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Aqua Fauna Consulting Tel:      +61 417 379 474
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Laurence Martin Skype:  Ecowild
Provide consultation in the development of tuna farming and tuna fishing projects


ARDA-Tek Flicking Fresh Tel:      +61 (0) 8 8988 6861
Winnellie, Northern Territory, Australia Fax:     +61 (0) 8 8988 6859
Contact Name:  Adam Body Skype:  Adam Body
Northern Territory salt water barramundi (Lates calcarifer) producer


Bowpan Pty Ltd Tel:      +61 8 9302 3840
Perth, Western Australia, Australia Fax:     +61 8 9302 3129
Contact Name:  Mr Geive Nanavati Skype:  geive1
Established in 1997, Bowpan Seafoods is a family owned and operated Seafood Company based in Perth, Western Australia. We specialize in the Import and Export of frozen seafood out of Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam. China, Oman & Yemen

CPM Australia Tel:      +61 415 084 212
Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Fax:     +61 8 8359 0280
Contact Name:  Jayesh Kasim Skype:  jayeshkasim
Machinery Suppliers, Pharmaceuticals Machines, Process Machines, Packaging Machines, Water and Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Water and Waste Water Treatment equipment with a turnkey solution


D & K Live Seafood Tel:      +61 (0)414 390 209
Footscray, Victoria, Australia Fax:     +61 (0)3 9687 4332
  Email:  -
Contact Name:  David Tran Skype:  David
We retail and wholesale all type of live seafood only.


De-Bug Australia Tel:      +61 3 9515 0771
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Fax:     +61 3 9515 0772
Contact Name:  Garth Morison Skype:  garthmorison
Diesel cleaner - De-Bug Clean Fuel Units eliminate diesel bugs - fungus, bacteria and yeasts. Reduce fuel burn, smoke and maintenance. Solid Units last 20+ years, no filters, no additives, cost nothing to operate. Tested in 3 independent ILAC approved laboratories.  23 years of production. Substantial references. Really works and excellent value.


Fiomarine Tel:      +61 3 6272 6167
Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia Fax:     +61 3 6272 6264
Contact Name:  Rachael Foggitt Skype:  john.fiotakis
Fiomarine specialises in securing and retrieving underwater equipment.  We manufacture the Fiobuoy: submersible marine marker buoy and retrieval system.  An all-in-one system incorporating an acoustic release, marker and retrieval line in a unique buoy design.  Perfect for keeping valuable fishing & aquaculture operations submerged underwater hidden from poachers and passing vessels.  Fast and easy to re/deploy and simple maintenance, the Fiobuoy provides greater flexibility in all fishing operations.


Fishman Seafoods Tel:      +61 (0) 412 935 180
Runaway Bay, Queensland, Australia Fax:     +61 (0) 7 5529 1180
Contact Name:  Geoff Byford Skype:  Geoff Byford
Supplier of wholesale seafood to the Gold Coast, Australia.


Holmbrook International Pty Ltd Tel:      +61 7 5538 0355
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Fax:     +61 7 5538 0366
Contact Name:  Malcolm Nutt Skype:  Malcolm Nutt


Kipa International Tel:      +61 (0)416 743 399
Australia Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Kirsty Doran Skype:  sodapuff
We are seafood brokers with varying suppliers around the world. I am an Australian Based 6 months in India and 6 Months in Australia. We can provide marketing facilities and international correspondences for your company.


Martin Perkins Seafood Consultancies Tel:      +61 7 3344 2055
Brisbane, QLD, Australia Fax:     +61 7 3344 2620
Contact Name:  Martin Perkins Skype:  perkins3344
HACCP manuals, Food Safety Training, Export Manuals (Approved Arrangements), Factory design, Product specifications, project management, Tropical marine fish aquaculture projects


Mathews, Ian Tel:      +61 (0)458 457 255
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Ian Mathews Skype:  ianmathews33


Rubens Fine Foods Tel:      +61 (0)7 5596 1100
Nerang, QLD, Australia Fax:     +61 (0)7 5596 4322
Contact Name:  Dirk Weemaes Skype:  Rubensff
Rubens Fine Foods was established in March 1985 to become a supplier of high  quality Pâté's & Terrines to all segments of the market (Retail, Foodservice  and Delicatessen). Pate : Smoked Salmon Mousse, Pate : Tasmanian Ocean Trout  Mousse, Pate : Tuna Mousse with white wine, Sandwich Filler : Atlantic Salmon, Black Pepper & Lime, Sandwich Filler : Chuncky Tuna & Corn.


SeaBis Tel:      +61 (0)2 4333 1996
Sydney, NSW, Australia Fax:     +61 (0)2 4333 3684
Contact Name:  Angelika Koop Skype:  Angelika Koop
SeaBis is a Stray Current Detector... and is supplied as one part of the SeaBis Electrolysis Corrosion Prevention Systems. The SeaBis Electrolysis Corrosion System comes in various sizes  as a DO-IT -YOURSELF system that can easily be installed  by boat owners and/or a local marine electrician.


Seafood Marketing Tel:      +61 (0)417 103 391
Sydney, NSW, Australia Fax:     +61 (0)3 6253 5285
Contact Name:  Tony Estcourt Skype:  TONY ESTCOURT


Southern Cross Fisheries Tel:      +61 (0)438 156 047
Kawana, Queensland, Australia Fax:     +61 7 5493 4855
Contact Name:  Ross Barber Skype:  Southern Cross Fisheries
We supply the finest quality fresh and frozen seafoods available, sourcing only the freshest Australian products.


Southern Ocean Rock Lobster Pty Ltd Tel:      +61 (0)8 8683 3366
Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia Fax:     +61 (0)8 8683 3301
Contact Name:  Steven Stolz Skype:  steven stolz
Southern Rock Lobster Exporter based in Port Lincoln South Australia - main market Hong Kong and China


Southern Trading Pty Ltd Tel:      +61 (0)8 9336 5111
Hamilton Hill, Western Australia, Australia Fax:     +61 (0)8 9336 5122
Contact Name:  Glen Bosman Skype:  glen.peter.bosman
a vertically integrated seafood processing and trading entity with more than 15 year extensive experience in the processing and exporting of quality Australian Seafood. Over the years, the business operations has firmly established itself as a specialized seafood and exporter and has earned a reputation for  delivering premium quality seafood into the international market. Its seafood is sourced from the pristine seawater of Australia including both of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.


Wild Oceans Pty Ltd Tel:      -
Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Ben Patton Skype:  benpatton


Worldwide Trading Pty Ltd Tel:      +61 (0)2 4351 6666
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Fax:     +61 (0)2 4351 6777
Contact Name:  Joe Vallelonga Skype:  joevallelonga
Worldwide Trading imports and exports quality seafood from around the world however our main focus is on distribution to the Food Service Industry throughout Australia.  The main commodities our company trades in are Reef Fish, Barramundi, Octopus, Squid, Basa, Prawns, Surimi Products, edible oils and Asian grocery items.

Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish


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