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Fishing Tackle Shops - Western Australia  A-F    (+61)

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Ballina Quality Bait
We are commercial fisherman based in NSW Richmond River. We retail and wholesale specialising in wild caught bait school prawns. We are a family run business and we catch and process our own product quality guaranteed. We have our own bags Ballina Quality Bait which we can pack 200g, 400g & 1 KG pks or we can pack in your bags. We freight Australia wide. We guarantee our product and you want be disappointed. Our product is white spot free and none of our product is sourced from QLD.

Contact: Tom O'Grady
Alstonville, NSW, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2 66281645   Fax: +61 (0)2 6628 6059


Alley Duck Fishing Systems
143 Chisholm Crs, Kewdale
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9359-1808
Allfloats W A
E7 Forge St, Welshpool
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9350-6796 
Urban Angler Osborne Park
44 Hutton St, Osborne Park
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9444-9633
Allsport Tackle & Marine
4/364 South St, O'Connor
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9337-5682
Anglers Anonymous
4/255 Bannister Rd, Canning Vale
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9455-2521
Anglers Fishing World
221 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9355-0575
Attfield Tackle & Sports
2/38 Attfield St, Maddington
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9493-6553
Australian Fly Company
29 Victoria St, Mosman Park
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9383-3074
Bailey's Baitbox
3 Fielden Way, Port Kennedy
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9524-6863
Bait Attack Lures
PO Box 276, Augusta, WA 6290
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9309-9998
6/61 Buckingham Drv, Wangara
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9309-5474
Bluewater Tackle
140 Russell St, Morley
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9375-9800
Bluewater Tackle
21 Scarborough Beach Rd, Scarborough
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9245-1313
Bluewater Tackle-Surf-Dive-Marine
21 Scarborough Beach Rd, Scarborough
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear 1800 06 1010
Bluewater Tackle-Surf-Dive-Marine
140 Russell St, Morley
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear 1800 64 7211
Campbell's Protackle
171 Oxford St, Leederville
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9444-3710
Carrington St Tackle & Marine
145 Rockingham Road, Hamilton Hill
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9434 1834
Carry On Camping World
2880 Albany Hwy, Kelmscott
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9495-1940
Clegg Doug Tackle Shop
331 West Coast Drv, Trigg
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9447-3092
Crackel For Tackle
509 Wellington St, Perth
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9321-3267
Custom Networks
84 Hampton Rd, Fremantle
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9335-2492
Devitt J R & E E Reel Repairs
22 Frangipani Loop, Marangaroo
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9342-0440
Fisherman's Paradise
793a Canning Hwy, Applecross
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9364-8330
Fleets For Tackle
66b Adelaide St, Fremantle
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9430-8188
Fleets For Tackle Morley
141 Walter Rd, Morley
Tackle Shop/Fishing Gear (08) 9276-2389

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