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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Rizcom Marketing
Items In Which We Deal Are As Follows. *- Fishing Tackle*- Scissors*- Forceps*- Fishing Crimping Pliers*- Long Reach Nose Pliers*- Multi Purpose Pliers*- Nippers*- Patches*- Camping Tents*- Fishing Gloves*- Fishing Clothing
Contact: M. Waseem
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 315 610 5119
Fax: +92 52 456 9750
Email: uniformbadges@hotmail.com
Rosemount International
We are manufacturers and suppliers of premier quality fly tying tools.
Contact: Arif Mumtaz
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 459 8773
Fax: +92 52 458 8968
Email: handtool@cyber.net.pk
S.A. Surgico & Sons
We would like to inform to inform you that we are manufacturing and exporters of all kinds of Fishing tackles and our main exports to USA and south american region. If anyone interested to work with us please kindly send us the inquiry and pictures of of your interested products for give you the best prices and great quality as per your standard. We can packing any kind of standard like blister packing etc.
Contact: M. Usman Ansari
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 524 593 087
Fax: +92 524 591 045
Email: sasurgico@hotmail.com
Sanyo Enterprises
We are a professional manufacture of all kinds of HUNTING, POCKET, FISH, BOOT, DAMASCUS KNIVES, SWORDS, KITCHEN CATEGORY, ALL KIND OF SURGICAL AND MANICURE INSTRUMENTS, ETC. We exported many countries and enjoyed high reputation by clients.
Contact: Bilal Soni
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 355 4552
Fax: +92 52 355 0349
Email: info@sanyoenter.com
Shahab Surgical Industries
Manufacturers and Exporters of Surgical & Dental Instruments and Manicure Instruments and Laboratory Instruments. We have been supplying our high quality Instruments to our dear European Customers for over 40 years with their entire satisfaction in term of quality which perfectly meet the highest International Standard.
Contact: Muhammad Shahid
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 325 1540
Fax: +92 52 355 3126
Email: info@shahabsi.com
Sharp Edge Instruments
We are the real manufacturer of Professional Fly Tying Scissors and we are the pioneer in production since last 45 years because we have our own Forging unit for which I am sure about my quality, price as well as delivery.   The traditionally family company Sharp Edge Instruments manufactures high quality Scissors for professional users since 45 years.
Contact: Shafique Cheema
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +00923008611535
Fax: -
Email: info@sharpedgeinst.com
We are manufacturers and exporters of all kind of fishing pliers, fishing scissors, needles and also other beauty scissors and clippers and kits.
Contact: Anjum
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 426 3304
Fax: +92 52 426 8632
Email: info@simaeco.com
Manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary, Tungsten Carbidge Tip Instruments and Scissors. We are certified GMP, ISO 9001:2000 and CE mark.
Contact: Bilal Pasha
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 300 961 5090
Fax: +92 52 426 3756
Email: info@sintracosurgical.com
Six Flowers Corporation
We are Manufactures and exporter of Manicure, Pedicure, Beauty Care Implements and all sorts of scissors.
Contact: Mr Ali
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 325 7652
Fax: +92 52 352 7253
Email: info@sixflowers.com
Skillco Star Industries
We are  Manufacturers and Exporters of Surgical, Dental instruments, Holloware items, Manicure instruments & Fishermen's Tools. Knives /Fishing & Hobby Pliers /Tweezers -Hemostats Forceps and Scissors of all sorts. We use best quality material to produce high quality instruments.
Contact: Abdul Razzaq
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 426 0961
Fax: +92 52 426 8440
Email: info@skillcostar.com
Soften Surgical Co.
We are manufacturer and supplier of Fishing Pliers, Scissors, Cutters, forceps, Needle holders, hooks, release tools and accessories, Jewellery tools, Body piercing tools, Beauty care instruments, Fishing tools, Veterinary pliers, Electric pliers and Surgical instruments too
Contact: Shamas Naveed
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 3563857
Fax: +92 52 3563857
Email: sales@softensurgical.net
Stadler Professional
We are manufacturer & exporters of barber scissors, grooming shears, tweezers, cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers, toe nail nippers, callus shaver, nail file, colored scissors made with jepanese stainless steel.
Contact: Asim Israr Khan
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 325 5231
Fax: +92 52 355 1606
Email: info@stadlerprofessional.com
Manufacturers and exporters of surgical, dental, manicure instruments and scissors of all sorts.
Contact: Inam Ul-Haq
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 356 3785
Fax: +92 52 356 3785
Email: info@surjex.com
T.C. Instruments Surgical Co.
We are manufacturers and exporters of high quality surgical, dental, eye, manicure instruments, scissors of all kinds and fishing tools.
Contact: M. Shahbaz
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 0432 555 698
Fax: +92 0432 272 101
Email: info@tcinst.com
Tack Enterprises
We are pleased to introduce you ourselves as professional manufacturers & Suppliers of all kinds of Sports, Team & Leisure wear, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sublimated Fishing Shirts & Jerseys, Rain Jacket & Suits, Fishing Gloves, Fishing Suites, Reel & Rod Bags, Fly Fishing Jackets & Vest, Head Wears, Soft Shell Jackets, Fishing Tools etc. We welcome your inquiries for Best Prices & Samples or send us your Own Designs. We will be happy to meet your exact requirements with your logos.
Contact: M A Usman
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52-607252
Fax: +92 52-607252
Email: tackent124@gmail.com
Thams Tools Industries
We are manufacturers and exporters of top most quality FISHING TOOLS. Contact us for your best quality tools requirements.
Contact: Shahid
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 314 477 3731
Fax: +92 52 325 5574
Email: fishing@thamstools.com
The Game
Manufacturer of Neoprene kayak pants, Board shorts, fishing vests, fishing gloves, spray deck, deck skirts, swimming suits, Waterproof clothing, base layers, anti slip pants. We can also do OEM production as per your designs and needs
Contact: Sanchi
City: Haiderabad
Tel: +92 3217192979
Fax: -
Email: gamezgear@gmail.com
Top Bro Instruments
We are manufacturers of surgical, dental, veterinary, manicure, eye instruments, tweezers, scissors and TC instruments.
Contact: M. Shafique
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 52 325 2344
Fax: +92 52 325 0189
Email: info@topbro.com
Top Care Impex
We would like to introduce our company as a manufacturer and exporter of all kind of Fly Fishing instrument, Line Nipper, Scissor, Pliers, Mitten Scissor & clamps, Trenstan carborat nippers & scissors etc.
Contact: Sabeen
City: Sialkot
Tel: -
Fax: -
Email: info@topcareimpex.com
Tur International
We are manufacturers and exporters of all kind of fishing pliers, fishing scissors, needles and also other beauty scissors and clippers and kits.
Contact: Mohammad Usman
City: Sialkot
Tel:   +92 52 325 3998
Fax:  +92 52 325 2598
Email: u_jaan00@yahoo.com
We are manufacturers & exporters of Fishing Gloves.
We assure you, You will find us much better source of supply with quality
Contact:  Ali Saleem
Email: info@twobro.net 
Unify Industry
Manufacturer/ Exporters of Barber Scissors, Fishing  scissors, Thinning barber scissors, Hair styling scissors & shears, Cuticle  and embroidery scissors, House hold and utility scissors, Professional  barber razor scissors, New barber and cuticle scissors, Surgical scissors,  left handed scissors & scissor cases & bags
Contact:  M. Iqbal
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 325 4776
Fax: +92 52 325 0903
Email: info@unify-ind.com
Vegatech BeautiMed Instruments
Manufacturer and Exporter of the finest quality Surgical Instruments (Complete Range) based in Sialkot. Pakistan. ISO 9001-2000 and CE certified.  Have company office in Italy & UAE. In 1972, started as a vendor for other exporters in the region within next  few years we took a step forward and, we entered in the international  market. Instruments are manufactured from high grade German and Japanese Stainless  Steel. Finest Quality,Very Reasonable Prices and On Time Deliveries
Contact: Umar Farooq
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 460 1479
Fax: +92 52 460 1478
Email: info@vegatechinstruments.com 
VHS Enterprises
We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of gloves such as leather work/safety gloves, driver gloves, welding gloves, leather heavy duty gloves, anti-vibration glove for CE marking EEC standard.
Contact: Muhammad Waseem Chughtai
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 333 875 1344
Fax: -
Email: info@vhs.com.pk
Vizra Med Technik
we are good Manufacturers & Exporters of Surgical, Dental instruments
Contact: Bilal Mahmood
City: Sialkot
Tel: +92 0523 558 224
Fax: +92 0523 258 563
Email: info@vizramed.com
Waqas International
Our company is making best quality surgical, dental instruments. Manufacturer and exporter of surgical, dental, T/C instruments, scissors of all sorts.
Contact: Waqas Raza
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 426 6986
Fax: +92 52 429 9243
Email: waqas.int@gmail.com
Well Point Instruments
Since 1990 we are proficient Manufacturers cum Exporters of all Kind of quality Beauty Care (Manicure/Pedicure, Dental, Veterinay, Farrier and Equine Instruments in Pakistan. We serve better with our Quality Products, Delivery Services and very Reasonable/Competitive prices
Contact: Amer
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 321 710 0246
Fax: -
Email: wellpointinst@gmail.com
Wellgrow International
We produce surgical quality of fishing instruments ie: pliers, scissors, clamps. We are specialized in T/C instruments.
Contact: Afzal Rasheed
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 432 273 858
Fax: +92 432 292 326
Email: wellgrow@skt.comsats.net.pk
Workman International
Workman International, One Stop Source For All Your Racing Apparel Needs, Are Manufacturers Of Leather Garments, Cordura Garments, Leather Gloves, Fishing Wears and Accessories.
Contact: Farhan Ali Malik
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 321 610 6778
Fax: +92 52 429 3229
Email: workman@brain.net.pk
Worth Field Enterprises
We are manufacturers of healthcare medical instruments. Beauty care instruments: Nail scissors, cuticle scissors, nail nippers, cuticle nippers, hairdressing scissors, thinning scissors, eyebrow tweezers, nail files etc.
Contact: Rizwan Mumtaz
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 456 6892
Fax: +92 52 456 6892
Email: info@wfent.biz
ZKB Enterprises
We are manufacturer & supplier of Fishing Pliers, Scissors, Cutters, forceps, Needle holders, hooks, release tools and accessories, Jewellery tools, Body piercing tools, Beauty care instruments, Fishing tools, Veterinary pliers, Electric pliers and many types of Surgical instruments
Contact: Zawar
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +923338616122
Email: info@zkb-ent.com
Zona Industries
Zona Industries Is Offering High Quality Fishing Tools Including Clippers, Scissors, Rods & Tackles /Gears etc. We Are Giving Top Quality In Competitive Prices. We Will Welcome All Our New Customers. ISO 9001:2000 Certified, CE mark and cGMP approved company has been manufacturing and exporting high quality surgical, dental, manicure and fishing instruments since 1990.
Contact: Muhammad Safdar
Bilal Ijaz Shah
City: Sialkot
Tel:  +92 52 354 0347
Fax: +92 52 354 3447
Email: sales@zonafishingtools.com

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