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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu

Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing Seafood Industry Contacts - Vietnam T

Black Tiger Shrimp, Pangasius, Mahi Mahi, Red Mullet, Red Snapper, Seabass (Barramundi), Tuna, Seafood mix and seafood skewers Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish Manufacturer specialize in Marine fish in Viet Nam. yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), swordfish (xiphias gladius), marlin (makira indica), mahi (coryphaena hippurus), wahoo (ancanthocybium solandri), oilfish (lepidocybium flavobrunneum), blue shark (prionace glauca)
Viet Ocean Co - Vietnam seafood audit, sourcing & inspection company AB Golden Seafood Co. Ltd - black tiger/ vannamei shrimp (hoso, hlso, raw pto, cooked pto, ect), pangasius (swai), tilapia (red and black), yellowfin tuna (steak, loin, saku), mahi mahi (fillet, portion), red mullet, red snapper, barramundi (lates calcarifer), bonito, round scad, indian mackerel, white clam, baby octopus, surimi, seafood mix and seafood skewers, etc.. Processors and exporters of Black Tiger, White, Pink & Cat Tiger Shrimp, Octopus, pineapple-cut cuttlefish, squid and itoyori surimi, mixed surimi, hamo, tachiuo.





Kien Hung Joint Stock Company Vietnam - Squid, Octopus, Shrimp, Fish


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Advertise your seafood company OFCO Group - SEAFOOD INSPECTION IN VIETNAM
OFCO offers pre-shipment inspection service, loading supervision and consultancy services. More than just providing inspection services, our objective is to support our regular customers on their seafood purchase from Vietnam. Our advice help to obtain the best possible deal and our inspection secure the purchase. Contact OFCO for your seafood purchase from Vietnam! Your inspections will be carried out by multinational teams of highly trained and professional inspectors following international standards. OFCO Market intelligence, advices and forecast will always keep you one step ahead and help you to develop new and better strategies for your business.
Contact: Jean-Charles Diener (Director)
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:   +84 86 28 18 016 
  +84 86 28 18 017
Skype: diener_jc
Advertise your seafood company Siam Canadian (Vietnam) Limited
Supplying a wide range of shrimp, fish, cephalopods and value added seafood products from Vietnam, including Black Tiger Shrimp, Pangasius, Mahi Mahi, Red Mullet, Red Snapper, Seabass (Barramundi), Tuna, Seafood mix and seafood skewers and many more.
Contact: Bowie Leung
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  +84 28 845 2688
Fax: +84 28 845 2225
Advertise your seafood company Binh Dinh Fishery Joint Stock Company
Manufacturer specialize in Marine fish in Viet Nam. Yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), swordfish (xiphias gladius), marlin (makira indica), mahi (coryphaena hippurus), wahoo (ancanthocybium solandri), oilfish (lepidocybium flavobrunneum). EU code : DL57.  FDA Registration : 10921026646. BRC code : 1753253
Contact: Huynh Tan Hiep
City: Qui Nhon, Binh Dinh
Tel:  +84 56 389 2523 
  +84 56 389 2355
Skype: hiephv
Email: ;
Advertise your seafood company Seaprimexco Vietnam
Processors and exporters of black tiger shrimp, white shrimp, pink shrimp, vannamei shrimp, cat tiger shrimp, (HOSO, HLSO, raw PD, raw PDTO, cooked PD, cooked PDTO, nobashi, butterfly, sushi ebi) Octopus, pineapple-cut cuttlefish, squid and itoyori surimi, mixed surimi, hamo, tachiuo.
Contact: Bui Vinh Hoang Chuong
City: Ca Mau City
Tel:  +84.780. 831230
Fax: +84 780 3 831 861
Skype: chibimeo
Advertise your seafood company Vietocean Seafood Vietnam
VIETOCEAN is a seafood audit, sourcing & inspection company. Our work is looking for best competitive offers, arranging mixed load with various items. Frozen Seafood: Pangasius (Swai), Tilapia, Black Tiger, Vannamei, Clams, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Seafood mix, Surimi, Yellowfin Tuna, Barramundi, Swordfish, Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Parrotfish, Mackerel, Round Scad, Snapper, Grouper, Pomfret, Sole fish, Slipper Lobster, Frog legs, Oilfish (Escolar), Wahoo, Marlin, Leather Jacket, Red Mullet, Red Horse Head Fish, Breaded, Marinated, Dried, Spiced, Skewer, Sushi, Nobashi, Shrimp with potato string, Surimi stick, Torpedo, Matsukasa, Shrimp ring, Temaki, Tempura.
Contact: Mr Truong
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84 3991 3503
Fax: -
Skype: truong.tiger
Advertise your seafood company A B Golden Seafood
We supply a wide range of frozen seafood from Vietnam such as: black tiger/ vannamei shrimp (hoso, hlso, raw pto, cooked pto, ect), pangasius (swai), tilapia (red and black), yellowfin tuna (steak, loin, saku), mahi mahi (fillet, portion), red mullet, red snapper, barramundi (lates calcarifer), bonito, round scad, indian mackerel, white clam, baby octopus, surimi, seafood mix and seafood skewers, etc..
Contact: Alex Huynh
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84 339 980 980
Fax: +84 83 620 7793
Skype: alexhuynh1978
Advertise your seafood company Kien Hung Joint Stock Company VN
Seafood processor and exporter, we are processing top quality goods that handled in accordance with requirements of HACCP, US FDA and ISO. We supply clean, good quality for frozen Squid sushi, cuttlefish and octopus, seafood mix, shrimp, scallop, yellow clam meat, value - added product, seawater fish - Spanish mackerel, Black pomfret, Barramundi, Skipjack tuna, Red snapper, Ribbon fish, Indian mackerel, Conger eel, Red mullet, Threadfin bream, Tongue Sole, Stingray, Silver croaker, Mullet, Yellow stripe trevally, Silver Sillago, Round scad, Anchovy, Grouper, Bigeye scad, Yellow tail scad, Hardtail scad, Bombay duckfish and freshwater fish - Tinfoil barb, Keo fish, Sand goby, Snakehead, Climbing perch, Gourami fish, Black tilapia, Red tilapia, Feather back fish, Yellow catfish, Silver barb, Sheat fish, Swamp eel, Eel, .. to the Global Market.
Contact: Jack Tran
City: Chau Thanh District, Kien Giang province
Tel:   +84 0969 791 108
  +84 2973.631234
Skype: -



Pinetree Vietnam Company Limited
Pinetree Vietnam is a Singapore invested company operating in the seafood industry in Vietnam. We focus our business in the processing and export of frozen and canned seafood. Our core products include aquatic mollusk (squid, octopus, cuttlefish), crustaceans (black tiger shrimps, vannamei shrimps, scampi, lobster, slipper lobster), freshwater fishes (pangasius, snakehead, tilapia) and marine fishes (Indian mackerel, horse mackerel, short body mackerel, round scad, layang scad, yellowtail scad, big eye scad, black pomfret, red snapper, barramundi, seabass, grouper, emperor, ribbon fish, leather jacket, golden threadfin bream, bullet tuna, parrot). The raw materials are procured directly from the farms and fishermen, processed and exported from Vietnam to the rest of the world. For shrimps, we can process head on shell on (HOSO), headless shell on (HLSO), peeled deveined tail on (PDTO), peeled and deveined (PD), cooked HOSO, HLSO, PDTO, PD, Ebi (nobashi and sushi), and value added products. For freshwater and marine fishes, we can process whole round (WR), whole gilled gutted scaled (WGGS), headless gutted trimmed (HGT), steaks, fillets, and portions. We have our own team of quality controllers to ensure that the product quality, specification, and packaging meet all the requirements of our customers. Please contact us if you have any requirements for seafood today.
Contact: Eric Ng
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:   +84 (8) 38483634
  +84 (8) 38483635
Skype: ericng-pinetree



Viet Truong Seafood Processing and Import - Export Co. Ltd
We have 3 factories area in Hai Phong city. No1 is Seafood with Surimi, Fish Meal, Clam. No2 is Vegetarian. No3 is Poultry : Process chicken feet. We advice that we are the only one factory processing surimi in the North of Viet Nam, where have a short time catching tradition so quality of fish material always fresh and so make surimi have quality better than any factory in Viet Nam.
Contact: Mr Phuong
City: Vinh Niem Industrial, Le Chan Dist, Hai Phong
Tel:   +84.2253.742863
Skype: viettruongseafood


Vi Le Company Ltd
We are seafood supplier | exporter for the main sea products as follows: Frozen Indian mackerel (Rastrelliger Kanagurta) whole round, Frozen short-bodied mackerel whole round, Frozen horse mackerel (Megalaspis cordyla) whole round, Frozen round scad (Decapterus Maruadsi) whole round, Frozen Layang scad whole round, Frozen bonito tuna whole round, Frozen Bullet tuna whole round, Frozen gizzard shad whole round, Frozen sardine whole round, Frozen anchovy (Stolephorus commersoni) whole round, Frozen big-eyed scad whole round, Frozen yellow-striped trevally whole round, Frozen Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) whole round/whole gutted/steaks, Frozen mahi mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) whole round/steaks/fillets, Frozen Pangasius (Pangasius hypophthalmus) whole round /Fillets, Frozen Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) whole round/Loins, Frozen Sailfish HGT, Frozen YF tuna saku/Loins CO-treated, Frozen black tilapia whole round, Frozen Parrotfish whole round, Frozen Red snapper whole round, Frozen Barramundi (Latest calcarifer) whole round/steaks/fillets, Frozen Grouper whole round/fillets, Frozen PD Vannamei shrimp, Frozen CP Vannamei shrimp. Dried seafood: Dried anchovy.
Contact: Vi Phuc Le (Mr) - Director
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Mobile phone/Zalo/Viber: 84.769707853


T & H Nha Trang Co. Ltd
A manufacture of Carbon Monoxide (CO) - 99,9% and Tasteless Smoke (TS) use for Seafood Processing like Tuna, Swordfish, Tilapia. Injection equipment for use in seafood processing.
Contact: Mr. Huynh Dac Phong
City: Dien Khanh District, Khanh Hoa province
Tel:  +84908036277
Skype: -
T & P Seafood Trading Company
We are exporter pangasius and tilapia many kind of products, such as: Fillet, Steak, HGT, Cube. Process products with big farm to provide fresh material for production. With favorable, we have enough the certificate HALAL, ISO, GAP, IFS, BRC... export to Middle east, EU, America. We are top choice for clients cause we work to ensure that our customers receive good quality and good price.
Contact: Josh Lee
City: Thot not, Can Tho
Tel:  +71 2631520404
Skype: josh.panga
Email: Email T & P Seafood Trading Company
T&T Foods Co., Ltd
Representative office, exporters and purchasing agents for 80 items of value added products such as bearded shrimp, shrimp tempura, shrimp hakau, Shrimp wanton, shrimp shaomai, fish ball, vegetable tempura,...and frozen seafoods such as and dried seafoods such as dried seasoned himego hiraki, dries seasoned octopus leg hiraki, dries seasoned sillago, ..
Contact: Mr. Hung
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  +84-949-913-567
Skype: hothanhhung
Email: Email T&T Foods Co
T & T Group Joint Stock Company
Aquaculture producers, processors and exporters of fresh and frozen Pangasius.
Contact: Le Cong
City: Ha Noi
Tel:  +84916003026
Skype: trong.cong123
Email: Email T & T Group Joint Stock Company
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you. We are Tafishco located in the center of the Mekong Delta which has rich source of pangasius. We have a Factory with a capacity of active over 100 tons raw material per day, and an other factory will be put into production early next year (2010) with a capacity of about 150 tons per day. So we can supply for you with large quantity and good quality. We have many international certificates such as: ISO, HACCP, HALAL, BRC, IFS... and Eu code: DL 292 We can offer to you our products as below: 1. Frozen pangasius (catfish) fish (Fillet, steak, whole round, portion, medallion,...) 2. White, pink, light pink, yellow...(well trimmed and untrimmed)
Contact: Ms Oanh
City: Chau Thanh, An Giang
Tel: 944 413 070  Fax: 763 652 067
Skype: huynhthikimoanh1
Email: Email Tafishco

Tai Phat Foods
We are specialize in processing and exporting seafood product. Our main products are: squid, octopus, shrimp, dried anchovy, cuttlefish, etc. Please contact us any time you need!
Contact: Mr Tam
City: Vung Tau
Tel: +84 64 360 2986
+84 64 371 1986
Skype:   tamsefo
Email: Email Tai Phat Foods
Tam Lien International Import-Export Co. Ltd.
Seafood processors and exporters of Horse mackerel, sardine, hilsha, mackerel, Indian mackerel, sailfish, red pomfret, layang scad, snake-head fish, yellow & silver croaker, round scad, yellow tailed scad, conger eel, Indo pacific mackerel, black pomfret, yellow fin tuna, skipjack tuna.
Contact: Mr Tommy
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  +84938199244
Skype: seafishexporter
Email: Email Tam Lien International
Tan Duong Co Ltd
We are supplier LIVE MUD CRAB in Vietnam . At present . We are exporting live mud crab for Asian . If you want to buy high quality goods pls contact with us asap.
Contact: Hang Pham
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84 8 66808398  
+84 8 66808398
Skype: julia.pham
Email: Contact Hang at Tan Duong Co Ltd; Email Tan Duong Co Ltd
TBES Co. Ltd
Wholesales, Food Importer and Exporter. Barramundi, Black Pomfret, Grouper, Horse Mackerel, Indian Mackerel, Leatherjacket Fish, Pangasius, Silver Sillago, Kisu Kuraki, Black Tiger Shrimp, Scampi, Slipper Lobster, Vannamei Shrimp, Baby Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Dried Anchovy, Dried Shrimp, Brown Clam, White Clams, Frog Leg, Shrimp tempura, fish nugget, fish burger
Contact: Tracy Nguyen
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84 866 812 832  
Skype: tbesfood
Email: Email TBES Co. Ltd 
Thai Binh Shellfish Company Limited
One of the leading frozen clam (Meretrix lyrata) manufacturer, producer and exporter in the North of Viet Nam. Good quality, best competitive price.
Contact: Minh Hue
City: -
Tel: +84936624238
Thaidmexco  |  Thanh Doan Sea Products Import & Exporting Processing JS Co
Our factory is located in Camau province in Vietnam ,we have been in seafood industry for several years, especially in Black Tiger, White and Pink Shrimps with different sizes and various such as (HOSO, HLSO, PUD, PD, PTO,...)
Contact: Kent
City: Camau Province
Tel: 780 382 8953  Fax: 780 381 5166
Skype: nguyenthanh_thadimexco
Thanh Hung Co., Ltd.
Our company located in SaDec Industrial Zone, Viet Nam. Our principal functions are processing and exporting all kinds of Tra (Pangasius hypophthalmus) from Mekong Delta, the South East of Vietnam. Our EU code is DL 367. Pangasius products (Pangasius Hypophthalmus: fillet, skew, roll, stick, whole clean, chunk, strip, ...
Contact: Mr. Vo Thai Phong
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 8 62 991 480  Fax: 8 62 991 482
Skype: phongthanhhung
Email: Email Thanh Hung Co
Thanh Thai Seafood
Processors and exporters of White clam, Brown clam, Yellow clam meat, Clam whole shell, Clam half shell, Cooked White clam in garlic Butter
Contact: Bryan
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84918521521  Fax: -
Skype: thanhthaiseafood
Email: Email Thanh Thai Seafood
The Khanh Limited Liability Company
Processing and exporting frozen seafood to the global market. We have EU approval number DL 874, HACCP certified and FDA. Products: Frozen baby octopus, poulp squid, baby cuttlefish, cuttlefish, squid, seafood mix, yellowtail scad, yellow stripe trevally, golden threadfin bream, Indian mackerel, horse mackerel, grouper, black pomfret, ribbon fish, sea fish origin Vietnam.
Contact: CAO TOAI
City: Rach Gia, Kien Giang
Tel:  +84 0989797123 
+84 2973 617 488
Skype: thanhtoaiksm
Thien Ha Seafoods Company
We are one of the best supplier about the pangasius hypophthalmus (Tra and Basa Fish) in Viet Nam. We are specialized in processing & trading of agricultural product for export.
Contact: Yoshi Nguyen
City: My Tho, Tien Giang
Tel: 73 954 333  Fax: 73 853 455
Skype: okashi0990
Email:  Email Thien Ha Seafoods Company
Thien Ma Seafood Limited Company
Officially been operated since July 2005, the company produces Vietnam Pangasius fillets , steak ( well- trimmed, semi-trimmed , un-trimmed .....), skewers, portions, rolls
Contact: -
City: Can Tho
Tel: +84 7103 766 064 
+84 7103 765 915
Skype: tranduy277
Email: Email Thien Ma Seafood Limited Company
Thien Phat Seafood Co. Ltd
We operated on multi fields in aquaculture and supplying of “clean quality” seafood products mostly Pangasius, dried seafood products for domestic and international markets. Processing factory of the company has been conducting quality management programs in accordance with safety and sanitary standard: HACCP , ISO 9001-2008, EU approval and has been equipped with IQF system, contact freezers and cold storage.
Contact: David   |  MS.SAPPHIRE | Fiona
City: Tien Giang
Tel: +84736.268.999 
Skype: thienphatseafood  |  sapphire20117
Thinh Hung Co., Ltd
Importers, processors, producers and exporters of marine products such as tuna, marlin, swordfish, oilfish, wahoo, mahi mahi, blue shark, moro shark, red snapper, grouper, barramundi. Dealing with natural and CO treated. Dealing with Super Frozen -55-60 degree/normal Frozen and Fresh
Contact: Mr. Hung
City: -
Tel: 58 381 8591  Fax: 58 382 5303
Skype: Thihuco
Email: Email Thinh Hung Co
Thu Huong Co Ltd - Eurasia Group
We are specialized in frozen seafood and value added products for Asian resident in Europe and USA. We have more than 90 items of seafood value added, fish balls, complete range of dry fishes, ready packed for retail. Whole round Squid, frozen on board, IQF, frozen at land. Octopus well flower, in trays and IQF. Frog legs. Baby clams, shell on, meat only. Scallops meat, half shell scallops with and without roes. Pangasius fillets and skewers.
Contact: Mr. Trang Hoang Minh
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 377 1614  Fax: 588 2040
Skype: minhthcovn
Email: Email Thu Huong Co
Thuan An Production Trading and Service Company
Specialises in supplying pangasius/swai fillet. Especially, fish meal and fish oil. In addition, we also provide some value added products, like fish ball, net spring roll, breaded fillet.
All products have been passed ISO, Halal, BRC, IFC, Global G.A.P,....
Contact: Vo Minh Quang
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84982815885  Fax: -
Skype: vmquanglx88
Email: Email Thuan An Production Trading
Tin Thinh Co Ltd
Seafood processing and export company for Tuna, Marlin, Swordfish, Mahi, Round Scad, Stingray, Parrot, King Snapper, Barramundi, Pangasius, Tilapia Black & Grey, Cobia, Pearl Perch, Butterfish, Escolar, Flying fish, Ribbon, Red Mullet, King Fish, Mackerel, Leather Jacket, Emperor, Bonito, Splendid Pony fish, Octopus Flower, Cuttlefish baby, tentacles squid, ark shell, soft sell crab, Seafood mixture, skewers for BBQ...
Contact: Mr Tuan Nguyen Anh
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +(84.58) 3744155
+(84.58) 3744163
Email: Email Tin Thinh Co Ltd
Tin Viet Pi Co
Seafood processing and export company for Fish Maw, Fish, Shrimp and Crab.
Contact: Anna Nguyen
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84986037353
Skype: tinvietpico
Email: Email Tin Viet Pi Co
Tochau Joint Stock Company
We are Tochau Joint Stock Company ( Tochau JSC) , a pangasius freezing and processing company located in Mekong Delta Region - South of Vietnam where the pangasius hypopthalmus originates. Our company owns a closed chain system for the pangasius products with our own 60 hectares of fish farm , a new modern freezing factory - with processing capacity / 130 tons of raw materials a day and a fish feed factory with the capacity of 50,000 tons per year. All of our products are friendly with environment and suitable for human's best consumption and approved by Halal and HACCP . Now we could supply pangasius hypopthalmus with high and good quality and quantity!
Contact: Trinh Honh Tang  | Mr Toan
City: Cao Lanh, Dong Thap
Tel: 67 894 109  Fax: 67 894 111
Skype: trinhhongtang | takhanhtoan
Email: Email Tochau Joint Stock Company
Email Tochau Seafood
TQ Seafood Processing and Export Company
We are seafood sourcing professional processor and exporter of Vietnam frozen seafood. Specially in Frozen Vannamei shrimp, squid, ribbon fish, mahi mahi, pangasius.
Contact: Ryna Nguyen
City: Danang
Tel: +84 511 392 1961 
+84 511 392 1961
Skype:  ryna.nguyen10
Email: Email TQ Seafood Processing
Tra Vinh Food-Stuffs and Agricultural.
We are Tra Vinh Food-Stuffs and Agricultural Products. Our company specially export frozen pangasius fillet as standard ISO, HACCP, HALAL and so on. At moment, we would like to look for opportunities to service customers. Please do not hesitate contact us
Contact:  Kim Xuyen Pham
City: Tra Vinh
Tel: 743 616 567  Fax: 743 616 444
Skype: kimxuyenft
Email:  Email Tra Vinh Food-Stuffs
Tran Han Co Ltd
Farming, Processing and Exporting products from Pangasius in Vietnam. We are in the position to supply the best price for Pangasius Fillet, Pangasius Steak, Pangasius Skin…Especially, we always have a good discount for you if you wish to establish a long –term relationship. Our products have achieved many international standards like: HACCP, ISO 22000, GLOBAL GAP… and exported to many countries all over the world.
Contact: Phuong Mai  |  Ms.Nguyen Thuy  |  Mr Dat
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 8 3830 1666 
+84 8 3830 2666
Skype:  tranhan-phuongmn  |  tranhan.thuynt  |  Mr Nam  |  tranhan-dattx
Email: | |
Travifaco - Tra Vinh Food-Stuffs and Agricultural Products Co
Producers and exporters of Pangasius Whole Round, HGT (head off - gutted - tail off), Fillet (well trimmed, semi-trimmed, untrimmed, broken), Steak, Portion Cut, Stomach, Belly Fin, Belly Meat, Paste Ball, etc.
Contact: Jessica Nguyen
City: Tra Vinh
Tel:  +84743616567
Skype: jessica12032013
Email:  Email Travifaco
Tri Danh KG Co Ltd.
Indian Mackerel, ShortBody Mackerel, Round Scad, Layang Scad, Bonito, Big eyes scad, yellowtail scad , sardine, squid
Contact: Rosy
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84 986 818 060
Skype: -
Tri Nguyen Vina JSC
We are sourcing and processing seafood company of Pangasius hypophthalmus (basa, dory fish), Red tilapia, Black tilapia, Apple snail meat, Octopus, baby octopus, Brown spotted grouper, Emperor, job fish, leather jacket, red mullet, red snapper and other frozen sea fishes
Contact: Mr Daniel Lu  |  Nhat Truong  |  Hellen   |   Rita  |  Trina Dao |  Chris Nihat
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84 8 39756403
+84 8 39756402
Skype: tringuyenvina | duongnhattruong1 | ms.hellen.nguyen.  |  bichchamtd  |  trinadao_vn  |  Chrisnihat
Trong Nhan SeaFood Co., Ltd
Producers, processors and exporters of all Sea foods available in Vietnam including Black Tiger Shrimp, Vannamei, Baby Cuttlefish, Masukasa, Octopus
Contact: Ly Huynh Anh  |  Ms Dung
City: HCMC
Tel: 08-54319769 
Skype: lyhuynhanhvnm | dungdiendat
Email: Email Trong Nhan SeaFood
Email Trong Nhan SeaFood Co., Ltd
Triseafood JSC
Producers, Processors, Exporters and Wholesalers of cooked white clam, yellow clam meat, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, poulp squid, tilapia, pangasius, keofish, round scad, Indian mackerel
Contact: Mr Nguyen
City: HCMC
Tel: 85 425 9859  Fax: 85 425 9853
Skype: nguyentriseafoods
Email: Email Triseafood JSC
Truong Kim Trading and Investment JSC
we sell fish meal from 50-65% protein with good prices.
Contact: Maria
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84909916348  
+84 8 35173522
Skype: huynh.quyenle
Email: Email Truong Kim Trading and Investment JSC
Truong Phu Seafoods
We are one of seafood processor and exporter in Vietnam with DL code 726, We located at Bac Lieu Province where have good source of seafood products. Our main markets are Europe, Asia, Middle east, South Africa ... We are processing Black Tiger Shrimp and Vannamei shrimp as RAW PTO, RAW PD, HLSO, HOSO, NOBASHI, Blanched shrimp, Marinated shrimp, CAT TIGER PD & PUD Shrimp and other product which you would interest in... Cuttlefish whole round clean IQF or block frozen
Contact: Mr Hien  |  Mr Jacky Ha
City: Bac Lieu
Tel: 781 3 891 377   Fax: 781 3 891 998
Skype: truongphuseafoods
Email: Email Truong Phu Seafoods, Bac Lieu, Vietnam
Email Truong Phu Seafoods
Truong Thinh Aquatic Product Import Export Co. Ltd (Thifood Co Ltd)
Producers, processors & exporters. Our main seafood products are shrimp (Black Tiger and Vannamei White), lobster (Slipper Lobster), seawater fish (Barramundi, Grouper, King Snapper, Red Snapper, Parrotfish, Emperor, Sillago, Red Mullet, Indian Mackerel), cephalopods (Cuttlefish, Octopus, Squid,…), freshwater fish (Pangasius, Black Tilapia, Red Tilapia, Pomfret, Red Tail Tinfoil Barb).
Contact: Vince Doan
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  +84-8-62655871 
Skype: vince170712
Email: Email Truong Thinh Aquatic Product
Truong Thinh Fish Corp
Our company supplies frozen pangasius fillet; steak, Whole round mainly, besides we also process shrimp, squid....We have many factories which are located other provinces. Our products are processed through the modern production-line .
Contact: Tina Dang
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 905 485 543  Fax: -
Skype: celinedang82
Email: Email Truong Thinh Fish Corp
Tung Export & Import Seafoods
We are doing expertly with Live seafood such as Lobster, Oyster, Sea mantis, Shrimp, Mud Crabs, Green Crabs, Red Tiger Prawns and many kinds of Shells.
Contact: Mr. Tung
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84 8 942222004  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Tung Export & Import Seafoods
TVL Food Co., Ltd
our main product are Pangasius fillet, Panga HGT, shrimp, Clam, Cuttlefish … we have  partnership with more 30 factories .So, we can bring for you best price what we have. We have a own Quality  Control team always present  for checking during processing . In that way , we can bring for you  best quality product  . So , our slogan is “ Bring for you best price , best quality “.
Contact: Edwin Pham
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84 8 3510 9172 
+84 8 3841 7969
Skype: tvl.panga
Email: Email TVL Food Co
Two Thousand Leagues Im-Export Co. Ltd
We are a small factory based in Da Nang Viet Nam. We supply raw materials for feed use or organic fertilizer or biofuel. Fish maw for isinglass, Fish Waste, Shrimp shell powder, Lobster Shell
Contact: Michelle Bui
City: Da Nang
Tel: +84905948158
Skype: -
Email: Email Two Thousand Leagues Im-Export Co

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