Dentex, Red mullet, Skate wings, Greenland halibut, American Plaice, Cod, Octopus, Grenadier, Hoki, Squid, illex...
City: Pontevedra
Tel: +34 619 301 873  Fax:
Skype: manuel.angel.nores.ortega
Email: Email Nores Marin Comercial
North Iberian Control S.L.
A company dedicated to the inspection of damages of vessels and control of cargoes. This society is formed by professionals of the maritime area (Masters Chief Engineers and Chief Mates), all of whom are holders of the Certificate of Marine Surveyors and handlers of dangerous goods
Contact: Pedro Cavada
Tel: +34 942364345  Fax:
Skype: -
Email: Email North Iberian Control
OCP Sales Agents, S.L.
At the moment I market a stocking of 20.000 kilos of fresh Razors per month for sale of national market (prices from 4,80 € kilo to 5,50 €) and Canners from the (prices of 4,75€ to 5,00€) , cockles 25.000 kg from Holland last year, and some 30.000 kg of fresh fish per month of the species, Monk, Meg, Witches, Angler, Sole, Turbot, Cod, ETC, Bonito sales 70.000 TN.
Contact: oscar pomares
City: Pontevedra
Tel: +34674730704  Fax:
Skype: oscarchp
Email: Email OCP Sales Agents
Ormuz S. de R.L.
Ormuz is a Caribbean Co where our fishermen get wild adult eel Anguilla ostrata, Sea Cucumber, King Crabs and other species. We are selling adult eels type Anguilla Rostrata all sizes. This a natural product, not from farms so is clean of additives and antibiotics.
Contact: Aymee Alvarez
City: Madrid
Tel: +0034914454232  Fax:
Skype: aymee.alvarez
Email: Email Ormuz S. de R.L.
Palamos Mar SL
Sea Urchin Roe - crystal jars 130 gr, tray 400 gr, tray 1200 gr, tin can conserves 120 gr, Individual and Frozen sea Urchin's Gonad, Sea urchin Gonad's frozen in it's own Shell, Sea Urchin's Cream.
Contact: Jordi
City: Calonge, Girona
Tel: +34 972 66 17 55 
+34 972 66 17 55
Skype: -
Email: Email Palamos Mar SL
Paul Pesce
Importer and Distributor of Fresh Fish - Frozen Fish - Shellfish.
Contact: Paul O´Boyle
City: Madrid
Tel: 691 403 217  Fax:
Skype: Killybegspaul
Email: Email Paul Pesce
Peixes Armada
We are mainly fresh fish sellers in the port of Vigo. We deal mostly with fish from north atlantic like monkfish, megrims, hake, squid, cuttle. Monk, megrim, witch flounder, conger eel, hake Squid-loligo vulgaris, white octopus, conger eel, octopus vulgaris, cuttlefish
Contact: Alex Armada
City: Vigo, Pontevedra
Tel: 986 433 688  Fax: 986 435 286
Skype: a_a_g_ber
Email: Email Peixes Armada
Pescados Canarias
We are company with our head office in Tenerife but our cargo department is in Nouadhibou (Mauritania). They are the ones in charge of overseeing the cargo operation so they can guarantee the maximum quality for the customer. We sell all types of fish frozen and we export to all around the world. All our products are FAO 34 and they can be IQF or BQF. Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish, Lobster, Mongo, Shrimp, Grouper, Tuna
Contact: Jonathan Acosta
City: Santa cruz de tenerife
Tel: +34 922 28 20 28  Fax:
Skype:  Jacostaev
Email: Email Pescados Canarias
Pescados PCS
Pescados PCS, a Spanish company founded in 1977, is dedicated to the production and sale of high quality, deep-frozen food products and ingredients. We are present in the principal raw material markets on all 5 continents. This guarantees the purchase and overseeing of only the best ingredients, essential elements in the making of quality products.
Contact: Yvonnick Couetoux
City: Picassent, Valencia
Tel: 96 122 1722/ 67 088 8627 
96 122 1724
Skype: yvonnick_couetoux
Email: Email Pescados PCS
Pescados Rubén
Company Pescados Rubén, S.L. is a leader enterprise in the fishing sector in Galicia (region of Spain). Our main export product is frozen pelagic fish (Horse Mackerel, Mackerel JAPONICUS , Mackerel SCOMBRUS). The main activity of our company is to supply big commercial areas and central markets with fresh, frozen and elaborated fish in Spain and overseas.
Contact: Ekaterina Kufarova
City: Nois-F
Tel:  +34 982 136 733   Fax: -
Skype: ekufarova
Email: Email Pescados Rubén
Pescados Saraymar, SL
Importers, processors and wholesalers of Arrow tooth flounder, Alaska Pollock, Pangasius Hypophthalmus, interleaved frozen Squid tubes, red shrimp pub (salenocera melantho), frozen tilapia fillets, salted Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua), frozen Chum Salmon Fillets
Contact: Elena Siankevich
City: Higuera la Real, Badajoz
Tel:  +34665054056   Fax: -
Skype: alena.siankevich
Email: Email Pescados Saraymar
we sell a variety of low cost fish and a variety of higher cost fish, depends on the sector in the market you want to target, we also sell the highest quality seafood in the world.  we work directly with some fish markets in Galicia and hence always get best prices and a very fresh variety of products. we do our own packing and freezing, we make sure out products always meet the clients standards
Contact: Amir El Samahy
City: Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña
Tel:   +34686846226   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Pescelado
Pesquera Albatros, S.L.
Agents and exporters of Scomber Scombrus mackerel, Scomber japonicus, horse mackerel, European sardine, Bogue Boops Boops, blue whiting, grey mullet, hake, nototenia, blue shark, bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna.
Contact: Ramón
City: Ribeira, La Coruña
Tel: +34 669801649
Skype: ramon.albatros
Email: Email Pesquera Albatros
Ultimate Fishing Lures offer a wide range of fishing tackle, fishing lures and other fishing accessories to customers worldwide via our online store. Shipping direct from Melbourne daily.
Pesquera Azimut S.L.
Specialized in white fish, sea frozen. We work with a fleet of fishing vessels in Falkland Islands and NW-E Atlantic. Nototenia, Hubbsi, Hoki, Brotola, Calamar, Grenadier, Talisman, Sable, Red fish, Red Mullet, Octopus, Tuna loins, Swordfish loins.
Contact: Ruslana Gantcheva
City: Vigo, Pontevedra
Tel:   +34 986 115 766
+34 986 126 008
Skype: r_gantcheva
Email: Email Pesquera Azimut
Prodec S.A.U.
Prodec is one of the European leaders in packaging machinery in RSC boxes. We are manufacturers of side loaders, top loaders of flexible and rigid products into carton boxes. We are present in frozen food markets (vegetables, seafood, fish). Side loading case packers, top loading case packers, bottom loading case packers, integrating case erectors, case sealers, robotic applications for pick & place and palletising.
Contact: Josep Juanico
City: Castellar del Valles, Catalonia
Tel: 937 211 1246  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Prodec S.A.U.
PyrenAqua Seafood
Representations of several fish & seafood producers all over the world. Basically, we are the "Sales Arm" for those farmers or processors who want to sell their fish directly to final clients. Pike-Perch, Rainbow Trout, Trout Roe, Caviar, Mussels, steelhead Trout.
City: -
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: miguel_osorio
Email: Email PyrenAqua Seafood
Rose Marine Spain, S.L.
European Sales Export Agent of OMARSA (Ecuadorian Company). Leaders in the market of Vannamei shrimps. Conventional frozen and cooked shrimps as well as organic shrimps. We are looking for Distributors into Spain and European markets. Packing into own brands available. Frozen Head On Shell On (HOSO), Headless shell on (HLSO), HOSO with antena, HOSO skewer, PUD, PPV, P&D, organic shrimps
Contact: Jacobo Rivera
City: Alicante
Tel:  + 34 91 382 35 82 
+ 34 91 382 35 82
Skype: -
Email: Email Rose Marine Spain
Round The Fish
Round The Fish can supply throughout the full year the best octopus both in tray/barquette and IQF. Argentinean shrimp, Mackerel (scomber scombrus), Horse Mackerel, Blue Whiting, Tuna, Red Fish, Halibut and Turbot
Contact: Mark Moriarty
City: Vigo
Tel: 669 850 676  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Round The Fish
Salazones J Ramon Asensio SA
Processors and Wholesalers of Frozen Tuna Loins, Swordfish Loins, Marlin Loins, Bonito Sarda Sarda, Ling & Blue ling roes, Dried and smoked fishes.
Contact: Ruben Asensio
City: Almeria
Tel:  +34 950 142 577 
+34 950 142 604
Skype: rubenasensio1
Email: Email Salazones J Ramon Asensio SA
Sampgroup S.L.L.
Our company imports, exports, distributes live shellfish, fresh and frozen fish. Live prawns, live lobster, fresh hake, cheek hake, cheek cod, swordfish, monk tails, frozen octopus and langoustine.
City: VIGO
Tel:  +34 986 190 144 
+34 986227819
Skype:  maria.pallares3
Email: Email Sampgroup S.L.L.
Scanfisk Seafood S.L.
Scanfisk Seafood S.L. is a Spanish well known company that is dedicated to importing and exporting fresh and frozen fish since 1994. We are importing from the five Continents. Hake, silver hake, Halibut, Nile perch, Salmon, Sole, Yellow fin tuna, long fin tuna, Hake fillets, Pangasius fillets, Squid, cod, cod fillets, scallops, Tuna loins, Red snapper, ... etc
Contact: Angel Garcia
City: Zaragoza
Tel: 976 471 228  Fax: 976 471 126
Skype: scanvit
Email: Email Scanfisk Seafood S.L.
Seamax Global S.L.
Specializes in the harvesting, processing and distribution of the highest-quality seafood in the world. With a fleet of boats spanning the globe, we deliver the finest wild-caught fish and organic farmed seafood to our clients worldwide. Fresh & Frozen Product: Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacares), Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Thynnus), Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus Obesus), Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), Bonito Tuna (Sardini), Frigate Tuna (Auxis thazard thazard), Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus), Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorus maculatus), Horse Mackerel (Trachurus trachurus), Red Mullet (Mullus), Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus), Snapper (Lutjanidae), Grouper (Epinephelus Malabaricus), Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax), Sea Bream (Sparidae), Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus), Barramundi (Lates calcarifer), Squid (Teuthida), Swordfish (Xiphias gladius), Barracudas (Sphyraena), Cuttlefish (Sepiida), Octopus (Octopoda), Vannamei Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon), Pink Shrimp (Pandalus borealis), Brown Shrimp (Crangon crangon), Oyster (Crassostrea), Clam (Mercenaria mercenaria), Mussel (Mytilus edulis)
Contact: Nancy Pride
City: Sevilla
Tel: (+34) 954 05 90 05   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected] 
Superb Seafood
Specialized in premium quality seafood - Fresh Langoustes from Mauritania, frozen Patagonian Toothfish, Austral Hake, Kingclip, Octopus, Scallops
Contact: Mr. Favio Goni
City: Vigo, Pontevedra
Tel: 645264312   Fax: -
Skype: Favio Ariel Goni
Email: Email Superb Seafood
Trade Solutions Group
Importers and exporters of We are a multinational service company with headquarters in Spain and Indonesia. Frozen Tuna: Skipjack, Yellow fin, Baby tuna. (canning Grade Purse seine- Direct consumption: Long line, Hand line). Vannamei and Black tiger shrimps. Sardine Pilchardus (WR IQF, HGT Block, Fillet). Sardinella Longiceps for canning. WR Block. Canned Tuna and Sardines. Indian Cephalopods: Cuttlefish, Lolligo vulgaris, Semi needle, Needle squid, Peruvian Seafood: Illex, Anchovie, hake...
Contact: Carlos Fernandez Arco
City: Vigo, Pontevedra
Tel:  +34657814873 
Skype: -
Email: Email Trade Solutions Group
Vivapesca Import-Export SL
export of fish, shellfish and cephalopods of northern Spain, buy fresh fish directly at the port and freeze it in our own factory. Species that are mainly freeze Mackerel (Scomber scombrus and Scomber japonicus), Horse Mackerel (Trachurus Trachurus), Bogue (Boops boops), Sardine (Sardina pilchardus), Hake (Merluccius Merluccius), Anchovy, Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Octopus (Octopus vulgaris), white Octopus (Eledone cirrosa )
Contact: Francisco Manuel Rodríguez Díaz
City: Siero, Asturias
Tel: +34 98 403 3903  Fax:-
Skype:   franciscovivapesca
Email: Email Vivapesca Import-Export
Yoryojana, S.L.
Importers, producers, exporters of Frozen on board Octopus, Squid, Hake, Dentex, Red Mullet, Horse Mackerel, John Dory, Sole, and all species from Mauritania fishing ground
Contact: Jorge Montenegro
City: Marín
Tel:  +34 609301451
+34 986101740
Skype: -
Email: [email protected] 
Yulyfish S.L.
YULYFISH was established to supply the best fish and seafood from all over the world The office is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain With years of experience in the market we became a leader All fish products recieve from the vessels direct YULYFISH has available seafood from all waters and oceans of the world (fresh/frozen) We source, import and provide more then 200 different types of the fish from more then 150 countries And with every delivery we have one goal-earning your trust every day Customer satisfaction and quality come first!
Contact: Yulianna Starova
Tel:  +34608404949
Skype: -
Email: [email protected] 

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