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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing & Seafood Industry Contacts - Canada M - Z

We are exporters and suppliers of whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish mainly from Canada and the USA's pacific coast.



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Advertise your seafood company Sprestine Sea Inc.
We are exporters and suppliers of whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish mainly from Canada and the USA's pacific coast. Producers, processors and exporters of Canadian lobsters, king crab, Dungeness crab, snow crab, wild salmon (chum salmon, pink salmon, trout), halibut (Atlantic, Greenland), sea scallop, mackerel, Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, capelin, herring, red snapper, redfish, trout, wild king shrimp, wild pacific shrimp, wild albacore tuna, wild spot prawns, farmed and wild salmon
Contact: Ethan Leblanc
City: Neil's Harbour, Nova Scotia
Tel:   +1 902-200-0323
  +1 902-244-1466
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]


CTLE Seafood, Inc.
We are a frozen seafood company established since 2005 in Canada, however, seafood business goes back in our family since 1970s. Today we have our own cooperation and partnerships in various parts of world. Some of the following species we supply are: Atlantic Cod, Atlantic Mackerel, Haddock, Red Fish, Saithe, Greenland Halibut, Capelin, Atlantic Salmon, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Trout, California Squid, Illex Squid, Loligo Squid, Giant Squid, Leather Jacket, Yellowtail Scad, Red Big Eye Scad, King Fish, Grouper, Silver Pomfret, Whelk, Brown Crab, King Crab, Cuttlefish, Black Cod, Chilean Seabass, Red Snapper, Ribbonfish, Vannamei Shrimps, Argentine Red Shrimp and various other products.
Contact: Amyn Farid
City: Brampton, Ontario
Tel:  +1 647-241-2097
Skype: ctleseafood
Email: [email protected]
MAAK Enterprises Ltd
Buyer of large quantity of Seafood from around the Globe, with markets in USA, Canada, Korea, Japan and Africa. Hake (Whiting) Fillets, Salmon Fillet portions, Tilapia fillets, Pollock fillets, Arrowtooth fillets, Croaker, Breaded Hake fillets
Contact: Althaf Khan
City: Surrey, B.C.
Tel: 604 598 1144  Fax: 604 598 1199
Skype: althafk
Email: Email MAAK Enterprises Ltd
Mac's Oysters Ltd
Established in 1947 Mac's Oysters farms over 250 of intertidal and deep water leases producing several brands of Pacific Oysters (crassostrea gigas) and manila clam (tapes philipinarum, tapes japonica) which we pack and ship to domestic and export markets. 
Contact: Patrick Warren
City: Fanny Bay, British Columbia
Tel: 250 335-2129 Fax: 250 335-206
Skype: -
Email: Email Mac's Oysters Ltd
Exporters and retailers of Frozen Canadian Atlantic mackerel 2-4;3-5

Contact: Dimitar Kunchev
City: -
Tel: +1 450 635 2984  Fax: -
Skype:   dimitar-mima
Email: Email Maria-Alexander
Marine Harvest Canada
Marine Harvest Canada produces and processes 45,000 tonnes of fresh farmed Atlantic salmon in the waters off British Columbia Canada. Employing over 500 people mainly on the northern tip of Vancouver Island.
Contact: Ian Roberts
City: Campbell River, British Columbia
Tel: 250 850 3276  Fax: 250 850 3275
Skype: -
Email: Email Marine Harvest Canada
Mariner Seafoods International
Mariner Seafoods International is the exclusive sales representative for the Canadian FV Osprey No.1. We're able to offer approximately 7000 mt MSC Certified sea frozen HGT Pacific Hake (Merluccius productus) and 3000 mt sea frozen HGT Arrowtooth Flounder (Reinhardtius stomias) annually.
Contact: Sheryl Mann
City: -
Tel:   Fax:
Skype: -
Email: Email Mariner Seafoods International
Mersey Point Fish Products Ltd
Mersey Point Fish Products Ltd. offers consumers a specialized variety of high Quality Seafood products with local and Old World flavors. All products are made by hand with 100% natural ingredients. Mersey Point Fish Products Ltd. is a family owned company. Established in 1981 by Anne and Cornelis Mutsaers, it is now operated by Robert and Pamela Mutsaers. In 2006 the company moved to a state of the art, modern processing plant in Port Mouton on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Mersey Point Fish Products Ltd. produces: 1. Smoked Products; 2. Marinated Product; 3. Salted Herring.
Contact: Robert Mutsaers
City: Port Mouton, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902 683 2150   Fax: 902 683 2150
Skype: -
Email: Email Mersey Point Fish Products Ltd
Native Harvest (Atlantic) Seafood
We manage and advise on fisheries matters as well as represent several companies in their seafood distribution. Soft shell clams, haddock, halibut, lobster, mackerel, periwinkles, salmon, swordfish, tuna, urchin, Atlantic Canada clam chowder, bar clams, fish cakes, snow crab portions, scallops, sea cucumber.
Tel: +1 506.815.0405 
+1 506.815.0404
Skype: brian.cheney4
Email: Email Native Harvest (Atlantic) Seafood
North Delta Seafoods Ltd
Based in Vancouver British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, North Delta Seafoods was established in 1978 and is owned and operated by a fourth-generation fishing family. North Delta Seafoods is proud to provide its customers with wild seafood classified as environmentally friendly and regarded as sustainable seafood choices by the respected Ocean Wise program. Pacific Herring( Clupea pallasii pallasii, Spot Prawns (pandalus platyceros), Pacific Pollock (Theragra chalcogramma), Pacific Sardine ( sardinops sagax), Albacore Tuna ( Thunnus alalunga), Pacific Hake ( Merluccius productus) Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta, nerka & gorbuscha, Pacific Salmon Caviar( Oncorhynchus keta), Sablefish/black cod (anaplopoma fimbria)
Contact: Lynn Normoyle
City: Delta, British Columbia
Tel: 604 582 8268  Fax: 604 588 9680
Skype: -
Email: Email North Delta Seafoods Ltd
Nova Cold Storage
Nova Cold has been part of Atlantic Canada's food business community since 1990. Nova Cold is HACCP approved and CFIA licenced; telling your clients that you take care your business and their purchases. Be it import / export, national, regional, or across town, Nova Cold Storage has the experience and the desire to handle the product and the logistics to make it work for you and your client.
Contact: Barry Smith
City: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902 468 1328  Fax: 902 468 6430
Skype: -
Email: Email Nova Cold Storage
Ocean Island
We are supplying and manufacturing sea cucumber from Haiti (holothuria Mexicana) since 2012.
Tel: +1 438 878 7725 
Skype: -
Email: Email Ocean Island
Ocean Trawlers Ltd
We process fresh haddock, cod, redfish, halibut, dogfish and slack salted pollock and haddock. We also have live periwinkles and buy St. Mary's bay lobsters directly from the fishing boats. HACCP approved..
Contact: Fred Trask
City: Digby Co., NS
Tel: 902 834 2847  Fax: 902 834 2501
Skype: -
Email: Email Ocean Trawlers Ltd
Okeover Organic Oysters
Okeover Organic Oysters, shellfish grown by a couple of guys who care. Committed to farming sustainable high-quality Pacific oysters and Manila clams. Our Eco-friendly, low impact approach to growing & locality within 100 miles of Vancouver and Whistler make us a great choice. Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas), Manila Clam (Tapes phillipinarum)
Contact: André Comeau
City: Powell River, B.C.
Tel: 604 483 2112  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Okeover Organic Oysters
110 Impex
Wholesaler of Lobster and shrimp from the Caribbean to anywhere in the World. Please email us for more details. we currently have Shrimp from Cuba Available
Contact: Jaffrey
City: Toronto, Ontario
Tel: +1 6478697110  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email 110 Impex
P & S Fisheries Ltd
The listing I have is 2 products. #1 Product is Frozen at Sea Shrimp, caught in the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, Canadian Waters. Product is packaged with in one hour of being caught in 2 kg boxes and sized large at 50/60 count per lb. and sized small at up to 85 count per lb. Product can be custom packaged with negotiated pricing. The Shrimp are called pink shrimp and are generally Jordani or Boralis (eous). #2 Product is KRILL ( Euphasia Pacifica) caught in the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, Canadian Waters. Product is packaged and frozen right away at sea. Product is packaged in 16.5 kg waffer blocks 21"x 12"x 1.75" thick. The "KRILL" is rated as human food grade quality. Product can be custom packaged to costumers order with negotiated pricing. No product is stored but caught after ordering to insure quality.
Contact: Phil Burgess
City: Parksville, B.C.
Tel: 250 954 9312  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email P & S Fisheries Ltd
Partner Seafood, Inc.
Leading Canadian frozen fish and seafood supplier. Frozen Product: Snow Crab, Turbot, Halibut, Mackerel, Herring, Capelin, Hake
Contact: Paul Farrah
City: Shediac, New Brunswick
Tel: 506 532 3100  Fax: 506 532 3110
Skype: -
Email: Email Partner Seafood, Inc
Pearlmark Foods
Exporters and importers. We sell a variety of products from Eastern Canada.  Some of the products we sell are Grey sole (Witch Flounder), Greenland Halibut, Skate Wings, Monkfish and Lobster products. 
Contact: Jeff Legge
City: Canning, Nova Scotia
Tel: (902) 582-3327
(902) 582-3770
Skype: jeff.pearlmark
Email: Email Pearlmark Foods
Pelrine & Buchanan's Maritime Trading Worldwide Ltd.
We supply used & surplus power generation equipment to the worldwide market. We offer diesel generator sets, gas generator sets, HFO generator sets, gas turbines, coal fired power plants, steam turbines and Co-generation Power Plants from 1000 KW to 800 MW.
Contact: Rose Pelrine
City: Halifax, NS
Tel: 902 442 2771  Fax: 902 281 2089
Skype: -
Email: Email Pelrine & Buchanan's Maritime Trading Worldwide Ltd
Penney Winkle Fisheries
Atlantic Canadian company specializing in Live Atlantic Periwinkles. We harvest off our shores and export.
Contact: Chris Penney
City: Arcadia, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902 663 4646  Fax: 902 663 4452
Skype: -
Email: Email Penney Winkle Fisheries
Perflex Label Inc
Label manufacturers including labels and tags for Food, Snack & Beverages
Contact: Aira
City: Toronto, Ontario
Tel: +1 416-321-0555 x 30 
+1 416-321-2267
Skype: -
Email: Email Perflex Label Inc
PMU Corp
Contact: Michael shone
City: Vancouver, B.C.
Tel: 604 685 1065  Fax: 604 685 1045
Skype: -
Email: Email PMU Corp
Promens (Saeplast - Bonar Plastics)
North America's largest manufacturer of insulated fish totes. Promens - formerly Saeplast & Bonar Plastics have 5 factories serving NA. All products are Food Grade and meet USDA & CFIA approvals.
Contact: Lee Poirier
City: Nanaimo, BC
Tel: 604 506 5719   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Promens (Saeplast - Bonar Plastics)
Promolux Lighting International
Market Group Ventures, Inc. is a world leader in providing retail technology solutions to the supermarket industry. Established in 1985, MGV has over 60 employees worldwide. MGV is the parent corporation of the following brands: Promolux low UV lamps use Safe Spectrum technology to prolong the shelf life of perishable foods, and are made with a balanced visible spectrum to reveal the true colors of merchandising displays. Econofrost heat reflective aluminum night covers are designed to maintain temperature control in open refrigeration cases, generating energy savings and prolonging the shelf life of refrigerated merchandise.
Contact: Trevor Brien
City: Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia
Tel: 250 743 1222  Fax: 250 743 1221
Skype: -
Email: Email Promolux Lighting International
Prosperity Seafoods Corp
Aquaculture producers, processors, exporters and wholesale suppliers of Oysters, Geoduck, Salmon, Kwakwala, Manila Clam, Clam, Savory Clam, Littleneck Clam, live scallops, scallops, spot prawns, rock fish, black cod, surf clam.
Contact: Jin
City: Richmond, B.C.
Tel: -  Fax: 604-279-0877
Skype: -
Email: Email Prosperity Seafoods Corp
Providence Seafoods Inc.
Established supplier/ wholesaler of various crab products with 15 + years on North American market. Strong business relations with producers of bulk King/ Snow crab clusters/ legs. Chionoecetes angulatus, Chionoecetes bairdi, Chionoecetes opilio, Chionoecetes japonicus, Paralithodes camtschaticus, Paralithodes platypus, Lithodes aequispinus.
Contact: Andre Shayk
City: Vancouver, B.C.
Tel: 604 644 4262  Fax: 604 644 4278
Skype: providenceseas
Email: Email Providence Seafoods Inc
Razi Global Inc.
I would like to inform you that, we are a Canadian company, based in Toronto, Canada, are working on sea food products, we can provide you all kind of fish & shrimp from Persian gulf .
Contact: Dr. Khosravi
City: Toronto, ON M5V 1A8
Tel: +1 (647) 949 - 6439  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected] 
Richwin Holdings
Specialize in exporting to Asian Markets. In Business for 10 years. Source world wide. Canadian Company with Satellite Office in Shanghai, China. Frozen product: Squid Loligo Illex Humbolt, Greenland Halibut Heads Frames HOG H&G, Capelin, Arrowtooth Flounder, Whelk, Mackerel, Cold water Shrimp.
Contact: Robert Spence
City: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902 482 0288  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Richwin Holdings
Right Source Food International Inc.
Export & import seafood all over the world, we have our own plant in China for process. Frozen Greenland halibut, whelk, haddock fillet, cod fillet.
Contact: jim zhang
City: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: +19024027276 
Skype: zhangwenjim
Email: Email Right Source Food International Inc
Rigsworld is the most complete source of current information in the oil and drilling industry. We are designed to meet the needs of engineers, managers and executives throughout the drilling industry by providing daily news and information about upcoming technologies, events, conferences, Jobs and trainings.
Contact: Mahvash Memar
City: Richmond, BC
Tel: +1-604-277-5070  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Rigsworld
Rio Import & Export Ltd
We are Importers and Exporters of Fresh and Frozen Seafood products on an international basis. Rio is a leading supplier of bait and bait products to the Lobster, Crab and groundfish plants and fishermen throughout Atlantic Canada. We are committed to delivering a high level of customer satisfaction, providing efficient, reliable service, and a consistently high quality product to our customers. Steelhead Trout - Oncorhynchus Mykiss, Atlantic Halibut - Hippoglossus Hippoglossus, Codfish - Gadus Morhua, Squid - Illex Illecebrosus, Squid - Loligo Opalescens, Mackerel - Scomber Scombrus, Mackerel - Scomber Japonicus, Herring - Clupea Harengus, Capelin - Mollotus Villosus, Gr Halibut - Reinharditius Hippoglossides, Snowcrab - Chionoeccetes Opilio, Salmon - Salmo Salar, Shrimp - Pandalus Borealis, Ocean Perch - Sebastes Marinus
Contact: Claude Oppedisano
City: Dartmouth, Noa Scotia
Tel: 902 468 9400  Fax: 902 468 8899
Skype: rio_ca
Email: Email Rio Import & Export Ltd
R J King Fisheries Ltd.
Producers and fishermen since 1974 of Cooked and frozen at sea pandalus borealis.
Contact: Raymond King
City: Meteghan Centre
Tel: 902 645 3182   Fax: 902 645 2939
Skype: -
Email: Email R J King Fisheries Ltd
RobinUniversal Corp.
We are a Canadian, trading and processing company dealing with frozen fish caught either in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. We normally ship in 40' reefer containers, with approximately 25 metric tons per container. Halibut, flounder, plaice, whiting, sardines, capelin, hake, redfish, cod, smelt, shrimps, herring, mackerel, carp, lobster, snow crab.
Contact: Lloyd Robinson
City: Coley's Point, Newfoundland
Tel: 709 786 3005  Fax: 709 786 3006
Skype: lloydrobinson
Email: Email RobinUniversal Corp
Rocky Bait Line
We are a Family Owned and Operated Wholesale Company that supplies and with delivery or shipping our products to Retail sporting good locations, Recreational businesses bait shops and campgrounds. We specialize in and carry year-round supplies of bait - Fresh Live Worms, Night crawlers, Nitro-Glow, Trout Worms, Mealworms, Maggots, Leeches, Live Leeches, Frozen Minnow, Salted Frozen Minnow, Anchovies, Sardines Smelts, Herring, Shrimp, Preserved Baits, Cured Baits, Tackle, Custom Lures, as well as Outdoor Seasonal products and Novelty goods.
Contact: Jody Berdahl
City: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
Tel:  587-851-0718
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Ru-Can Enterprises Ltd.
Exporters of Arctic Char, butterfish, capelin, cockles, cod, snow crab, eels, flounder, grey sole, haddock, hake, halibut, herring, lobster, lumpfish roe, mackerel, monkfish, ocean perch, pollock, salmon, salmon trout, scallops, sea bass, shad, shrimp, silversides, skate, smelt, sole, sprats, squid, sturgeon, surf clam, turbot.
Contact: Richard Wright
City: Halifax, nova scotia
Tel:  +1-902-830-9492
Skype: -
Email: Email Ru-Can Enterprises Ltd
San Antonio Fish Market Inc.
We wholesale and distribute fish and seafood to restaurants in the greater Toronto area. Fresh Seabream and Fresh European Bass imported from Italy, Greece, and Turkey, All types of squid and cuttle fish and various sizes of shrimp form white shrimp to black tiger shrimp
Contact: Paul Lionetti
City: Woodbridge, Ontario
Tel:  +1 905 850 4088 
+1 905 850 9952
Skype: -
Email: Email San Antonio Fish Market Inc
San-Can Fisheries Ltd
Celebrating 25 years of selling the following frozen seafood in the international market place. Frozen seafood offered: Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus) Norwegian, Canadian, Spanish, EU, Atlantic mackerel (Scomber Scombrus) Norwegian , Canadian , Spanish , EU, herring (Clupea Harengus) flaps, skinless fillets, round, capelin (Mollotus Villosus), capelin roe (Mollotus Villosus), snow crab - Snow crab (Chionoeccetes Opilio), shrimp (Pandalus japonicus), Greenland halibut (Reinharditius Hippoglossides), Salmon : Atlantic, Pink, Coho, Chum, Troll, Sockeye, Salmon Atlantic – salmon bellies, heads, backs, HOG, Bait, dogfish (Squalus acanthias) Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua), Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus), Arrowtooth (Atheresthes stomias), King or Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tschawytscha), Chum or Keta Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta), Sockeye or Red Salmon (Oncorhynchus Nerka), pre-cooked vac pac “organic “ blue mussels in shell (Mytilus edulis), whelk in shell (Buccinum undatum), Dover sole, lobsters (Homarus americanus), shrimp (Pandalus Borealis), Saithe (pollachius virens), Hake (Merluccius merluccius), Haddock, Pollock, Redfish, Sea cucumber (Cucumaria Frondosa), Sardines, Squid, horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus)
Contact: Sandra Goff
City: St John's, Newfoundland
Tel:   +1 709 738 3077
Fax:  +1 709 738 0987
Skype: sandragoff
Email: Email San-Can Fisheries Ltd  
Saul Trading Ltd
We do provide Canadian first produced White Sturgeon Caviar which is listed one of the top 5 best caviars in the world by Travel & Leisure New York Manager late 2011. We have been doing this wholesale business in Canada for number of years and we export and import fish products around the world.
Contact: Sam Lee
City: Coquitlam, British Columbia
Tel:  +1 604 317 6717
+1 778 355 6336
Skype: -
Email: Email Saul Trading Ltd
Sea Agra Seafood Ltd.
We’re a seafood firm that connects people with high quality product straight from the source. Premium quality wild-caught BC Sockeye, Chinook | King, Coho, Chum and Pink Salmon. Natural, fresh and from one of the world’s most famous fishing grounds: the mighty Fraser River.  Cultured Sablefish. Certified organic white sturgeon meat. Farmed Canadian Atlantic Salmon. Farmed Steelhead Salmon, Wild King Shrimp, Wild Pacific Shrimp, Wild Albacore Tuna, Wild Spot Prawns.
Contact: Robert Shaw
City: North Vancouver, BC
Tel:  +1 (604) 984-3303
+1 (604) 984-3323
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Suppliers of processing equipment
Contact: Zheng Fung
City: Brampton, Ontario
Tel: +1 905-459-3999 
+1 416-400-1228
Skype: -
Email: Email Seaco
Seafood Connections
Located in the center of Halifax, we work closely with large frozen seafood suppliers to locate overseas companies interested mostly in large quantity orders of frozen seafood's. The goal is to assist companies around the world and establish great business relations to create a phenomenal trading environment. All customers are to be assisted on a full time basis and provided with all information requested on time. Minimum order-20 ft container(8-9mt), or 1200 kg by air.  Frozen Atlantic mackerel, capelin, Greenland halibut ( h&g, hgt), redfish (Sebastes mentella), lobster ( tails, whole cooked, whole raw), snow crab, rock crab , cold water shrimp, scallops (Canadian, Japanese & Peruvian), whelk, grey sole (small flounder) & some extra products as well such as live lobster and mussels.
Contact: Joseph Hanna Al-Shaikh
City: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel:  +1 902-405-5127
+ 902-405-5127
Skype:  seafoodjoe1
Email:Email Seafood Connections
Seafood Express Enterprises
We are a co-op of BC Commercial fishermen offering hand peeled preservative free and vacuum packed seafood products to the general public of BC and other Canadian provinces. BC Spot Prawn, Side Stripe Shrimp, Smooth Pink Shrimp, Humpback Shrimp, Sole, Albacore Tuna, Crab, Salmon, Halibut, Octopus, Smoked Oysters.
Contact: Raymond Artis
City: French Creek, BC
Tel: 250 713 0804  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Seafood Express Enterprises
Shediac Fresh Seafood Inc.
Established in 2008, we specialize in lobster products from Shediac New Brunswick Canada where Lobster is King. We supply live, frozen, processed meat, etc. For Canada we supply Snow Crab, Scallops, Shrimp and Oysters in addition to all the lobster products on the market. Our products are from the Atlantic Provinces of Canada and reputed for excellent quality.
Contact: Luc Gallant
City: Pointe Du Chene, New-Brunswick
Tel: +1 506-532-1044  
+1 506-532-6975
Skype: shediacfreshseafoodinc
Email: Email Shediac Fresh Seafood Inc
Shediac Lobster Shop Ltd
Lobster processor been in business for 53 years Frozen lobster tails all sizes 2-3 oz to 24 oz 10 or 40lbs masters no chemical Frozen lobster meat all size claws and knuckles and leg tail only tails knuckles claws leg meat mince salad
Contact: Gilles Maillet
City: Shediac, New-Brunswick
Tel: 506 532 4302   Fax: 506 532 6137
Skype: -
Email: Email Shediac Lobster Shop Ltd
Smokey Bay Seafood Company Ltd
Smokey Bay Seafood is a trading company based in Washington State, USA and British Columbia, Canada. We sell and export a range of seafood items, such as farmed and wild salmon, live crab and shellfish, geoduck and manila clam, and fresh oyster meat. Established in 1998, our small trading company, has 9 staff.  We have expertise in sourcing fish from our region, and the regulatory, logistics and financing necessary to do complex and high value seafood exports and imports by land, sea, and air.  We hold various licenses and permits including MSC.
Contact: Gabriela Monroy
City: Vancouver, BC
Tel:  +1 604 568 4310 
+1 604 688 8360
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Sprestine Sea Inc.
We are exporters and suppliers of whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish mainly from Canada and the USA's pacific coast. Producers, processors and exporters of Canadian lobsters, king crab, Dungeness crab, snow crab, wild salmon (chum salmon, pink salmon, trout), halibut (Atlantic, Greenland), sea scallop, mackerel, Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, capelin, herring, red snapper, redfish, trout, wild king shrimp, wild pacific shrimp, wild albacore tuna, wild spot prawns, farmed and wild salmon
Contact: Ethan Leblanc
City: Neil's Harbour, Nova Scotia
Tel:   +1 902-200-0323
  +1 902-244-1466
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
SteelNor Systems
We have specialized in flexible packaging machinery for a variety of products and industries including the packaging of seafood. We also manufacture custom stainless steel hardware for several marinas in our area. Heat Sealers, Conveyors, Weigh & Fill, Metal Detectors, Automatic Machines
Contact: David Steele
City: Midland, Ontario
Tel: 705 527 7887  Fax: 705 527 7817
Skype: -
Email: Email SteelNor Systems
Sunwell Technologies Inc
Manufacturer and installation of DeepChill ice slurry systems. Current users of Sunwell's patented DeepChill Ice Slurry Systems include: Fishing vessels (shrimp boats, seiners, trawlers and longliners) Fish and seafood processing plants and markets High value seafood industries (eg. sashimi grade tuna) Fresh produce growers & packers Construction industries for TES (thermal energy storage) for building cooling Poultry and meat processing Dough-cooling in bakeries Ice pigging Penguin habitats for zoos Indirect cooling technologies for cold chain maintenance
Contact: Emily Wright
City: Woodbridge, Ontario
Tel:  +1 9058560400 
+1 9058561935
Skype: -
Email: Email Sunwell Technologies Inc
SWL Consultants
Started 1994. Offer full consulting naval architectural service, vessel surveys, marine transportation studies, project management and construction supervision. The owner, Stephen Leake is a qualified naval architect with forty years of experience in the industry covering a broad spectrum of vessel types. Clients include federal and provincial government agencies, law enforcement, commercial vessel operators, private yacht owners, resource development, finance and insurance companies. Based in Canada with a sub-office in Europe. Ability to service clients globally.
Contact: Stephen Leake
City: Kemptville, Ontario
Tel: 613 258 9953  Fax: 613 258 9947
Skype: -
Email: Email SWL Consultants
Target Marine Hatcheries
Producers and suppliers of Northern Divine Caviar from White Sturgeon Acipenser transmontanus. Certified Organic and Sustainable. Also Sturgeon meat. Loins, Bullets, Heads, Fins, Tails, vesiga, liver, swim bladder. Certified Organic under the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard. Recommended by Ocean Wise™, Sea Choice and Seafood Watch
Contact: Justin Henry
City: Sechelt, British Columbia
Tel: +1 604-885-4688 
+1 604-885-7949
Email: Email Target Marine Hatcheries
TFC Inc. (Seafood Brokerage)
Import, Export Fisheries Consulting and Procurement
Contact: Glenn Feltmate
City: Moncton, New Brunswick
Tel: 506 853 4404  Fax: 506 853 4405
Skype: glenn.feltmate
Email: Email TFC Inc. (Seafood Brokerage)
The Seafood Club
The Seafood Club is Canada's only wholesale seafood club, providing it's members the opportunity to purchase fish and seafood at nearly 1/2 the price of retail.  Orders are placed online for next day delivery or pickup. Established in 2009. Sockeye, Red Spring, White Spring, Coho, Halibut, True Cod, Black Cod, Smoked Black Cod, Salmon Lox, Smoked Salmon Maple Nuggets, Smoked Salmon Strips, various flavours (ie chili flake), Argentine Red Shrimp, Scallops, Prawns, Crab.
Contact: Shauna Affleck
City: Vancouver
Tel: 604-537-6073  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email The Seafood Club
Toronto Starlit Business Import-Export Ltd
We are a Canadian trading company, established in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, since 1997. Our major expertise is in the Seafood Industry. In recent years, we have expanded our lines of business in the Agriculture Industry to include natural organic food products. We are importing from overseas and distributing on the local market. At the same time, our company provides consulting services, brokerage and representation to foreign companies, interested in launching new products in Canada. Smoked Seafood Products: Sardines, Anchovies, Salmon and Trout. Value Added Products: Canned, salted, smoked, marinated anchovies and mackerel
Contact: John Pastor
City: Etobicoke, Ontario
Tel: +1 416 919 1402  Cell: +1 416 919 1402
Skype: -
Email: [email protected] [email protected] 
Vatco Corporation
International food broker, importer and agent serving Canadian food distributors - canned tuna, canned sardines, canned mackerel, canned seafood...
Contact: Frank Berndt
City: Alliston, ONTARIO
Tel: +1 705 434 1048
Skype:   frankberndt
Email: Email Vatco Corporation
Xactics International Inc.
Insulated containers
Contact: Robin Poston
City: Cornwall, ONTARIO
Tel: +1 613 936 2341
Fax: +1 613 936 8002
Skype:   -
Email: Email Xactics International Inc

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