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Diving Locations - Koh Racha
Year round diving with preferred conditions between October and May.


Koh Racha Noi
Racha Noi is the more isolated of the two Racha islands and is a very popular dive site for more experienced divers as the depths are generally greater and the currents frequently stronger than at its sister island Racha Yai. You will encounter huge underwater boulders that offer a good chance to see Manta Rays and large pelagics.

The northern tip of the island offers an opportunity for a good multilevel dive around enormous boulders where it is not uncommon to spot Marble Rays, sometimes Devil Rays and also Leopard Sharks. There is also a shallow bay with a hard coral garden with several soft corals and sea fans.

The southern tip is a nice drift dive along some spectacular scenery, a long reef firmly rooted to the granite base. Swarms of small Indian Redtooth Triggerfish congregate here, Giant Moray Eels live under the boulders and Octopus are often seen. Manta Rays have also been seen at all times of the year.
150m south of the island is an enormous granite pinnacle which starts at 12m and plunges to depths of almost 50m. Strong currents are very common here and there is no mooring so a fast descent is sometimes essential but the rewards are a myriad of soft corals, sea fans, gullies, drop-offs and a good chance for Manta Rays, big Barracudas, Giant Trevallies, Tuna and Leopard Sharks as well as the usual tropical reef species.

The eastern and western sides of the island present the diver with a good mixture of sheltered sandy bays, soft and hard corals, innumerable swimthroughs and always a chance of the unexpected.

Racha Noi offers many opportunities for an enjoyable and rewarding deep dive but due to the potential for strong currents here we advise you to dive with dive guides. It is recommended to have an advanced certification.

Diving Depth 10 - 30 metres
Visibility 15 - 25 metres
Currents Weak to Strong
Surface Conditions Can be rough
Diver Level Beginners (with Dive Guide) and Up



Koh Racha Yai
This is a dive that is suitable for all levels of divers. There are several excellent dive sites particularly suitable for the beginner and also snorkellers, making this island a favorite destination for everyone. One will often see Parrot Fish, Triggerfish, Lionfish, Puffer Fish, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Moray Eels, Stingrays and sometimes Leopard Sharks are seen resting on the sandy areas.

On the northern and western sides of the island are two sheltered bays which offer very relaxed diving and contain a mixture of granite boulders, fields of hard corals, sandy patches and coral pinnacles almost right up to the beach!

Similarly the eastern side has four bays, although smaller, but between each bay are four very pleasant reefs, perfect for a drift dive and giving a good mixture of hard corals, white sand and huge fields of Stag horns. Granite lines the shallow edges of the reefs giving ideal shelter to swimmers and snorkellers.

There are two smaller wrecks here as well, one located very close to the reef in 22 meters of water and there is one a bit further out at 31 meters.

Diving Depth 5 - 30 metres
Visibility 10 - 20 metres
Currents Weak to Strong
Surface Conditions Can be rough
Diver Level Beginners and Up



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