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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

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Advertise your seafood company Siam Canadian (India) Limited
Supplying a wide range of shrimp, fish, cephalopods and value added seafood products from India including Black Tiger, Vannamei, Freshwater and Sea-caught Shrimp, Squid, Cuttlefish, Ribbon fish, Indian Mackerel, Reef Cod and many more.
Contact: Mr. Awadesh Shrivastava
City: Visakhapatnam
Tel:   +91-891-256-2014
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]



Amigo Sea Food Co.
Amigo foods is a well-reputed supplier of frozen seafood such as frozen black tiger HOSO, frozen black tiger HLSO, frozen vannamei HOSO and HLSO, PUD deep sea shrimps, PUD karikkadi shrimps, PUD poovalan shrimps, frozen pd vannamei shrimps and frozen PUD blanched shrimps. Also all varieties of fish and squid, cuttle fish and octopus, Lobster whole and tail, Scampi, Fishes: Tuna - W/R, G/G, loins, steak, saku, Fish fillets, mahi mahi, snapper, red snapper, crimson snapper, white snapper, emperor, reef cod, Chinese pomfret, ribbonfish, sardines, grouper, Indian mackerel etc. Our frozen seafood is well-known for its standard quality and hygienic food value. We have large variety of products ready for supply.
Contact: Mr Haris Nasir
City: Cochin, Kerala
Tel:  +919847373729
Skype: amigofoods1
Email: [email protected]
K M Fisheries
Processors and exporters of frozen marine products - Cuttle Fish, Squid, Octopus, Mackerel, Sardine
City: THRISSUR, Kerala
Tel:  +91480 2817111,12 
+91480 2817110
Skype: -
Email: Email K M Fisheries
Kadheeja Foods
Seafood Agents We deal with all-sorts of fresh & frozen seafood yellow-fin tuna, skip-jack tuna, reef cod, tilapia, loligo squid, cuttlefish, octopus, mussels, prawns, rock lobsters, oysters and whole round fishes.
Contact: Rasheed
City: Cochin, Kerala
Tel: +91 903 735 6548  Fax: -
Skype: rasheed.naina
Email: Email Kadheeja Foods 
Kalindi International
We are agents for: SEPAR Fuel filtration & Water Separator Only purifier approved by Lloyds, BV, TuV, Rina ENGINAIRE Air pre-cleaner Made from Marine grade Aluminium ECOTECH FUELMAG Fuel re-energiser. Cleans microbial fungi
Contact: Hari Goenka
City: New Delhi, Delhi
Tel: 0210 489 8307/ 098 115 15687 
114 056 0211
Skype:  Noida [UP]
Email: Email Kalindi International
Kalki Exports & Imports
Kalki Exports & Imports are the exporters of Mud green crabs. We are one of the leading Exporters in India
Contact: Haribabu
City: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Tel: 444 262 1303  Fax: 442 524 1189
Skype: -
Email: Email Kalki Exports & Imports
Kalpaka Exports
We are a Seafood Exporting / Trading / Agents in India. We are in the Indian seafood trade for the last 2 decades and have very good relationship with most of the reputed processors and exporters of seafood . The main products that we an offer are frozen Indian mackerel, ribbon fish, squid, cuttle fish, octopus, etc
Contact: Shafiek Basheer
City: Alappuza, Kerala
Tel:  +91 477 228 2756
+91 477 228 2756
Skype: shefiekbinbasheer
Email: Email Kalpaka Exports
Kalpataru Exports
Kalpataru Exports is a firm started its operation from 2007-08 with more than 100 employees, we were into local business and having our own Trawlers/Fishing Boats, regarding raw material we have no problem. We have generally export our products to CHINA, HONG KONG, BANGKOK, KOREA etc .. and we are looking forward to enter into EU countries very soon. Out slogan for the market is "WE CATCH IT & WE PACK IT" Fresh Product: Scampi, Black Tiger Prawns, Black and Silver Pomfret. Frozen Ribbon Fish, Cuttlefish, Tuna fish, Squid whole, Reef cod, BMC gutted and fillet, Sole Fish, Croaker, TT croaker, Baby Ghol, Baby BMC, Eel fish, horse mackerel, Indian Mackerel etc.
Contact: Piyush Fofandi
City: Veraval, Gujarat
Tel: 287 623 2532  Fax: 287 623 1823
Skype: piyushfoandi
Email: Email Kalpataru Exports
Kamrun Trading
We are Exporter and Importer of Fresh Fish and Frozen Fish. FRESH FISH Hilsa , Ilsha, Rahu, Mirigal, Tilapia, Pabda, Katla, koi, Sardine, Skip Jack Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Little Tunny, Big Eye Tuna, Cat Fish, Squid. Lizard Fish, Indian Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Baigai, Ribbon Fish. FROZEN FISH Hilsa , Ilsha, Rahu, Mirigal,Tilapia, Pabda, Katla, koi,
Tel:  +913346044001
Skype: +919831250748
Email:  [email protected]
Kan Foods  |  Kan Victual Pvt Ltd
We are processor & exporter of frozen surimi block, frozen seafood, even we are manufacturer & exporter of fish meal for animal feed
Contact: Amar
City: Porbander, Gujarat
Tel: 286 645 1090
286 224 3744
Skype: amar1910
Email: Email Kan Foods
Email Kan Foods, Gujarat, India, Email Kan Foods  |  Kan Victual Pvt Ltd
Kanya Marine Exporters
We export all kinds of exotic fresh fish from INDIA.. Our prime items are reef cod, Grouper, Red snapper, Parrotfish, Trevally, King fish, Red mullets...
Contact: Darius Titus
City: Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu
Tel: 984 214 6422 
 Fax: 465 224 7159
Skype: kanyamarine
Email: Email Kanya Marine Exporters India
Karikkassery Holdings
We mainly operate as agents for local exporters of frozen seafood such as Squid, Cuttlefish, octopus, Indian Mackerel, Sardine, Ribbonfish, Shrimp, Tuna, Green Mussel, White Snapper, Reef Cod, Leather Jacket, baigai, Clams
Contact: Vijay Karikkassery
City: Kochi, Kerala
Tel:    Fax:
Skype: -
Email: Email Karikkassery Holdings
Karunya Marine Products Pvt. Ltd.
We are one of the quality conscious processors of seafood situated in Ratnagiri wherein one day catching and fresh quality fish is procured. We can offer you all types of fish mainly Ribbon fish, Indian Mackerel, Horse mackerel, Croaker, Barracuda, King Fish, Sardine, Reef cod, Little Tunny (Bonito), Skip jack Tuna, CUTTLEFISH, SQUIDS, etc.
Contact: Kurian Abraham
City: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Tel: 235 223 2791  Fax: 235 223 2910
Skype: Kurian74
Email: Email Karunya Marine Products
Kay & Kay Trading Company
Tel: +91 99 44 87 73 03 Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Kay & Kay Trading Company
KBM Exports
We are working from India. We are ready to inspect and export any fishes, crabs etc from India to the foreign buyers. We are also ready to act as agents for importers and exporters in India. If interested, please contact.
Contact: Mr.S.Kumar
City: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Tel: 992 057 6740  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email KBM Exports
Keshodwala Foods
We are dealing in all kinds of frozen sea products like Silver Pomfret, Cuttle fish whole / cleaned block frozen, IQF and tray pack, Squid whole / Cleaned /Tubes / Rings / Tentacles, IQF and Block frozen, Octopus whole / cleaned, All kinds of PUD & PD (Karikadi / Brown / Pink / Goinar), Rock & Sand Lobster, Blue Swimming and Three Spot Cut / Whole Crab, Ribbon Fish whole /IQF/ Headless Tail less, Baby Reef cod whole / Gutted and Fillet , Kingfish Head on Gutted, Big size Grouper Whole / Gutted, Silver/Yellow Croaker, Kati Fish, Sole fish, Indian Conger eel, Black /Red Sea bream, Black Pomfret, Big Mouth Croaker, Leather jacket fish, T.T. Croaker Baby ghol, Emperor , Indian Mackerel, Leather skin, (Queen Fish) Horse Mackerel, Dorab, Seer fish, Red Snapper, White Snapper, All type of Trevally, Chinese Pomfret ( Frozen & Chilled), All kinds of Tuna ( Skip jack/Long tail/ Yellow fin) Barracuda whole/ Gutted/ Headless, Emperor Whole / Gutted & Scaled etc.
Contact: Mr. Nadeem keshodwala
City: Veraval, Gujarat
Tel: 287 623 1644 / 45  Fax: 287 623 1573
Skype: nadeem.keshodwala
Email: Email Keshodwala Foods
Keyfoods Veraval
We offer Cuttlefish, squid, octopus, shrimps, ribbon fish, big eye, croaker, lizard fish, pomfrets, Spanish mackerel, Indian mackerel, king fish, sardine, hilsa, snapper, sole, reef cod, sea bream, conger eel, tuna and fresh water fish.
Contact: A. AZEEZ SAIT
City: Veraval, Gujarat
Tel: 2876 231 688  Fax: 2876 231 688
Skype: keyfoodsveraval
Email: Email Keyfoods Veraval
KG India Enterprise
Processors, Traders & Exporters of Fresh & Chilled Vannamei Shrimps, Black tiger Shrimps, Live crabs, frozen Indian Mackerel, Ribbon Fish, Indian Oil Sardine, Reef cod, Yellow Croaker, Tiger tooth Croaker, Black Sea bream, Silver yellow Croaker, Big mouth Croaker, Leather skin, Long tail tuna, Queen fish, Sole fish, Skip Jack Tuna Yellow Fin Tuna, Horse Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Scad , Lobster, Mud Crab, Swimming Crab, Snapper, Seer Fish, Squid, Cuttle Fish, Octopus.
Contact: Sudheesh
City: Trivandrum, Kerala
Tel: +91 471 232 3014 
+91 471 232 3015
Skype: kgglobal1
Email: Email KG India Enterprise
King Fish Products (P) Ltd
We are the brand manufacturer of Sundry & Steamed sterilized fish meal fish oil, dehydrated squid meal all the way from INDIA, hope you remember as I already got the privilege so serve you for many years & we have a large exports of Sundry & Steamed sterilized fish meal fish oil, dehydrated squid meal in EUROPEAN & ASIAN COUNTRIES with a huge quantity .Our production is near about 800 to 1000 Tons annually of SQUID MEAL only & about 2500-3000 Tons of Steamed sterilized fish meal annually & approx.5000 To 6000 tons of Sundry fish meal annually & about 900-1000 tons of Steamed fish oil, we are dealing in best quality product from the last 20 years and settled up a very brand market in the international boundaries as well as in national boundaries too. So we are pleasure to introduce my product to your privilege company again an assurance of best quality product with most privilege services. We are enclosing the best possible avail configuration with quality worthy prices.
Contact: Najrul Islam  |  Jagjot Singh
City: Gujrat   |   Dehli
Tel: 287 623 2514  Fax: 287 623 2437
Skype: -
Email: Email King Fish Products
Email King Fish Products (P) Ltd
Kiran Enterprises
aquaculture water quality enhancing powder manufacturing
Contact: Kiran
City: Mumbai
Tel:   9323612419   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Kiran Enterprises
Kiran Export
The company deals in a comprehensive range of commodities that form an essential component for diverse industries. The organization ARRANGES buys and sells a wide list of products that include :PRODUCTS: Land frozen Skipjack Tuna WR; Urea 46%N, Sugar Icumsa 45 (Brazil).; Sun Flower Oil in various packings.; Steam Coal from Indonesia.; Iron Ore, Copper cathodes Congo/China.
Contact: Pandurang Kolhapure ME.(CIVIL)PHE
City: Poona, Maharashtra
Tel: 00919822672307   Fax: -
Skype: kiranexport
Email: Email Kiran Export
Kishore Kumar & Company (Exports) Pvt. Ltd.
We r leading seafood traders and buying agents operating from Mangalore with our branches at all main fishery centres of India. We source all types of frozen seafood and control quality. Cephalopods: cuttlefish, squid, octopus, fishes :Indian mackerel, ribbonfish, silver/yellow croaker, reefcod etc.. Shrimps :Black Tiger, Sea water in all forms
Tel: 824 244 0122 / 425 0053 
 Fax: 824 244 0123 / 242 6123
Skype: kumar_kishore
Email: Email Kishore Kumar & Company
K K Fish Trade Intl.
We are seafood traders from India: We offer the following product range for exports: shrimp - sea white, black tiger, sea brown, sea tiger. cephalopods: loligo squid, cuttle fish, octopus. frozen fish: ribbon fish, croaker, big eye ilisha, reef cod, king fish etc.,
Contact: G P Ram
City: bangalore, karnataka
Tel: 802 354 6280  Fax: 802 354 6280
Skype: g p ram
Email: Email K K Fish Trade Intl
KKR Marine Export
We are dealing shrimps , fish and live mud crabs since 2001.
Contact: K.Kesavadas
City: Chennai, Tamilnadu
Tel: 442 845 3243  Fax: 984 005 5045
Skype: -
Email: Email KKR Marine Export
Koncar Maritime
Marine spare parts supplier
Contact: Mr. Ajay
City: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: koncar8
Email: Email Koncar Maritime
Kokan Kinara Sea Foods
Suppliers of Live & Fresh Sea Foods
Contact: Amol
City: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Tel: 976 888 8249 / 996 938 8688 
Skype: -
Email: Email Kokan Kinara Sea Foods
Konkan Marine Products
We are one of the leading processors of fish, cuttlefish and squids in the Konkan and Goa region. Our products include Ribbon fish, Indian Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, King fish, Malabar trevally, reef cod, Croaker, squids, Cuttlefish, Sardine, scad, lizardfish etc.
Contact: Kurian Abraham
City: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Tel: 235 223 2791  Fax: 235 223 2910
Skype: Kurian74
Email: Email Konkan Marine Products
Korai International
We would like to introduce ourselves as Buying Representatives & Selling Agents based in Madras, India. We specialise in sourcing Quality Frozen Seafood products from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Oman & Yemen. Our product list includes: 1) Cuttlefish / Squid / Octopus / Blue Swimming Crab / Soft Shell Crab. 2) Black Tiger /White / Pink / Brown / Flower / Scampi / Vannamei. 3) Fresh Water Fishes like Rohu, Hilsa, Mrigal, Tilapia, Pabda etc.. 4) Fishes like King Fish, Black Pomfret, White Pomfret, Reef Cod-Grouper, Ribbon Fish, Croakers, Yellow Fin Tuna, Skip Jack Tuna, Barracuda, Emperor, Indian Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Sardines, Mahi Mahi, Catfish, Pangasius, and many other fishes. Our Roles include Quality inspection of cargo before shipment & furnishing detailed inspection reports & fotos to our clients.
Contact: Jabir Ahmed
City: Chennai, Tamilnadu
Tel: 814 881 1220  Fax: 814 881 1220
Skype: koraiinternational
Email: Email Korai International
KP Seafoods International Pvt. Ltd
As one of the South India leading seafood manufacturer, we are sending this email to you since we would like to expand our market and realize that we can serve you very well with our reputation as a supplier with good quality at competitive price. We supply Prawns & Cuttlefish pictures for your reference,
Contact: Velu
City: Karaikal, Pondicherry UT
Tel: +91 9865797619  Fax: -
Skype: Velan05
Email: Email KP Seafoods International
Kpp Sea Foods Company
Introducing us as one of the largest & well-known sea foods companies. We are very closely associated with high standard. We can source quality sea foods at best prices. We also conduct strict pre-processing / pre-shipment quality control checks for all our clients. Frozen crabs : Whole, cut crabs, meat & claws. Frozen shrimps: white, brown, black tiger, pd, pud, head less.
Contact: Jahir hussain.n
City: Pudukotta, Tamilnadu
Tel: 996 507 0080  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Kpp Sea Foods Company
Kris Seafoods LLP
Exporting Live Red Mud Crabs, Mud crabs etc.
Contact: Soumendra Nath Thakur
City: Kolkata, West Bengal
Tel: +919331840148 Fax: -
Skype: krisseafoodsllp
Email: Email Kris Seafoods LLP
KRM Marine Exports Private Limited
Capture & Culture Seafood Products Exports. Quality Products Reliable Service Consistent in Quality continual updating. Shrimp Vannamei Indian Mackerel, Shrimp HOSO with all counts. Certifications EMPEDA, ISO
City: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Tel:  +91 44 22254850
+91 44 22250795
Skype: d-suresh-kumar
Email: [email protected] 
Kumar Trade Links
We are one of the most ethical seafood agents doing business in Asia, Africa and Europe continents.  We source and supply shrimp, cuttle fish, tuna, Indian mackerel, pomfret.
Contact: A. N. Kumar
City: Palakkad, Kerala
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Kumar Trade Links
Kush Trading
Tel: +91-9825752606  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Kush Trading
Libra Engineers
We sell top quality replacement refrigeration & air compressor parts for major brands of compressors as an alternative to the original equipment manufacturers including Bitzer, Bock, Carrier, Sabroe, York, Trane, Grasso, Filter, Copeland


Contact: Sagar MS
City: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Tel:  +912232055280 
Skype: [email protected]
Email: Email Libra Engineers
Lingam Transportation
We are having refrigerated vehicle 1ton, 4ton, 5ton, 6ton, 13ton for hire purpose.


Contact: Lingam
City: Bangalore, Karnataka
Tel: 808 872 5583  Fax: -
Skype: Refrigerated Transport
Email: Email Lingam Transportation
Lourde Exports
Seafood processors, exporters and buyers agents of Vannamei , Sea white shrimps, Brown shrimps, Red ring shrimps, Deep sea shrimps, Poovalan and Karikadi Shrimps. Baby Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squids, Lobsters, Hair Tail, Groupers, Snappers, Tuna, Skip Jack
Contact: GEO JACOB
Tel: +91-484-2319495 , 2319496
Skype: -
Email: Email Lourde Exports, Cochin, Kerala, India Email Lourde Exports
Lucky Traders
Seafood buyers agents and wholesale suppliers of fresh and frozen fish, Prawns, Mackerels, Squids.
Contact: Rameshwar Gupta
City: Howrah, West Bengal
Tel: +9103326412766  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Lucky Traders

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