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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Al Ramzan Tools International
We manufacture and supply superior quality Fishing Pliers and Tools at Best Prices. We are manufacturer and Supplier of Different types Fishing Tools, Fishing Pliers, Fishing Forceps, Fishing Line Cutters, Fishing scissors and other Fly Tying Tools. Fishing Pliers all made of Stainless Steel and Manufacture in Pakistan.
Contact: Irfan Mubarak
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +0092523241089
Fax: +0092523572407
Email: alramzan.tools@gmail.com
Al Shine Fly Tying Tools and Vise
We are professional manufacturers, specializing in top quality and high performance Fly Tying Tools, we offer a wide range of our tools and high quality fly tying vises made of Aluminium. Tools include scissors, pliers, tweezers, clamps, whip finishers, bobbins, spinning tools, bobbin threader, bodkin, dubbing tools, hunting knives, hunting gloves and vests etc. Contact us for more information.
Contact: Adnan Ali
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 301 3610
Fax: +92 52 4 596 181
Email: shine@skt.comsats.net.pk
Almac Industries
All types scissors, tweezers, scalers, cutters, specula, pushers, forceps, extracting forceps, mouth mirror & handles, impression trays, pliers, scalpel handles, syringes, needle holders, retractors, clamps, hooks, mouth gags, instrument trays etc.
Contact: M. Munir
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 459 5391
Fax: +92 52 460 3256
Email: info@almacinds.com
Amicus  is a high-growth Manufacturing company providing premium quality  Fishing Tools OEM/ODM products to OEM buyers, wholesalers and distributors  worldwide. Established in 1970, Based in Sialkot Pakistan. " We are  certified for ISO9001/BS EN 9001 : 2000/ GMP/Q.S.R & CE markings
Contact: Anjum Bajwa
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 459 3854
Fax: +92 52 458 8777
Email: amicus@skt.comsats.net.pk
Ammad Surgical
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporters of high quality surgical instruments, specialist in Dental Instruments and Beauty care. Our company is well equipped with modern machinery. We have skilled and powerful setup to fulfill all the demands well in time.
Contact: Ammad Nadim
City: Lahore
Tel: +92 42 668 0767
Fax: +92 42 666 7905
Email: info@ammadsurgical.com
Amrina Trading Company
Amrina Trading Co aim supplying excellent quality in limited time. We produce high quality Surgical, Dental, ENT, Gynecological, Ophthalmic, Tungsten Carbide Instruments and Scissors of all sorts.
Contact: Faisal Emmanuel
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 334 801 9783
Fax: +92 52 355 5499
Email:  sales@amrinatrading.com
Asdi & Ansi International
We are manufacturers and exporters of quality sporting goods. Our specialty includes all type of gloves and sports balls
Contact: Ch. Asad
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 459 2424
Fax: +92 52 459 2424
Email: info@asdiansi.com
Ash Trader
a Manufacturer and Exporters of Surgical, Dental. Veterinary, Manicure, Pedicure and Eye Instruments and Scissors of all sorts
Contact: Nomi
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 429 2673
Fax: +92 52 426 8386
Email: info@ashtrader.com
Azhar Trading Co.
We are offering full range of "Nail, Skin and Hair Care instruments" to fulfill the needs of beauty professionals. Our product range includes " Rainbow Scissors, Mutlicolor scissors, Barber Shears, Cuticle & Nose Scissors, Tweezers, Nail Cutter, Nail Files, Pushers, Nail Clipper & Cuticle Nail Nippers, Razors, Blackhead Remover & Comedo Extractors, etc
Contact: Azhar Faiq
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 456 3630
Fax: +92 52 456 3630
Email: info@azhartrading.com  
B.F. Surgical Co.
We introduce you ourselves as a producer of Manicures Instruments such as Professional hairdressing Scissors, Professional thinning scissors, barber & grooming scissors, nail&cuticle scissors, fancy embroidery scissors, eye brow tweezers, cuticle nippers& acrylic nippers, nail cutters, blister pack products and beauty kits in the city of Sialkot, Pakistan. We have vast experience over the years in Manicure Instruments manufacturing industry and can design and develop products to meet our customer's requirements.
Contact:  M.Bilal Umer
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92-052-6945248
Fax: +92-052-4589182
Email: bfsc.company@gmail.com  
Bisma Enterprises
leading manufacturer and exporters of high quality Fish long nose plier , Olsen /Hegar forceps Mathieu Clump, Line cutter with pin , Duzy scissors larg ring , Duzy Hemostat forceps , Foil , Hock , Needel holder are producing these instruments from high quality Japanese & Pakistani stainless steel.
Contact: M. Shafique
City: Sialkot
Tel:  -
Fax: -
Email: info@bismaent.com
Casperi International
We are manufacturer and Exporter of  Surgical Instruments, Beauty care Instruments, Dental Instruments, Single use Instruments & all kind of scissors since 1997. Our Company "Casperi International" have cGMP, ISO 9001/2000  & CE Mark certificates
Contact: Mobeen Akthar
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 459 8540
Fax: +92 52 460 4043
Email: info@casperiintl.com
Castro Instruments Company
Manufacture and exporter of surgical dental and ophthalmic instruments.
Contact: Bilal Ahmed
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 353 1699
Fax: +92 52 353 0638
Email: info@castroinst.com
Clayman International Co. (Regd)
We are manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of surgical, electro surgical. dental, eye, orthopadic and other related items since 1970.
Contact: Mr.Baber saif bhatti
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 333 868 3163
Fax: -
Email: saif.clayman.baber@gmail.com
Credo Sialkot
We are a manufacturer and exporters of all kind of Manicure, surgical, dental and veterinary instruments in Pakistan, we are serving this trade since 1992 and our quality meets to international standard, the rates have been made most competitive and attractive. We are already exporting these items to many countries of the world; however we feel proud to export our goods to you.
Contact: Mr.Razi Ul Hasan
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 331 669 5096
Email: credosialkot@ymail.com
Curio Enterprises
We are quality manufacturers / exporters of all kinds of fishing tackle, including pliers, scissors, tweezers, forceps, nets and many more.
Contact: Muhammed Shafique
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 458 1795
52 458 2045
Fax: +92 52 458 8959
Email: info@curioenterprises.com
D.A. International
We are manufacturer and exporter of Precision Hand Tools for Jewelers, Watch makers & Opticians having experience of 23 years of exporting to mainly USA, Turkey, Spain, UAE. Our product includes Pliers, Special Purpose Pliers, Dapping Tools, Optical Pliers,  Shears, Hammers, Mandrels, Anvils, Tweezers & Other Hand Tools.
Contact: Abid M. Afzal
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 429 9400
Fax: +92 52 426 5827
Email: info@da-int.com
Descon Trading Company
Manufacturers and exporters of all types of fishing pliers, fishing line cutters and knives etc.
Contact: Waqas Jehangir
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 303 633 6696
Fax: +92 432 587 045
Email: info@desconco.com
Dr Sirj Surgical
Manufacturers and exporters of quality instruments including TC pliers, pliers, forceps,
Contact: Jamil Ahmed
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 325 7776
Fax: +92 52 325 8776
Email: jamil@drsirj.com
Eiman Corporation
Contact: Salim Ahmed
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 524 580 982
Fax: +92 524 580 642
Email: salim@eimans.com
Enika Corporation
PLIERS: nylon line cutting pliers, stainless steel wire cutting pliers, split ring pliers, crimping pliers, Dyneema line cutting pliers, sleeve sizing & pressing pliers, Hook removing pliers, SCISSORS: dyneema line cutting scissors, spring scissors, serrated blade scissors, forceps and scissors combination tool, thin and thick line cutting scissors, razor edge scissors, Split ring combination scissors, Tungsten carbide tipped scissors, Aquarium plant care scissors. OTHERS: line nippers, tweezers, aquarium tweezers, fine point tweezers, needle holders, hemostat and other different forceps, Hook remover and other fly tying accessories.
Contact: Muhammad Arshad
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 432 580 982
Fax: +92 432 580 642
Email: arshad@enikacorp.com
F.A. Najmmy Industries
Leading Producer of Beauty care tools and all sort of scissors, contact us for detail
Contact: Farzand Ali Najmmy
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 3555 252
Fax: +92 52 3553 667
Email: info@najmmy.com
Fairgozzi Surgical Co
Engaged in Manufacturing of Quality Instruments. Fairgozzi based on 3 manufacturing Units, 1. Surgical, 2. Dental, 3. Hand Tools - Optical Pliers
Contact: Mughal
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92-52-3570276
Fax: -
Email: info@fairgozzisurgical.com
Fantasy Blades Co.
Manufacturer and exporter of top quality surgical/dental instruments, TC scissors, TC needle holders, pliers, retractors, forceps, and fishing instruments
Contact: Faiq
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 300 610 5859
Fax: +92 524 295 106
Email: info@fantasyblades.net
Farham Surgical
We would like to inform you that we are manufacture and exporter of superior quality Fishing Tools, Fishing Pliers, Fishing Line Cutters, Line nippers, Clamps, Combo Tools, Fishing Scissors, Mathew Scissors, Tweezers, Dubbing tools, Hair Stacker and other Fly Tying Tools all made of Stainless Steel and Manufacture in Pakistan.
Contact: Faisal Nadeem
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 308 599 7703
Fax: -
Email: info@farham-surgical.com
Fianim Enterprises
Manufacturer and exporter of top quality surgical/dental instruments, TC scissors, TC needle holders, pliers, retractors, forceps, and fishing instruments
Contact: M. Mushtaq
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 432 561 347
Fax: +92 432 561 202
Email: fianim@brain.net.pk
Fiqco Industries
We are manufacturers and exporters of leather/sports gloves of all sorts and leather garments (lingeries, boluses, skirts, vest, and jackets) from Pakistan.
Contact: Muhammad Irfan
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 400 3695
Fax: +92 52 459 8901
Email: sales@fiqcoind.com
Focus Surgical Instruments
We are real manufacturer of fishing tools, forceps, scissors, tweezers and orthodontic, dental instruments.
Contact: Naveed Awan
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 523 254 725
Fax: +92 523 254 725
Email: dentic.surgical@gmail.com
Frix Surgical Instruments
Frix Surgical Instruments is a Manufacturer / Exporter and global distributor of all type of surgical, Dental, Manicure, Pedicure Instruments, laryngoscopic blades and handles, Scissors and other medical / hospital allied products.
Contact: Tayyab Javed
City: Sialkot
Tel:   +92 52 325 5494
Fax:  -
Email: info@frixsurgical.com

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