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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing & Seafood Industry Contacts - China M - N

seafood products from China including Vannamei White Shrimp, Tilapia, Alaska Pollock, Cod, Salmon, Todarodes Pacificus (Japanese Flying Fish squid), Illex Squid, Blue & Green mussels

white fish, such as, Alaska Pollack, Cod, Haddock, Hake, Sole, but also Salmon, all in product forms as fillet, nuggets, portions, bits and pieces, mince and scrap meat.

Ocean More Foods Co. Ltd. Producer and Exporter of frozen fish from China. tilapia, vannamei shrimp, surimi crab sticks, Alaska pollock, hake, cod, salmon, yellow fin sole, haddock, saithe, red fish, Greenland halibut, arrowtooth flounder, squid, mix seafood, mussel, mackerel, catfish, pomfret, eel


Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited

BLUE GULF is a supplier and exporter of Tilapia, Squid and Mackerel.

Jun Yue Aquatic Products Co. Ltd - One of the most professional Pacific Mackerel processor from China



FISHZSA Seafood - Products - Farm fish like frozen tilapia, frozen tilapia fillet, frozen golden pomfret, frozen red pacu, frozen grey mullet, frozen catfish, sea fish like frozen sardine, frozen mackerel, frozen round scad, frozen pacific mackerel, frozen Atlantic mackerel, frozen tuna cube, frozen tuna belly, frozen bonito, frozen horse mackerel




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Advertise your seafood company Siam Canadian (China) Limited
Supplying a wide range of shrimp, fish, cephalopods and value added seafood products from China including Vannamei White Shrimp, Tilapia, Alaska Pollock, Cod, Salmon, Todarodes Pacificus (Japanese Flying Fish squid), Illex Squid, Blue & Green mussels plus many more.
Contact: Landy Chow
City: Zhanjiang, Guangdong
Tel:   +86 759 233 7713
Fax:  +86 759 233 7712
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company United European Seafood Traders Pte Ltd
Sea Frozen (FAS), single frozen on land and double frozen products. We offer raw material and reprocessed such as Alaska Pollock, Pacific Cod, Atlantic Cod, Yellow fin Sole, Rock Sole, Hake, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon Sockeye Salmon, Salmo Salar, Mackerel, Tuna, Ribbonfish, Tongue Sole, Squid and Cuttlefish, Shrimp from all possible origins. Fillets, nuggets, portions, steaks and bits and pieces in blocks, interleaved and IQF and vacuum packed.
Contact: Mr. Richard Bergonje
City: Singapore
Tel:  +65 9482 0098
+65 9482 0098
Skype: richard.bergonje
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Ocean More Foods Co. Ltd.
Producer and Exporter of frozen fish from China. We have good quality Pelagic fish and Processed high value-added fish. Our pelagic fish include Pacific Mackerel, Bonito, Oriental Bonito, Horse Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Pacific Saury, all kinds of Tuna, Mullet, Scad, Mahi Mahi, John dory, Oilfish, Sardine, Blue Shark etc. We can also process Alaska pollock, Hake, Tilapia, Vannamei shrimp, Surimi crab sticks, Cod, Salmon, Yellow Fin Sole, Haddock, Saithe, Red fish, Greenland halibut, Arrowtooth flounder, Squid tube/ring, Baby octopus, Scallop, Mixed seafood, Canned fish, Pre-cooked fish, Dry Salted fish, Roasted fish etc. It can be packed as Fillets, Loin, Portion, Steak as per your detailed request. We also process frozen vegetable and frozen fruit including frozen Broccoli, Cauliflower, Garlic, Ginger, Asparagus, Zucchini, Pepper, Carrot, Mushroom, Strawberry, Cherry, Apricot, Yellow half peach, Blackberry etc.
Contact: Roger
City: Qingdao, Shandong
Tel:   +86 159 53249299
Fax:  +86 532 66983228
Skype: oceanmore01
Email: [email protected]  
Advertise your seafood company Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited
Seafood Exporter, Seafood Importer, Seafood Agent, Seafood Supplier. of Alaska pollock, tilapia, mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, Atlantic Cod, Pacific Cod, grass carp, Panga, yellowfin tuna, arrowtooth flounder, yellow fin rock sole, chum salmon, pink salmon, mackerel, bonito, sardine, monkfish, swordfish, hake, saithe, john dory, smooth dory, black dory, haddock, Pacific red fish, Atlantic red fish, blue shark, golden pomfret, squid - Todarodes, Illex, Bartrami, Dosidicus gigas, baby squid, baby octopus, cuttlefish, Vannamei shrimps, red shrimp, pink shrimp, mussels, clams, bay scallops, sea scallops, surimi sticks, crab claws, lobster prawn imitation, seafood mix, silver fish and crayfish
Contact: Oliver D Nikolov
City: Nantong, Jiangsu
Tel:  +86 513 6669 0588
+86 513 8523 3408
Skype: oceantreasure1
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Blue Gulf Seafoods Co., Ltd
BLUE GULF is a supplier and exporter of Tilapia, Squid and Mackerel. We supply tilapia fillets, G&S tilapia, W/R tilapia, squid tubes, rings, carvings, W/R mackerel, mackerel fillets etc. We also supply Pollock fillets, salmon fillets, cod fillets etc. We can export to USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Europe, Africa etc.
Contact: Doris Zhang
City: Rongcheng, Shandong
Tel:   86 631 736 0519
 Fax: -
Skype: qingteng999
Email: [email protected]  
Advertise your seafood company FISHZSA Food Company Limited
The factory is located in the National Central Fishing Port of Xiangzhi Town, Shishi, Fujian Province. It was established in 2011. It covers an area of 30 acres and has a cold storage capacity of 20,000 tons. An export-oriented aquatic product processing enterprise integrating food development, processing and sales has passed the ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP food safety management system. Products - Farm fish like frozen tilapia, frozen tilapia fillet, frozen golden pomfret, frozen red pacu, frozen grey mullet, frozen catfish, sea fish like frozen sardine, frozen mackerel, frozen round scad, frozen pacific mackerel, frozen Atlantic mackerel, frozen tuna cube, frozen tuna belly, frozen bonito, frozen horse mackerel. We also export canned fish, canned sardine fish or canned mackerel fish to Panama, North America and Mexico.
Contact: Andrew Zeng
City: Xiamen, Fujian
Tel:   +86 158 5958 7495
Cell:  +86 158 5958 7495
Skype: sealicious01
Email: [email protected]  
Advertise your seafood company Jun Yue Aquatic Products Co. Ltd
One of the most professional Pacific Mackerel processor from China. And we also offer other products like: Frozen Silver Pomfret, White Pomfret IQF, Frozen Spanish Mackerel - W/R, Fillet, Portion, Frozen Striped Bonito - W/R, HGT, Frozen Bullet Mackerel - W/R, HGT, Frozen Mahi Mahi - W/R, Fillet, Grey Mullet - Gutted, W/R, Monkfish Tail, Moon Fish, Mackerel - Whole Round, Headed Gutted Tail off, Fillet, Flaps, Pre-cooked
Contact: Amy | Rachel
City: Taizhou, Zhejiang
Tel:   +86 15105860962;
         +86 188 6845 0350
  +86 576 8831 0020
Skype: ammyshun | baojiayao
WhatsApp/ Wechat:
Amy:+86 15105860962;
Rachel: +86 188 6845 0350
Email: Amy: [email protected] 
Rachel: [email protected]
Maoming Changxing Foods Co., Ltd
We are one of the best producers specialized in frozen tilapia whole round, frozen tilapia gutted and scaled, frozen tilapia fillet.
Contact: Jackie
City: Maoming, Guangdong
Tel:  - 
Skype: salessimonvon
Email: Email Maoming Changxing Foods Co
Maoming Hongye Aquatic Co. Ltd
We specialize on tilapia products: tilapia fillet (shallow skinless or deep skinlesss, or skin on), tilapia whole (WGS or whole round), Breaded tilapia fillet, Fish chin meat, Fish underbelly meat, etc.
Contact: Jackie
City: Maoming, Guangdong
Tel:  730390
Skype: jackie-seafood
Email: Email Maoming Hongye Aquatic Co
Maoming Huizhong Aquatic Products Co. Ltd
Aquaculture producers, processors and exporters of Frozen Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) , Frozen Red Pomfret/Pacu (colossoma brachypomum), Frozen Catfish / Poisson Chat / Barge ( Clarias fuscus). Tilapia whole round, Tilapia gutted&scaled, Tilapia gutted & scaled& gill, Catfish whole round, red pomfret whole round (red pacu), shrimp as so on.
Contact: Fay Huang  |  Amanda Wang
City: Maoming, Guangdong
Tel:  +86-0668-2221179-806
Skype: richpublic-fay  |  happydays
Email: Email Maoming Huizhong Aquatic Products
Email Maoming Huizhong Aquatic Products Co. Ltd
Marina Foods Limited
A seafood supplier & Trader locate in Qingdao, China. We export frozen squid tube, ring, tentacle, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, pacific mackerel, tilapia fillet, mussel, seafood mix, canned tuna, canned mackerel, smoked mussel & oyster products to EU countries, USA, middle east, south east Asia, east Europe countries, south America countries.
Contact: Rose Wang
City: Qingdao, Shandong
Tel:   +86-532-88899920
Skype: rose112688
Email: Email Marina Foods Limited

Marine Trading Co., Ltd
Leading trader in Tianjin. We Need Frozen Sole Fish( Black & Pink), Frozen Ribbon Fish, Frozen Croakers, Frozen Pomfret, Frozen Katti fish... Pls show ur working list. & Now we want to find good factory or Person agent do to long-term. Pls don't be afraid to contract us. Good luck!
Contact: JupiterCao
City: Tianjin Xingang Port
Tel:  86 139 2047 6477 
86 8459 0517
Skype: jupitercao2008
Email: Email Marine Trading Co., Ltd
Mass United HK Ltd
With India poised to play a major role in global Seafood consumption, we consider you to exploit the Indian seafood market. India's new, liberalized seafood trade policies will make you feel the need to venture into these markets. We can Supply all kind of Sea food from India to you. We are actively involved in the work of assisting foreign importers establish a base in the seafood markets. Both in India and its neighboring countries. Our India Office Will Help you in inspecting the goods and supervising dispatch. We'll help you diversify. Representing you in other fields of business. Offering you limitless opportunities for growth So do get in touch with us. So we could get down to business.. with the start of this season.
Contact: Alwyn Soares
City: Guangzhou
Tel: 86 20 8667 4422 
 Fax: 86 20 8667 4471
Skype: -
Email: Email Mass United HK Ltd
Mawfins International
We are manufacturer of dry sea cucumber & fish maw. Let me have the offer for dry raw product.
Contact: Tang
City: Shenzen
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Mawfins International
Meetall Foods Co Ltd
Import Products: illex squid, giant squid, king crab, salted jellyfish, sea cucumber, fish material: pollock, hake, redfish, saithe, cod, salmon, Greenland halibut, mackerel Export products: squid tube, squid rings and carvings, APO fillet, cod fillet, saithe fillet, salmon fillet, mackerel fillet, sole fish fillet, red fish fillet, breaded fish steak, scallop meat, oyster meat, clam meat, fan shell clam meat
Contact: Yingming Ma
City: Yantai city, Shandong
Tel: 86 136 0638 8568 
86 535 683 3869
Skype: yingmingma
Email: Email Meetall Foods Co Ltd
Producers, processors and exporters of Frozen, boiled, roasted octopus, Frozen squid, Frozen, boiled, roasted and seasoned sea eel, Frozen roasted butterfish slice, Mallotus villosus, Genuine Porgy Slice
Contact: Rose
City: Fuzhou, Fujian
Tel: +86 591-87717517
Skype: -
Email: Email Ming China
Ming ShanXiu Sea Food Ltd
A Producer and Exporter of Frozen Sea Food Factory. squid and pollock, is our main products and now have the good price!
Contact: Wu lei (Mr)
City: -
Tel: +86 13840866018 
+86 411 82768611
Skype: wu_lei_
Email: Email Ming ShanXiu Sea Food Ltd
Ming Yuan Fishing Net Manufacture
We are a professional net manufacture which has the ability to design and manufacture various kinds of finished fishing nets, such as gill nets, Finland nets, cast nets, trawl nets, seine nets and a variety of cages and other nets.
Contact: Brendan Zheng
City: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Tel:  +86-15876520827
Skype: mingyuanfishingnet
Email: Email Ming Yuan Fishing Net Manufacture
Multi-Help International Forwarding Co., Ltd
International freight forwarding
Contact: Tom Yu
City: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Tel: 134 2899 0122   Fax: -
Skype: tom_yu2008
Email: Email Multi-Help International Forwarding Co
Nanjing Industry Marine Spare Engineering Co. Ltd.
Mainly fabricating and stocking most kinds of piston product. We manufacture single- part pistons (Casting Aluminium with Carrier ring), One-piece thin-wall casting iron pistons&composite pistons (Forging purifier steel crown with Forging aluminium skirt/Casting iron skirt). We are also sales representative of Chinese Pielstick Engine builder (SXD), we can offer full range of spares for PC2-5, PC2-6, PA6 & DK 20 engine.
Contact: Jessie
City: Nanjing, Jiangsu
Tel: +86 25 52690042
+86 25 52690107
Skype: suiyiwansui
Email: Email Nanjing Industry Marine Spare Engineering
Nanjing Weizhou Foods Co Ltd
Suppliers of airline food. Now we distribute more than 400 kinds of agricultural and sideline products for more than 40 airport company in domestic. Besides we have offices and distribution centers in Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, shenzhen, guangzhou, chengdu and so on. Weizhou aim is for the air passengers and the general public provide delicious foods. Interested in buying shrimp meat: such as PD and PDTO with 16/20;21/30;31/40;71/90...2.: 4-6;6-8 with small head & golden back line.
Contact: Candice
City: Nanjing
Tel: +86 025 8526 2193
Skype: -
Email: Email Nanjing Weizhou Foods Co Ltd
New Century Aquatic Products Co., Ltd
We are one of the biggest squid products manufacturer in china. The squid tubes, squid rings, squid tentacle, squid pineapple cuts, T+T have exported most of countries in the world and got good reputation
Contact: Justin
City: Weihai, Shandong
Tel: 86 0631-7329918 
86 0631-7329918
Skype: -
Email: Email New Century Aquatic Products
New China Aquatic Products Co Ltd
We work in many seafood products for the import and export. We import and process Loligo squid, cuttle fish, ribbon fish, leather jacket, sole fish, Red snapper, Eel fish, Octopus, Yellow Croaker, Lady fish, Shrimps, 3 spot crab and blue crabs..
Contact: Jiang Xhang
City: Dalian
Tel: +86138956299564
Skype: jiang.xhang
Email: Email New China Aquatic Products
Newfound Boats Int Ltd
Hello Sir, this vessel is currently in China. I am a Canadian (Newfoundland) boat builder here in China. If there is any interest in this or any other type of vessel, do not hesitate to contact me at this email address. I have established a source for many different crafts in my 3 years here.
Contact: Wallace Jackson
City: -
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Newfound Boats
Newland Seafood Company
We are an importer of dried shark fins, sea cucumber and fish maw since 1990. Our factory is in China.
Contact: King Mok
City: Hong Kong
Tel: 225 598 510   Fax: 225 472 516
Skype: -
Email: Email Newland Seafood Company
Ningbo Foundation International Co., Ltd.
a leading import & export company specializing in frozen seafood in China. Our company is located in the famous harbor city of Ningbo and is close to the fishing ground of East Sea, with Zhoushan to the north and Ship to the east. We enjoy convenient transportation, charming scenery, abundant resources and copious aquatic products. frozen mackerel, frozen round scad, frozen bigeye scad, frozen Spanish mackerel, frozen Indian mackerel, frozen skipjack mackerel, frozen bonito, frozen horse mackerel, frozen tuna, frozen sardine, frozen pomfret, frozen ribbon fish
Contact: Frank Lu
City: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Tel: +86 138 1609 3469
Skype: -
Email: Email Ningbo Foundation International Co
Ningbo Gateway Food Co., Ltd
We are providing the following Frozen Seafoods - frozen squid, Frozen Mackerel, Frozen Sardines, Frozen horse mackerel and frozen bonito tunas etc
Contact: Andy Yang
City: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Tel:  +86 574 2768 2178
+86 574 2768 2398
Skype: yangdizhou
Email: Email Ningbo Gateway Food Co
Ningbo Hysun Commercial Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
We are direct manufacture tuna long line fishing gears. Tuna hooks, circle hooks, sword hooks, swivels, locks, protect pipe, braided polyester tube, stainless course, luminous sleeves, nylon tube, luminous beads, luminous tube, reflection sheet, lead sinkers, stainless springs, bait lures, fishing floats, knives, sashimi knife, scissors, tuna missile, hand hook, grapple, brain killer, branch line box, clamp, spike, fish nerve pierce, hats, clothes, raincoat, gloves, rubber gloves, freezer gloves, rubber shoes, antifreeze shoes....
Contact: Cindy Lu
City: Daqi Town, Beilun, Ningbo
Tel:  (86)574-26851860
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Ningbo Jessn Ocean Exploitation Co., Ltd.
Our company specialise in manufacturing fishing tackle and fishing equipment for catching tuna (long line) and squid. if you are interested in ,welcome to contact freely.
Contact: Ying Chen
City: Ningbo
Tel: 86 574 8611 8611 / 8802 
86 574 8611 8299
Skype: orchid0574
Email: Email Ningbo Jessn Ocean Exploitation Co
Ningbo Lefeel International Trade Co.,Ltd
The main spare parts we can supply are piston, stuffing box, nozzle couple, fuel pump, plunger, bearing shell ,intake and exhaust valve, piston ring, sel ring ,O-ring, and some kinds of oil separator and turbocharger and so on. In addition ,we also supply some kinds of used spare parts. Our company have out own production factory which product nozzle, fuel pump, plunger, delivery valve, piston, and other spare parts.
Contact: Shirley Ho
City: Ningbo
Tel: +86-574-27918595
Skype: -
Email: Email Ningbo Lefeel International Trade
Ningbo Winhai Import & Export Co., Ltd
We are supplier with pacific mackerel, horse mackerel, sardine fish etc seafoods. We main export to all kinds of frozen seafoods, such as China pomfret, pacific mackerel ,Saury, sardine fish ect.
Contact: Amy
City: Ningbo
Tel:  +86 574 812 2333
+86 574 8715 7699
Skype: amyslx
Email: [email protected]
Ningde Xia Wei Food Co Ltd
Producers, processors, exporters of tilapia, yellow croaker, red sea bream, red drum, mackerel, sweetfish, hairtail, prawn, octopus, silvery pomfret, butterfish, crab, sushi fillet and aquatic canned food.

we export: yellow croaker, shrimp, Tilapia,
we import: squid, ribbonfish, cuttlefish and other fish.

Contact: Sarah Qiu  |  Echo Ye
City: Ningde, Fujian
Tel: +86 593 610 0535
+86 593 610 0553
Skype: echoruixiao
Email: Email Sarah at Ningde Xia Wei Food Co Ltd  Email Ningde Xia Wei Food Co Ltd
Email Echo at Ningde Xia Wei Food Co Ltd
North Supreme Seafood (ZhuHai) Co., Ltd
Established in May,2000. Approved by the USA, EU, BRC, Russian federation management criteria, the products processing flow are stringently obeyed. Currently, we have around 500 employees and the yearly processing capability is 15,000 metric tons. In 2011, NSS became the largest Seabass (Lateolabrax Japonicus) producer in China. We also do Barramundi (Lates calcarifer), Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), Red Snapper (Lutjanus argentimaulatus), White Shrimp (Vannamei), Sea Bream (Acanthopagrus latus), Golden Pompano (Trachinotus ovatus) and Easy-to-cook solutions.
Contact: John
City: Zhuhai, Guangdong
Tel:  +86 756 612 9286
+86 756 612 9271
Skype: manager3375
Email: Email North Supreme Seafood (ZhuHai) Co 
Northeast Alliance Import and Export Co., Ltd
Producers, Processors and exporters of Alaskan Pollock Pacific/Atlantic Cod Yellow Fin/Rock/Flat Head Sole Red Fish Pink/Chum Salmon Saffron Cod Hake Mackerel Grab Shrimp Squid
Contact: Fortunato Liu
City: Dalian, Liaoning
Tel: +86 411 87761692  Fax: +86 411 87761692
Skype: fortunato815
Email: Email Northeast Alliance Import and Export Co
Nortic Seafood China Importing Co
We are China seafood importers. Located in 5 major key cities of China (HK GZ SZ SH BJ) We look for live Geoduck, Lobster, King crab, Snow crab Dungeness Crab Conch Clam Abalone Salmon Tuna and High end Frozen Seafood for direct distribution to institution market.
Contact: Henry Chau
Tel: +86 137 1515 2227  Fax: -
Skype: NorticSeafood
Email: Email Nortic Seafood China Importing Co

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