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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing Seafood Industry Contacts - South Africa A - L




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Active Fishing Systems
Active Trawl System - fuel-saving fully maneuverable aimed trawling and seabed-friendlier bottom trawling - puts control where it should be - at the net end of the warps. Deep Troller - moves up and down in the water column, expanding the troll envelope. Tunaware - Longline setting software.
Contact: Maurice Shenker
City: Cape Town
Tel: 214 398 991  Fax: 086 684 9343
Skype: mauriceshenker
Email: Email Active Fishing Systems
Applied UV
Applied UV has been manufacturing ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection equipment in South Africa for 18 years. For large flows or more sophisticated monitoring we also import equipment. This is used extensively in the fish processing and aquaculture industries.
Contact: Roy Cooper
City: Cape Town
Tel: 21 448 6721   Fax: 21 448 8817
Skype: applied.uv
Email: Email Applied UV
Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa
The Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa (AASA) was established in the late 1980's in order to represent the interest of the then fledgling aquaculture industry in Southern Africa. The Association has since developed into a structure with representation from the various sectors contributing towards the aquaculture industry of the region, including marine species such as oysters, mussels, abalone and prawns; freshwater species such as trout, catfish, tilapia, ornamental fishes; as well as service providers such as feed companies, equipment suppliers and veterinary services. The objectives of the Association is to contribute towards the development of aquaculture in Southern Africa through effective representation and dissemination of information.
Contact: Natasha Marshall
City: Pretoria
Tel: 128 076 720  Fax: 128 074 946
Skype: -
Email: Email Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa
Aquaculture services and products.
Contact: Etienne Hinrichsen
City: Pretoria, Gauteng
Tel: 12 807 5190  Fax: 12 807 4946
Skype: etienne.hinrichsen
Email: Email AquaEco
Artisanal Fishers
We are representative of forty three (43) Traditional Fishers who will directly benefit from the sale of our product! We've been operating for six (6) years through different/several marketers, but are interested in doing business directly to the potential/interested (export) buyer! An average of 6,5 tons will be available initially (2013/2014 Lobster Season, which is from November - June)
Contact: Donovan
City: Cape Town
Tel: +27 727 266 742  Fax:
Skype: -
Email: Email Artisanal Fishers
Atlantic Seafood
Suppliers of Atlantic Cod, Anchovies, Angelfish, Brill, Barracuda, Black Tiger Shrimps, Cuttlefish, Calamari, Capelin, Caviar, Krill, Crayfish, Dover Sole, Dey fish, Eel, Flounder, Grey mullet, Jack Mackerel, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, Herring, Greenland Halibut, Horse Mackerel, Kingklip, Langoustines, Nephrops, Lemon Sole, Canadian and European Lobsters, Rock Lobster, Atlantic Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Monkfish, Blue mussels, milkfish, octopus, Pangasius, Basa, Pike Perch, Plaice, Red Mullet, Striped Mullet, Redfish, Saithe, sardine, seaweed, squid, salmon trout, salmon, pilchards, sardinella, Scottish & Norwegian salmon, seabass, shrimps, seabream, skate, swordfish, tilapia, gurnard, tongue sole, yellowfin tuna, turbot, yellowtail, wolf fish
Contact: Raymond Readings
City: Kimberley, Bloemfontein
Tel:    +27 789368449
Fax:   -
Skype: cooperations1
Email: [email protected]
Atlantic Seafood
Suppliers of Atlantic Cod, Anchovies, Angelfish, Brill, Barracuda, Black Tiger Shrimps, Cuttlefish, Calamari, Capelin, Caviar, Krill, Crayfish, Dover Sole, Dey fish, Eel, Flounder, Grey mullet, Jack Mackerel, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, Herring, Greenland Halibut, Horse Mackerel, Kingklip, Langoustines, Nephrops, Lemon Sole, Canadian and European Lobsters, Rock Lobster, Atlantic Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Monkfish, Blue mussels, milkfish, octopus, Pangasius, Basa, Pike Perch, Plaice, Red Mullet, Striped Mullet, Redfish, Saithe, sardine, seaweed, squid, salmon trout, salmon, pilchards, sardinella, Scottish & Norwegian salmon, seabass, shrimps, seabream, skate, swordfish, tilapia, gurnard, tongue sole, yellowfin tuna, turbot, yellowtail, wolf fish
Contact: Raymond Readings
City: Kimberley, Bloemfontein
Tel:  +27738835157
Skype: cooperations1
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Balobi Trading
Balobi is a group of companies that own their own fleet of fishing vessels is the Squid, Sardine and Hake fishing Sectors. Situated on the quayside at Port St Francis, St Francis Bay, South Africa. We catch, process, market, sell and export our own product as well as other fishing vessels product. Fresh Hake - Merluccius Capensis (Head on, Guts out) Supplied on a weekly basis. Squid or Calamari - Loligo Reynaudi (Whole Round) Packed in 10kg & 2x5kg random weight cartons. Delivered to International ports by seafreight CIF. Sardine or Pilchard - Sardinops Sagax (Whole Round) Packed in 5kg net weight cartons, 100% finger laid, shatter pack with interleaved plastic. Delivered to International ports by sea freight C&F or FOB
Contact: Mrs Olga van Aarde
City: HUMANSDORP, Eastern Cape
Tel: 42 294 0148  Fax: 42 294 0149
Skype: -
Email: Email Balobi Trading
Blue Wave Seafoods
Blue Wave Seafoods, based in Cape Town South Africa  has over 40 years experience in the fishing sector, from catching through processing to marketing. Products we work with are: Hake, Kingklip, Ling  Angel Fish, Lobster, Horse Mackerel, Jack Mackerel,  Snoek, Barracuda, Squids, Ribbon Fish, Soles, Dorado, Monkfish, Canned Pilchards,  Canned Sardines.
Contact: Kevin Suckley
City: Cape Town
Tel:    +27 21 553 2473
Fax:   +27 21 553 2170
Skype: kevin-suckley-bluewave-seafoods
Email: Email Blue Wave Seafoods
Braxton Shipping
We are a South African company based in Durban that owns vessel El Shaddai and fishes Patagonian Tooth Fish ( Seabass). We export wholesale HGT caught wild, frozen at sea to Wholesalers.
Tel: +27 31 208 2167 Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Braxton Shipping
Butcher & Meat Processing Equipment
South African based Food Processing Equipment Company with nearly 20 years in the business. We supply new and used equipment for all fish, butchery and food processing companies. Deboning Machines, Heading Machines, Gutting Machines, Filleting Machines, Gutting Machines, Skinning Machines, Trimming Lines, Splitting Machines and Breading Machines
Contact: Olaf Blomker
City: Krugersdorp, Gauteng
Tel: 11 664 8212  Fax: 11 664 8492
Skype: olafblomker
Email: Email Butcher & Meat Processing Equipment
Canaan Shipping Line
Canaan Shipping Line was established in December 2015, having strong ties & experience in Ship Handling, Fishery, Oil & Gas Petroleum Product and Supply of Bunkers We manage the interface between Owners/Managers with Government Agencies, Clearing & Delivery of Ship Spares In Transit, Ship Agency & Consultancy Services. We pride ourselves as offering the best customer specific logistics solution from ship handling to fishery, oil & gas petroleum products and supply of bunkers. We liaise and serve as intermediaries between business owners/managers and government Agencies, Clearing & Delivery of Ship Spares in transit, Ship Agency & Consultancy services.
Contact: Folake
City: Durban, Kwazulu Natal
Tel: +27736489890  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Canaan Shipping Line
Coalition Intermodal Trading
Shipping Container: Sales, Leasing, Conversions, Spares & Logistics
Contact: Kashief Schroeder
City: Cape Town
Tel: 215101991  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Coalition Intermodal Trading
Crumb Choice
We are a independently owned Food Manufacturing Company producing Fish Fingers, Fish Cakes, and more food coatings to the Industry. Frozen Convenient Foods (Crumbed Products) - Fish Fingers, Fish Cakes, Veggie Bites, Nuggets, Chicken Crumbed Breasts , Crumbed Chicken, Crumbed patties, Potato cakes and more ....
Contact: Gustav
City: Cape Town
Tel: 732 179 446  Fax: 215 102 018
Skype: gustav1975
Email: [email protected]
Damaree Fishing
The export company for the 5 family owned fishing vessels which catch squid, namely Loligo Reynaudii. Our EU Approved Loligo Reynaudii Squid is wild, handline caught by our own fleet in the South East Atlantic Ocean (FAO Zone 47) off the coast of South Africa. We can guarantee maximum freshness as we control the entire process from onboard controls, off-loads, processing and distribution. available in the following sizes: Extra Large (XL): 30cm+, Large (L): 25-30cm, Medium (M): 18-25cm, Small (S): 15-18cm
Contact: Leon van Niekerk
City: Port Elizabeth
Tel:    +27 (0) 41 585 3089
Fax:   -
Email: [email protected]
Davcom International Co Ltd-South Africa
We Provide Market investigation of New Buyers, Sales, Promotion/ Introduction of your product direct to buyers in South Africa etc, Financial Assistance, Market Studies, We provide Information of Buyers for firms willing to export or sale all kinds of products or services to South Africa etc. Currently intend to extend our services to Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers of various products wanting do business with South Africa. In addition, we provide hotel and holiday information in a more relax and personalized approach. We are a major importer of all Kinds of Sea Foods, frozen seafoods, Fish. Products include: whole shell-on clams, cooked clam meat, cooked whelks & whelk meat, swordfish and tuna, shrimps, cardinal, cuttlefish, squid, croaker, ribbonfish, Nile perch, crabs and other species.
Contact: Mitchel Davidson, President
City: Pretoria, Hatfield
Tel: 123 626 971   Fax: 123 626 971
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Devia SA (Pty) Ltd.
We are based In Cape Town as a trading house. We supply frozen fish and canned fish to West Africa and East Africa. Main products are Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, Tilapia W/R and G+S, as well as canned Pilchards. We are well situated in Africa to service and to travel to clients to check on arrival and market requirements. We also have our own in house Quality Inspection Manager who travels extensively to producers and suppliers to ensure quality standards are upheld.
Contact: Paul van Niekerk
City: Cape Town
Tel: 825 622 255  Fax: 866 893 976
Skype: paul.s.van.niekerk
Email: [email protected]
ExportLAB was founded in South Africa with a focus on high quality frozen marine products for worldwide export. We specialise in the sourcing, procurement, global marketing and distribution of frozen local and foreign caught marine and related products. We work with our strategic partners and vessel owners both in South Africa and around the globe to source the highest quality product for our customers. Frozen Product: Squid - Loligo Reynaudi, Horse Mackerel - Trachurus Capensis, Yellow Tail - Seriola Lalandi
Contact: Greg Walsh
City: Craighall Park, Johannesburg
Tel: +27836575445  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Fish Bait Sea Products
We are a fish trading company based in the Cape Town region with satellite offices in Namibia. We are importers and exporters of frozen fish products and have been in the industry for 17 years. In addition to the above, we act as agents for overseas companies wishing to purchase a variety of fish products in South Africa. Our products are HACCP approved. Lobster - Jasus Lalandii, Hake - Merluccius capenses - Merluccius paradoxus, Gurnard - Chelidonichthys capensis - Macrouridae specie, John Dory - Zeus capensis - Zeus faber (with black spot), Kingklip - Genypferus capensis, Mackerel - Scomber japonicus, Horse mackerel - Trachurus caponsis, Monk - Lophius vomerinus, Pilchard - Sardinops Sagax, Ribbonfish - Lepidopus Caudatus, Sole - Austroglossus microlepis
Contact: Eloise Trigg
City: Gordon's Bay, Western Cape
Tel: 21 856 1285  Fax: 86 553 9776
Skype: eloise.trigg
Email: [email protected]
Gordon's Bay Fisheries
A large supplier of fresh and frozen seafood products - export and supplier to cruise ships world-wide. Seasonal fresh fish, Crayfish, Prawns, Oysters, All seafood products as well as all catering products seafood & other
Contact: Hayley
Tel: +27 0768310016  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Happy Koi Pty Ltd
Happy Koi has 8 years of experience with fish system filtration design and development. We use our own customised bio media for ultra efficient high oxygen saturated filter systems that deliver a very high performance to size ratio, coupled with very low maintenance requirements. Filtration media, pond and filtration design for all aqua culture environments from Koi ponds to fish farms.
Contact: William Kelly
City: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Tel: 82 886 7114  Fax: 11 782 6501
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Various types of reservoirs / purpose built fish dams. Standard Hydrex products can be customised for the client's / industry requirements. Hydrex Aquaculture Mesh Reservoirs - most common reservoir used. Capacities ranging from 2900 litres up to 169 000 litres. Conical bottom and centre drain for waste removal.. Hydrex Aquaculture Panel Reservoirs - heavy duty long lasting structure.. Various heights, capacity and inlet & outlet types to connect to carbon filters, UV sterilizers and accessories. Hydrex Aquaculture Earth Dam linings - customised to suit clients' needs. Cost effective for large long term fish rearing.
Contact: Dirk Walter
City: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Tel: 14 404 472  Fax: 13 88 0841
Skype: dirk_walter
Email: [email protected]
Hydrotek International.
We Manufacture and Supply water storage products. Mesh reservoirs, Panel Tanks, Concrete Dam Liner's & Water Tanks.
Contact: Charl
City: Edenville, Johannesburg
Tel: 11 974 5715  Fax: 11 974 5717
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Imvusa Retail Solutions
Our Company is based in Cape Town and able to provide you with all aspects of the fishing industry from crew to engineers to assistance with off loading and packaging. We operate 24/7. Call us for all your staffing requirements
Contact: Debbie Sloth-Nielsen
City: Cape Town, Western Cape
Tel: +27833823016 
+27 867737960
Skype:  debbie.slotl.nielsen
Email: [email protected]
Kajiki Fishing CC.
Member/Owner of Kajiki Fishing for 12 years. 35 years experience in the fishing industry particularly in supplying to commercial and recreational Tuna Pole, rod and reel vessels. Products also supplied to Longline and linefish vessels. All products hand assembled with dedication and care.
Contact: Nicholas de Kock
City: Cape Town
Tel: 21 790 5113  Fax: 21 790 5113
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Lobster Mobster (Pty) Ltd
Fishermen, producers, processors, exporters and wholesalers of Fresh & frozen Tuna, Frozen Hake and Frozen and Live West Coast Rock Lobster.
Contact: Ronnie
City: Saldahna Bay, Western Province
Tel:  +27214614488
Skype: ronnielipman
Email: [email protected]
LogTag Temperature Recorders
Manufacturers of temperature recording devices. They are extensively used for local and export cold chain validation, cold room monitoring etc..
Contact: Ashleigh Koster
Tel: +27 21 855 0056 
+27 086 644 7173
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]

South African Seafood Companies  [ A - L ]   [ M - Z ]

Government Contacts & Information Resources for
Commercial Fishing, Seafood, Aquaculture, Marine & Oceans in South Africa


Fishery and Aquaculture Country Profile for South Africa - aquatic species caught by country or area, by species items, by FAO major fishing areas, and year, for all commercial, industrial, recreational and subsistence purposes. The harvest from mariculture, aquaculture and other kinds of fish farming is also included.


South African Bureau of Standards - We prepare and publish South African National Standards (identified by the letters SANS) reflecting national consensus on a wide range of subjects, aimed at improving the quality of life of all South Africans. Increasingly these are being harmonised with International Standards in order to facilitate trade.


The South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research (SANCOR) is a non-statutory body that generates and communicates knowledge and advice. It promotes the wise and informed use and management of marine and coastal resources and environments.


Marine Linefish Research Group - To focus and co-ordinate linefish research efforts and direction. To formulate and prioritise linefish research projects. To solicit funding for linefish research projects. To facilitate the transfer of linefish research results to managers and users. To organise periodic workshops and conferences


Consortium for Estuarine Research and Management (CERM) - CERM aims to provide a platform for affiliated organisations and individuals with diverse expertise to collaborate in promoting the wise management of estuarine systems. This is achieved through joint participation in directed research, training, and information and technology sharing.


The Ocean Data and Information Network for Africa (ODINAFRICA) brings together marine institutions from twenty-five Member States of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO from Africa (Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Comoros, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, United Republic of Tanzania, Togo, and Tunisia). The goal of the current phase of ODINAFRICA is to improve the management of coastal and marine resources and the environment in participating countries by: enhancing data flows into the national oceanographic data and information centres in the participating countries, strengthening the capacity of these centres to analyse and interpret the data so as to develop products required for integrated management of the coastal areas of Africa, and increase the delivery of services to end users.


International Association of Fish Inspectors - Fish, seafood and associated products that are safe, of acceptable quality and readily available for sale in the world's marketplaces. The International Association of Fish Inspectors (IAFI) is a new and growing organization serving the world fish inspection community. As stated in our Charter, IAFI exists to promote the exchange of ideas and information, foster interaction, understanding and professional collaboration among individuals, organizations, and governments, disseminate knowledge about fish, seafood, and associated products inspection, and promote advancement of the state-of-the-art in fish inspection research and education.


Marine Research Institute (MA-RE) - University of Cape Town - The Marine Research Institute is a dynamic, multidisciplinary institute based at the University of Cape Town. The institute’s greatest strength is the intellectual depth and range of its academic staff. It has over forty tenured researchers from a range of faculties and research units undertaking research in the marine and other “salty” water arena


AQUASTAT is FAO's global information system on water and agriculture developed by the Land and Water Division. It collects, analyses and disseminates data and information by country and by region. Its aim is to provide users interested in global, regional and national analyses with comprehensive information related to water resources and agricultural water management across the world, with emphasis on countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Information for South Africa


Ocean Health Index South Africa - The Ocean Health Index is a valuable tool for the ongoing assessment of ocean health. By providing a means to advance comprehensive ocean policy and compare future progress, the Index can inform decisions about how to use or protect marine ecosystems. The Index is a collaborative effort, made possible through contributions from more than 65 scientists/ocean experts and partnerships between organizations including the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, Sea Around Us, Conservation International, National Geographic, and the New England Aquarium. Information for South Africa



Eastern Cape Development Corporation - Aquaculture and mariculture are growing in the province and have good potential for further expansion as farming of captive fish respond to the global decline in capture fisheries. The province has a small, but vibrant fisheries sector producing most of South Africa’s squid. Other products include hake, south coast rock lobster and various linefish species.


The Eastern Cape has 800km of coastline and numerous inland water bodies that provide good opportunities for aquaculture operations and fisheries.

The fishing industry in the Eastern Cape generates over R400-million (US$53 million) a year and employs 3 500 people in both primary and secondary production.  The majority of the fishing infrastructure is concentrated in the Port Elizabeth Harbour where cold-storage and export facilities exist.

Of the R535 million (US$71 million) worth of animal and animal products exported from the Eastern Cape each year, R411 million of this is related directly to fisheries and aquaculture - this equates to 78% of the total animal and animal product exports from the province.

Cuttlefish and squid form the largest part of the fisheries exports (R300 million/US$40 million) followed by sardines (R26 million/US$3,5 million), fish and abalone.  Export markets for aquaculture and fisheries from the Eastern Cape include Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In terms of aquaculture as an industry in the Eastern Cape, the province currently ranks second, behind the Western Cape, in terms of the growth and development.  Successful commercial operations have proved that the Eastern Cape is an ideal location for fin-fish aquaculture.  In the past five years a number of investments into aquaculture in the province have proved the viability and potential for this type of production.  The availability of suitable land-based sites for production, the water temperature and the location of industrial development zones (in East London and Port Elizabeth) all contribute to a favourable growth and production environment.

Both the Coega and East London IDZ's have established themselves as aquaculture industrial and manufacturing hubs with investments totalling over R75 million in this industry.  Aquaculture investments in the province over the past four years have included:

  • A prawn-farming venture in the Coega IDZ;
  • A kob hatchery in the East London IDZ;
  • The expansion of a successful abalone farm on the Eastern Cape east coast;
  • A marine caged fin-fish project in the Nelson Mandela Bay; and
  • An in-land kob farming operation 30km outside East London.


 Mariculture opportunities available to investors who are considering the Eastern Cape include:

  • Abalone culture - a limited number of sites exist for onshore farming of abalone. Its high export potential to markets in the Far East make this an attractive investment opportunity.
  • Abalone ranching - certain marine zones along the coast have been identified as being suitable for abalone ranching. However, these opportunities are dependent on the finalization of the ranching strategy by Marine & Coastal Management (national government).
  • Offshore cage culture of fin-fish - ECDC has completed a Strategic Environmental Assessment for offshore mariculture zones in Algoa- and St Francis Bay. This assessment has found that significant potential exists for investment into this type of primary production. Irvin and Johnson (I&J), a large South African national fishing and processing company, are currently piloting a commercial operation in cage fin-fish in this area.



Southern African Marine Line Fish Species Profiles - Oceanographic Research Institute - This publication is a compilation of species profiles for 139 important marine line fish species from 38 families caught in southern African waters, including both teleosts and elasmobranchs. It provides a comprehensive update of a previous edition published in 2000. Where available, referenced information for each species is presented on distribution, movement, habitat, feeding, reproduction, biometrics, fishery, biological reference points, stock status, vulnerability, current regulations, management considerations and research requirements. Each profile is intended to be an up to date summary of what is currently known about the species in order to help users, managers and scientists to determine effective management plans, to ensure the future conservation and sustainable use of each species. The profiles are also intended to highlight the research needed to support the effective management of southern Africa's marine line fish resources.


Bonefish, Smallscale Bonefish (Albula oligolepis)
Black Sea catfish | Black Sea Barbel (Galeichthys ater)
White Sea Catfish | White Sea Barbel (Galeichthys feliceps)
Elephant fish (Callorhinchus capensis)
Blacktip Kingfish | Yellowtail Kingfish (Caranx heberi)
Giant Kingfish | Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis)
Brassy Kingfish | Greenspot Kingfish (Caranx papuensis)
Bigeye Kingfish | Bigeye Trevally (Caranx sexfasciatus)
Garrick (Lichia amia)
Queenfish | Talang Queenfish (Scomberoides commersonnianus)
Greater Amberjack | Greater Yellowtail (Seriola dumerili)
Giant Yellowtail | Cape Yellowtail | Geelstert (Seriola lalandi)
Longfin Amberjack | Longfin Yellowtail (Seriola rivoliana)
Southern Pompano | African Pompano (Trachinotus africanus)
Largespot Pompano | Wave Trevally (Trachinotus botla)
Copper Shark | Bronze Whaler (Carcharhinus brachyurus)
Zambezi Shark| Bull Shark (Carcharinus leucas)
Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus limbatus)
Dusky Shark | Ridgeback Grey Shark (Carcharhinus obscurus)
Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier)
Blue Shark (Prionace glauca)
Milk Shark | Grey Dogshark (Rhizoprionodon cutus)
Bank Steenbras (Chirodactylus grandis)
Natal Fingerfin | Natal Banky (Chirodactylus jessicalenorum)
Mahi Mahi | Dorado | Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus)
Blue Stingray (Dasyatis chrysonota)
Diamond Ray | Butterfly Ray (Gymnura natalensis)
Sharpnose Stingray | Brown Stingray (Himantura gerrardi)
Honeycomb Stingray | Marbled Stingray | Leopard Stingray (Himantura uarnak)
Galjoen | Damba (Dichistius capensis)
Banded Galjoen (Dichistius multifasciatus)
Cave Bass | Lampfish | Lantern Fish (Dinoperca petersi)
Springer | Ladyfish | Tenpounder (Elops machnata)
Snoek | Cape Snoek | Barracouta (Thyrsites atun)
Dusky Ruberlip (Plectorhinchus chubbi)
Lemonfish (Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus)
White Barred Rubberlip (Plechtorhinchus playfairi)
Spotted Grunter | Spotty | Tiger (Pomadasys commersonnii)
Grey Grunter | Banded Grunter (Pomadasys furcatus)
Javelin Grunter | Mof Grunter (Pomadasys kaakan)
Piggy | Pinky | Olive Grunter (Pomadasys olivaceus)
Cow Shark | Broadnosed Seven Gill Shark (Notorynchus cepedianus)
Black Marlin (Istiompax indica)
Sailfish | Indo-Pacific Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus)
Striped Marlin (Kajikia audax)
Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans)
Stone Bream | Stinker (Neoscorpis lithophilus)
Great White Shark | White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias)
Shortfin Mako | Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)
Yellowfin Emperor | Yellowtail Emperor (Lethrinus crocineus)
Blue Emperor | Spangled Emperor (Lethrinus nebulosus)
Green Jobfish (Aprion virenscens)
River Snapper | Mangrove Snapper | Mangrove Jack (Lutjanus argentimaculatus)
Speckled Snapper | Bluberlip Snapper (Lutjanus rivulatus)
Blood Snapper | Humphead Snapper (Lutjanus sanguineus)
Emperor Snapper | Red Emperor Snapper (Lutjanus sebae)
Protea Bream | Yellowtail fusilier (Paracaesio xanthura)
Rosy Jobfish | Crimson Jobfish (Pristipomoides filamentosus)
Ox Eye Tarpon | Indo-Pacific Tarpon (Megalops cyprinoides)
Shallow Water Hake | Cape Hake (Merluccius capensis)
Southern Mullet (Liza richardsonii)
Striped Mullet (Liza tricuspidens)
Grey Mullet | Flathead Mullet (Mugil cephalus)
Eagle Ray (Myliobatis anquila)
Spotted Ragged Tooth Shark | Grey Nurse Shark | Sand Tiger Shark (Carcharius taurus)
Cape Knifejaw | Cuckoo Bass | Black Parrot Fish (Oplegnathus conwayi)
Natal Knifejaw | Cuckoo Bass (Oplegnathus robinsoni)
Bartail Flathead | River Gurnard | Sand Gurnard (Platycephalus indicus)
Shad | Bluefish | Tailor (Pomatomus saltatrix)

Cobia (Rachycentron canadum)
Lesser Guitar Fish | Lesser Sand Shark (Rhinobatos annulatus)
Giant Guitar Fish | Giant Sand Shark (Rhynchobatus djiddensis)
Silver Kob | Mild Meagre (Argyrosomus inodorus)
Dusky Kob | Kob | Giant Kob (Argyrosomus japonicus)
Square Tail Kob (Argyrosomus thorpei)
Geelbek | Cape Salmon | Silver Jewfish | Corvina | Teraglin (Atractoscion aequidens)
Small Kob | African Croaker (Johnius dorsalis)
Snapper Kob | Tigertooth Croaker (Otolithes ruber)
Belman | Tassel Fish (Umbrina robinsoni)
Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri)
Eastern Little Tuna | Kawa Kawa | Mackerel Tuna (Euthynnus affinis)
Skipjack Tuna | Ocean Bonito (Katsuwonus pelamis)
Chub Mackerel | Common Mackerel | Slimy Mackerel (Scomber japonicus)
King Mackerel | Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson)
Queen Mackerel | Natal Snowk | Serra (Scomberomorus plurilineatus)
Albacore | Longfin Tuna (Thunnus alalunga)
Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares)
Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus)
Pyjama Shark | Striped Cat Shark (Poroderma africanum)
Leopard Cat Shark (Poroderma pantherinum)
White Edged Rock Cod | Captain Fine (Ephinephelus albomarginatus)
Cat Face Rockcod | Brown Spotted Rock Cod (Ephiephelus andersoni)
Brindle Bass | Giant Grouper (Ephinephelus lanceolatus)
Malabar Rockcod (Epinephelus malabaricus)
Yellow Belly Rockcod | Dusky Grouper (Epinephelus marginatus)
Halfmoon Rock Cod (Epinephelus rivulatus)
Potato Bass | Potato Grouper (Epinephelus tukula)
River Bream | Perch (Acanthopagrus vagus)
King Soldier Bream (Agyrops spinifer)
Carpenter | Silverfish (Argyrozona argyrozona)
Fransmadam (Boopsoidea inornata)
Santer | Soldier | Santer Sea Bream (Cheimerius nufar)
Englishman (Chrysoblephus anglicus)
Daggerhead Sea Bream (Chrysoblephus cristiceps)
Red Stump Nose (Chrysoblephus gibbiceps)
Roman | Red Roman (Chrysoblephus laticeps)
False Englishman | False Red Stumpnose (Chrysoblephus lophus)
Slinger (Chrysoblephus puniceus)
Black Mussel Cracker (Cymatoceps nasutus)
Blacktail (Diplodus capensis)
Zebra Fish (Diplodus hottentotus)
Janbruin | John Brown (Cymnocrotaphus curvidens)
Westcoast Steenbras (Lithognathus aureti)
White Steenbras | Pignose Grunter (Lithognathus lithognathus)
Sand Steenbras (Lithognathus mormyrus)
Blue Hottentot (Pachymetopon aeneum)
Hottentot | Hottentot Seabream (Pachymetopon blochii)
Bronze Bream | Copper Bream | Bluefish (Pachymetopon Grande)
Sand Soldier (Pagellus natalensis)
Red Steenbras | Copper Steenbras (Petrus rupestris)
Trawl Soldier | Blueskin (Polysteganus coeruleopunctatus)
Scotsman (Polysteganus praeorbitalis)
Seventy-four Seabream (Polysteganus undulosus)
Dane (Porcostoma dentata)
Panga (Pterogymnus laniarius)
White Stumpnose (Rhabdosargus globiceps)
Cape Stumpnose | Silver Bream (Rhabdosargus holubi)
Natal Stumpnose | Yellowfin Bream | Goldlined Seabream (Rhabdosargus sarba)
Strepie | Karranteen (Sarpa salpa)
White Mueesl Cracker | Brusher | Cracker (Sparodon durbanensis)
Steentjie (Spondyliosoma emarginatum)
Great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)
Pickhandle Barracuda | Sea Pike (Sphyraena jello)
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna lewini)
Smooth Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna zygaena)
Soupfin Shark | Tope Shark (Galeorhinus galeus)
Smooth Hound Shark | Gummy Shark (Mustelus mustelus)
Spotted Gully Shark (Triakis megalopterus)
Swordfish | Broadbil (Xiphias gladius)

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