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Diving Locations - Phuket
Phuket Area - Year round diving with preferred conditions between October and May.


Koh Dok Mai
Hard and soft coral reef on sloping wall. There is a small cave but entering is not recommended, especially in current. Marine life includes leopard, black and white-tip reef sharks and turtles.

Diving Depth 15 - 30 metres
Visibility 10 - 12 metres
Currents Weak to Moderate
Surface Conditions Can be a little rough
Diver Level Beginners and Up



Shark Point - Hin Musang
Shark Point Marine Sanctuary
Sites are visited from Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi

Series of boulders, the larger of which breaks the surface. Excellent coverage of both hard and soft corals. Leopard sharks, angel and butterfly fish, morays, pipefish, snappers, fusiliers and a wealth of invertebrates including selection of cowrie shells.

Shark Point is part of a Marine Sanctuary due to its tremendous variety of marine life. The official Thai name for this site is Hin Musang or 'Shark Rock’. Approaching from the sea Shark Point appears as a tiny rock outcropping of no particular interest but beneath the surface lies a vast multicolored reef teeming with marine life. The dive site is named after the docile Leopard Sharks that are often encountered resting on the sandy sections here. Divers that are not used to seeing sharks are generally surprised at how big and approachable they are. Because they are nocturnal feeders they are very approachable during the day. Shark Point is one of the richest and most vivid dive spots around the Phuket area.

Shark Point's most colourful feature is the profusion of purple and pink soft corals that cling to the rocks. There are hundreds of different species of hard corals and limitless tropical fish species, Clownfish, Morays, Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Snapper, Spotfin Lionfish, Groupers and also Barracuda. For the divers with keen eyes for small things, Tigertail Seahorses, Ghost pipefish, Porcelain Crabs and the rarely seen Harlequin Shrimps and a wealth of invertebrates including Cowrie shells are hidden among the soft and hard corals.

Diving Depth 10 - 27 metres
Visibility 5 - 20 metres
Currents Can be very strong
Surface Conditions Can be rough
Diver Level Beginners (with Dive Guide) and Up



Anemone Reef
This unique and colorful dive site is a huge limestone pinnacle that soars 30 meters up from the seafloor to just 4 meters beneath the surface.

Although not as colourful as Shark Point this site is famous for its vast fields of sea anemones that cling to every conceivable surface swinging and swaying with the current.

The profusion of sea anemones and the nutrient-rich water are a magnet to a constant parade of reef fish seeking food and shelter. Here you will find enormous Gorgonian sea fans, lots of colorful hard & soft corals and a resident Hawksbill Turtle can be seen feeding or resting in the crevices of the rocks. For the macro enthusiast, Nudibranches, sea slugs, Frogfish, Ghost pipefish, lionfish and juvenile Morays are there for your trained eyes to discover. Enormous schools of tropical fish, Snappers, Groupers and colorful Clownfish, along with larger game-fish like Tuna and Barracuda, and the occasional Leopard Shark can often be seen passing by.

Diving Depth 10 - 27 metres
Visibility 5 - 15 metres
Currents Weak to Strong
Surface Conditions Can be rough
Diver Level Beginners (with Dive Guide) and Up



King Cruiser Car Ferry
Penetration not recommended!

The King Cruiser is a 3000 ton, 85m catamaran car and passenger ferry originally used for transportation between Phuket and Phi Phi Islands. On 4th May 1997, after a miscalculation, the King Cruiser struck Anemone Reef which resulted in a large tear in her hull. She finally came to rest approximately 1 mile to the east of Shark Point. The Wreck is now resting in an upright position with the wheelhouse just 16 metres from the surface and the propellers (deepest point) at 32 metres, ideal for both experienced divers and those who have never dived a wreck before.

A resident Turtle lives underneath the wreckage and schools of Rabbit fish, Five-line Snapper, Big-Eye Trevally, Big-Mouth Mackerel, Forsters and Chevron Barracuda are among its occupants. Also found here are larger-than-usual Porcupine Fish, Common Lionfish. Well-camouflaged Scorpion Fish are everywhere, occasionally Bamboo Sharks are found sleeping in holes and cracks near the sand bottom & also several colourful nudibranchs live on the outer walls. Over time it will become an even better dive site as it becomes encrusted with a variety of colourful corals.

Diving Depth 10 - 32 metres
Visibility 5 - 25 metres
Currents Can be Very Strong
Surface Conditions Can be rough
Diver Level Beginners (with Dive Guide) and Up



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