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Thomsonfalls Fishing Flies Email we are a fly tying company that caters to fly fishermen in the United States and Europe Mostly selling to guides and fly shops but also all anglers, and at a wholesale rate. All flies are sold in dozens, all prices are in dozens and in American Dollars. Kenyan tyers are among the most skilled in the world and we can help you realize your expectations for quality and price. Our tyers can produce practically any pattern and our turn-around time is fast. Shipping is with Registered Carriers and is insured so there is fast delivery, satisfaction and peace of mind!


I deal in tying high quality hand tied fishing flies all patterns, We tie them using high quality hooks and they are of low prices. Our minimum cost is $2.5 per doz. We send the orders in time and we always make sure that our customers are always satisfied. I will really appreciate to do business with you. And you will never regret.
Kenyan Flies


Quality Fishing Flies, both saltwater and freshwater from $3/dozen. Secure payment through PayPal, good communication through our Australian administration.
Nafka Flies Ltd
Email We make & sell high quality flies of all types. we sell at cheap prices, both on retail & wholesale basis. we employ experienced & highly qualified tiers for the best flies.
Fly Fishing Kenya
Email We make perfect hand-tied flies, and host unique, exotic & affordable fly fishing safaris in Kenya




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