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Siam Candian - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. Number 1 quality seafood from Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Myanmar, Indonesia and Bangladesh

Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing Seafood Industry Contacts - Yemen M - Z


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Albahsani Bin Sadoon
Albahsani for tuna, catfish, mackerel, fishmeal and frozen sardine. We can offer your needs with competitive prices & high standards & quality.
Contact: -
City: Hadhramout
Tel:  00967733040339/whats up
Skype:  -


Mermaid for Fish Trading Company
Trader and exporters of croaker, cuttlefish, catfish, Indian mackerel, chub mackerel, horse mackerel, little tunny, yellow fin tuna, bonito, skipjack, barracuda, yellow tail scad, sardine, emperor, grouper, jobfish, red snapper, squid, octopus, sailfish, trevally, queenfish, Japanese bream, red sea bream, mahi mahi.
Tel: +009675332671 
Skype: -
Email: Email Mermaid for Fish Trading Company
Email Mermaid Fishery
Motamaiz for Fish Export Co.
Our company supplies fish such as sardine, sailfish, cuttlefish, shark, tuna, chub mackerel, Indian mackerel, horse mackerel, grouper, kingfish, ribbonfish, yellow tail scad, croaker, trevally and cuttlefish, catfish
City: Hadramout
Tel: +967 733 804 116 
+967 533 6775
Skype: Adbiabdulla1
Email: Email Motamaiz for Fish Export Co
Mukalla Seafood Marketing
Agents and suppliers of Yemeni products as fresh, frozen & dried. We can supply you with Tuna, lobster, cuttlefish, Indian mackerel, shark, bonito and many other exotic species. dried & salted shark meat , dried & salted catfish, dried shark skin, cat fish maw
Contact: Saeed Hameed | Mohammed Saleh Baesa
City: Mukalla, Hadramout
Tel:  5 458 479  Fax:  5 458 479
Skype: saee144   |   msf
Email: Email Mukalla Seafood Marketing
Mukalla Fishes for Seafood Export
We are Exporters, producers, and processors, of all kind of Arabian sea foods. catfish, Indian mackerel, ribbon fish, emperor, red snapper, cuttlefish, grouper, sailfish, octopus, squid, lobster, croaker, snapper, barracuda, queen fish, sea bream ,trevally, kingfish, emperor, sea cucumber
Contact: Mr. Moneer
City: Mukalla, Hadramout
Tel:  00967-777445987, 00967-736707046
Skype: monsurvey12
Email: Email Mukalla Fishes
Noble Seaproducts & Trading AS
Seafood processor based in Mukalla, Rep. of Yemen. Sales office strategically based in Aalesund, Norway. The company has been in the seafood business for almost 15 years and we work hardly to promote and sell our products in the world market. Our main products are, cuttlefish, Tuna, grouper, emperor, mackerel and other seafood species from the area. W/R Cuttlefish, Yellow Fin Tuna and bi-products, Grouper, Indian Mackerel, Emperor, Trevally fish, Mahi-Mahi, Sail Fish, etc.
Contact: Mr. Alexander Wiig
City: Al-Mukalla
Tel: 477 013 0382  Fax: 477 01 31 430
Skype: -
Email: Email Noble Seaproducts
Octopus for Trading and Fish Export
Octopus was build in 2005 in the main seafood landing ports of Yemen. We are dealing in Fresh Products, Frozen Products and Dry Product, also we are agent buyers of some Companies out of Yemen as per their request. It will be our great pleasure to serve you where you are. Mostly Grouper, Tuna, Emperor and baby Shark.
Contact: Mr. Zuhair O. Tamimi
City: Al Mukalla
Tel: 711 896 740   Fax: 5 310 378
Skype: -
Email: Email Octopus for Trading and Fish Export
Omar Sea Food International
Suppliers of frozen Fish, Cuttlefish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Queenfish, Squid, Grouper, Indian Mackerel, Catfish, Octopus, frozen, Lobster, Croaker, Snapper, Barracuda, Trevally, Sea Bream, Kingfish, Emperor, Ribbon Fish , Sea food
Contact: mohmmed javed
City: Taiz
Tel: +971528630288   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Omar Sea Food International
Orca Marine Seafood
Processors and exporters of Blue Swimming Crabs, Cut Crabs, Three Spot Crabs, Ribbon Fish, Grouper, Snapper, Emperor, Cuttle Fish, Yellowtail Scad, Shrimps, Prawn, Shark, Queen Fish, Cat Fish, Octopus, Yellowfin Tuna, Trevally Fish
Contact: Yasar Shahzad
City: Sana’a
Tel: +973 33767814   Fax: -
Skype: yasar.shahzad1
Email: Email Orca Marine Seafood
Pearl Fisheries Co., Ltd
Company in Business since year 2005 Processing & Exporting with more than 260 workers ,enjoying modern processing facility with Ice plant and freezing facility , cold storages of more than 1500 tons, Fillets and added value products production lines are available at the same plant , Main markets Asia ,Central Europe ,some Middle east countries, and Some African Countries . Tuna Whole , Tuna G&G , Tuna Loins , Tuna Portions , Sharks , Cuttlefish Whole, Cuttlefish Fillets, other cuttlefish products, Ribbon Fish, Mackerels , Sardines ,Trevally Fish ,Cat Fish ,Sail Fish ,Sea Bream ,Sea Bass ,Scad and other species
Contact: Salman Shami
City: Al Shehir- Mukalla
Tel: +967 5 335 188  
+967 5 335 187
Skype: salmanshami
Email: Email Pearl Fisheries Co
Roda Yemen
Hello, our company is registered in the Aden Free Zone and can offer you seafood products from Yemen, Our company belong to an International Trading Group with Head office in Las Palmas Spain. Feel free to contact us for your requirement. Only genuine enquiries please.
Contact: Deepak Sabin
City: Aden
Tel: 711 934 076   Fax: -
Skype: deepaksabin
Email: Email Roda Yemen
Royal Marine Fruit
Processors and exporters of Yemen fishery products such as grouper, emperor, sea bream, barracuda, crab, shrimp, cuttlefish, ribbonfish, mackerel and crab.
Contact: Wadah Alyousfeen
City: Sana'a
Tel: +967 1 425606  
+967 1 425605
Skype: -
Email: Email Royal Marine Fruit
Sea World Co
Sea World Co. are Sea food processors, producers, agents, deals and whole sellers of all kinds of fish. Specialist in Indian mackerel.
Contact: yusuf s kassim
City: mukalla
Tel:  +967 5 309380
+967 5 309380
Skype: alkhulagi
Email: Email Sea World Co
Seven Ocean Services
We own and operate factory trawlers which are EU approved with full HACCP requirements. our main products are deep sea lobster ,deep sea red shrimps and cuttle fish which are all processed on board and are of the finest quality ,and can be exported all over the world .we also deal in all types of fresh and frozen seafood..
Contact: Amin Ali
City: Tawahi / Head Juff, Aden
Tel: 770 743 515  Fax: 2 222 812
Skype: sevenoceanservices.aden
Email: Email Seven Ocean Services
Sheher Fisheries Company
A leading seafood company in Yemen for processing, packing and exporting frozen fish products to Europe, Middle East and Far East. We export a variety of frozen seafood products. At the moment, we can offer you Frozen Cuttlefish WR, Frozen Red Seabream WR
Contact: Taima
City: -
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Sheher Fisheries Company
Taj Socotra For Fisheries Co Ltd
Processors and exporters of Frozen cuttlefish, Squid, Octopus, Grouper, Catfish, Ribbon fish, Shark, Threadfin bream, Arabian Pandora, Lizard fish, Queen fish, Trevally, Indian mackerel, Big eye scad, Sail fish, Emperor, Sweet lips, Croaker, frigate tuna
Contact: ahmed s. alwali
City: khormaksar, Aden
Tel: 009672239779 
Skype: tajsocotra2012
Email: Email Taj Socotra For Fisheries Co Ltd
Tamimi Fisheries Company
Tamimi Fisheries Company is the leading seafood exporter from Yemen. The company specializes in the processing and export of fresh and frozen seafood products. Product: Cuttlefish, IWP ribbonfish, Blue Swimming Crab, Indian Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Squid, Emperor, grouper, jobfish, yellow tail scad, skipjack, catfish, stripped bonito, red snapper, sardine, croaker, Horse mackerel, Chub mackerel, Octopus, Sailfish Barracuda and others
Contact: Mohammed Al-Tamimi
City:  Al-Shiher, Hadhramout
Tel:  +9675335493
Skype: -
United Fish Export Co. Ltd
We are one of the leading Frozen Fish Exporting Company from Republic of Yemen. We have two fish processing plants, which are located in main fish landing centers. We are exporting our Frozen Fish to various countries, where it is well known for both quality and service. Now we are looking for reputed companies especially from Turkey, in order to make a joint venture project in the field field of seafood business; especially "Shrimps Farm Projects & Fishing Vessel Operation in Yemen Sea Water". We have ready stock of good quality ' Frozen Whole Frigate Tuna, Ribbonfish, Red sea bream, Grouper & Jobfish.
Contact: Mr. Hussain Al-Sakkaf & R.G Kumar
City: Sana'a
Tel:  +967 1 684527
+967 1 240104
Skype: -
Email:   Email United Fish Export Co. Ltd
Western Coasts for Trade and Export
We are seafood Exporter from Republic of Yemen. Our Frozen Product in Yemen Cuttlefish, Shrimps. Indian Mackerel, Queenfish, Trevally, Long tail tuna, kawakawa, and all kinds of fresh and frozen fishes. Our Dried Fish Product In Yemen Queenfish, Catfish, Shark meat, and sprats (anchovy)
Contact: Abdul Raheem Mastan
City: Hodeidah
Tel: 3 228 180  Fax: 3 228 190
Skype: westerncoastsyemen
Email: Email Western Coasts for Trade and Export
Yemen Co. for Fisheries and Marine Life
The Yemen Co. for Fisheries and Marine life is one of the largest fisheries companies in Yemen. We have our own processing plant in Aden where we process all kinds of frozen fish and fish products. We export our products to Spain, France, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, China and Vietnam. Cuttlefish, groupers, emperors, Indian mackerel, sailfish, barracuda, catfish, jobfish, snappers, queenfish, tunas, trevally, sea bream..
Contact: Mohd. Madari
City: Aden
Tel: 71 109 562  Fax: 2 395 280
Skype: -
Email: Email Yemen Co. for Fisheries and Marine Life

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