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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing Seafood Industry Contacts - Thailand A - L

We offer mostly white fish, such as, Alaska Pollack, Cod, Haddock, Hake, Sole, but also Salmon

 seafood products from Thailand, including raw and cooked Vannamei White Shrimp, Squid, Cuttlefish, Baby Octopus,


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Platinum Member Star
Siam Canadian Foods Co., Limited
Supplying a wide range of shrimp, fish, cephalopods and value added seafood products from Thailand, including raw and cooked Vannamei White Shrimp, Squid, Cuttlefish, Baby Octopus, Seafood Mix, Seafood Skewers, CO Tuna Loins, steaks and saku blocks, Red Mullet fillets and many more
Contact: James Gulkin
City: Bangkok
Tel:    +66 2 185 3311
Fax:   +66 2 185 3317
Email: [email protected]
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Ocean Fishery (Thai-Pak) Enterprises (OFTPE)
Ocean Fishery (Thai-Pak) Enterprises is one of the vibrant seafood exporters in Pakistan with HACCP, ISO 9001, UKAS, FDA & Halal certification. We have been contributing in the seafood industry for almost 40 years with our own 4 processing plants. Ocean Fishery (Thai-Pak) Enterprises provides a wide range of seafood products including: sea white shrimps, PUD, PND, rock lobster, silver pomfret, black pomfret, lady fish, sting ray, cuttle fish, loligo squid, Indian mackerel, sole fish, croaker (silver, yellow & Tiger Tooth), eel fish, grey mullet, Indian oil sardine, Ribbon Fish, Japanese Threadfin Bream, Leather Jacket Fish, White Pomfret, Chinese Pomfret, Conger Eel, Octopus, Loligo Squid Tube, Queen Fish, Brown Shrimp, Black Tiger Shrimp, Flower Tiger Shrimp, Sand Lobster, Green Lobster, Razor Clam, Top Shell (Baigai), Mud Crab, 3 Spotted Crab, Blue Swimming Crab, Spanish Mackerel, Hard Tail Mackerel, Catfish, Brown Stingray and many more on demand.
Contact: Imran Ali
City: Karachi Fish Harbour
Cell: +923002027007 & +923048009999
WhatsAp:   +92 300 2027007
WeChat:     +92 300 2027007
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company United European Seafood Traders Pte Ltd
Sea Frozen (FAS), single frozen on land and double frozen products. We offer raw material and reprocessed such as Alaska Pollock, Pacific Cod, Atlantic Cod, Yellow fin Sole, Rock Sole, Hake, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon Sockeye Salmon, Salmo Salar, Mackerel, Tuna, Ribbonfish, Tongue Sole, Squid and Cuttlefish, Shrimp from all possible origins. Fillets, nuggets, portions, steaks and bits and pieces in blocks, interleaved and IQF and vacuum packed.
Contact: Mr. Richard Bergonje
City: Singapore
Tel:  +65 9482 0098
+65 9482 0098
Skype: richard.bergonje
Email: [email protected]


Marine Frozen Foods Co. Ltd
Marine Frozen Foods Co. Ltd is today synonymous with growing internationally with quality products. Our office/factory is situated in Samut Sakhon, Thailand. Marine Frozen Foods Co. Ltd. Has created a name for itself in the local & export industry & has more than 11 years of experience in the seafood domestic & export market. We export frozen fish like rohu, rohu steak, pangasius wg, pangasius steak, mrigal, karfu, silver carp, black tilapia, black tilapia fillet, red tilapia, red tilapia fillet, catfish, snapper, red snapper, pomfret, barramundi, seabass fillet, puti, koi, mokha, keski, kingfish, ribbonfish, grouper, long tail, tuna, threadfin bream, vannamei pd, pud, scampi, cuttlefish, lobster, soft shell crab, mud crab, snakehead fish, bacha fish, rohu egg, rohu milt.
Contact: Z.H Opi / Gil Gil Enmanuel
City: Samut Sakhon
Tel:  +66944081700 +66636017374
Skype: -
Email: [email protected],
[email protected]
All Blue Sky Co. Ltd.
Seafood processing, marine or aquaculture. All available.
Contact: Romeo
City: Amphur Muang
Tel: 868 464 600  Fax: 2701 0003
Skype: run_runrun
Email: Email All Blue Sky Co
Asia Royal Seafood Co. Ltd.
Mainly processing in shrimps such as Sea Tiger, Sea White and Sea Pink for HOSO, HLSO, PPV/PD, PDTO and PUD. Also packed and processed for Soft Shell Crab Whole round and Whole Cleaned for market requirement. Seasonally packed for Cuttle fish and Squids for Whole round and Fillet
Contact: Mr.Moe min aung
City: Ranong
Tel: 77 833 197  Fax: 77 833 139
Email: Email Asia Royal Seafood Co
Asian Union Export
Our company Asian Union was established in 1985, our head office is in Bangkok Thailand, and one office in Vietnam, our main product is canned tuna and canned sardines, rice, sugar, sunflower oil mainly food items
Contact: Samera Paracha
City: Bangkok
Tel:  +66 0813725474
Skype: -
Email: [email protected] 
A1 Taiwan Trawlers Tuna Fish Ltd.
We are Taiwanese tuna trawler company specialise in tuna fish, sashimi premium grade. Unloading fish in Phuket fishing port, ready for exporting country. Local restaurant owners are welcome. We also buy shark fin.
Contact: Mr.Tomas Lew.
City: Phuket
Tel: 76 242 840  Fax: 76 242 840
Skype: tomaslew2000
Email: Email A1 Taiwan Trawlers Tuna Fish Ltd
Aura Barter Co., Ltd
Aura Barter Company Limited is founded since 2001 and has initiated the business of sourcing and supplying Packaging and Food Chemicals in order to support the food manufacturing in Thailand and international markets, mainly in frozen seafood business sector.
Contact: Thipsuda Sangthien
City: Luksi Bangkok,
Tel: 2 940 9365  Fax: 2 940 9366
Skype: -
Email: Email Aura Barter Co
Baaeco V Food
We are supplier and exporter of dried anchovy and dried Sprats to worldwide market. We pack in retail pack and bulk for your particular market and as per your requirement.
Contact: Wichaidit T
City: Bangkok
Tel: 2 559 3133   Fax: 2 559 0984
Skype: -
Email: Email Baaeco V Food
Best Global Seafood Marketing Co., Ltd
We are seafood trader company. We focus mainly on the quality of product which control by our QC team who has over 20-year-experience. We deliver the best quality of seafood product as a frozen. Our main product is White shrimp, sea tiger shrimp, pink shrimp, Vannamei Shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, Rohu, Mrigal, snapper, sea bass, Tilapia, Pangasius fillet.
Contact: Benz Veerasak
City: Bangkok
Tel: +66 2 670 0070  
+66 2 670 1391
Skype: -
Email: Email Best Global Seafood Marketing
Bio-Lab Aqua Marketing Company
Our company offer live sand-goby or soon hock fingerling from 1 inch onward. Live shrimp brooder (p. vannamei) and tiger prawn. Please email for more detail.
Contact: Tomas Lew
City: Phuket Town, Phuket
Tel: 089 195 0722  Fax: 076 393 090
Skype: -
Email: Email Bio-Lab Aqua Marketing Company
Collins International Seafood Co. Ltd
We are glad to introduce our firm as seafood Importer and sale domestic market. our main products are Indian Mackerel, Loligo Squid Tubes, Golden Thread fin Bream, Silver Sillago, Cuttle Fish
Contact: Mr. Nick Collins
City: Ranong
Tel: +66 77 839 457 
+66 77 839 454
Skype: -
Email: Email Collins International Seafood
C.P.N. Marketing Co., Ltd
We are the innovative seafood processing aid manufacturer, our product is Non-Phosphate seafood additive for water retention and quality/appearance improvement. Non-Phosphate seafood processing aids X-FOS 269, X-FOS 101
Contact: Mr. Voravith Pornvitvorakul
City: Bangkok
Tel: 2 892 4495  Fax: 2 892 2453
Skype: -
Email: Email C.P.N. Marketing Co
Chenchira Cajareon
A frozen seafood exporter and a full-service provider with customers throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, USA and Latin America. We are qualified to supply a wide range of seafood from Asia. Soft shell crab, blue crab, live mud crab, Live Alaskan crabs, Live Dungeness crab, crab meat, Nile Perch, Rock Lobster, Slipper Lobster, Vietnam Lobster, Lobster Tail, Boston Lobster, West Coast Lobster, Black Tiger Shrimp, Vannamei Shrimp, Scampi, Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish, Salmon products, Yellowfin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Haddock, Hake Jacopver, John Dory, Kingklip, monkfish, sailfish, marlin, swordfish, dorado - Mahi Mahi, Spanish Mackerel, Yellowtail, Maasbanker - horse mackerel, pilchards & sardines, barracouta snoek, tilapia, cape gurnard, red mullet, ribbonfish, mussels cod products, European Oysters, Pacific Oysters, Red Snapper, dried seafood products including anchovy, seahorse, fish maws, sea dragon fish, fish skin leather, round scad, yellowstripe scad, fish scale and sea cucumber.
Contact: Somchai Putran
City: Bang Kapi District, Bangkok
Tel:  +66 64 459 9410
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Dech Fishery Co., Ltd.
Dech Fishery or Dechmanee Group is a chain of companies in seafood chains. We have one of the largest fishing groups in Thailand, with a fishing fleet consisting of about 50 fishing vessels, a group of reefer carrier vessels, cold storage and processing factory at Bangkok, Thailand, and activities and seafood trade and marketing. Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Groupers, Snappers, Ribbon Fish, Tongue Sole, Halibut, Threadfin Bream, Indian Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel.
Contact: Paitoon Panamiko
City: A.Muang Samutprakarn
Tel: 2 703 3017 / 86 951 8484 
2 701 0003
Skype: -
Email: Email Dech Fishery Co
Food Project (Siam) Co., Ltd.
Food Project (Siam) Co., Ltd. has been established since 1988. They are the No.1 largest seafood importer and distributor in Thailand. They are the pioneer introducing variety of seafood products from all over the world to Thailand market. They have sales and distribution networks covering every market segments of Thailand market nationwide with 200 experienced working staffs.
Contact: Mr. Pramote Pruang-aksorn
City: Yanawa, Bangkok
Tel: 2 678 2525  Fax: 2 678 1881
Skype: -
Email: Email Food Project (Siam) Co
Frozen Ocean Ltd.
We are international seafood exporter and trading company with strategic sourcing network around the world covering Asia, Europe, USA, South America countries. We aim to offer our customers with the best quality seafood products from the right sources at reasonable and affordable price. Frozen Squid: Illex Squid, Giant Squid, Loligo Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus. Fish, Tuna, Salmon: Mackerel, Round scad, sardine, Barramundi, Tuna, Salmon. Shell: Shrimp, Blue crab, 3spot crab, topshell, baigai, razor clam, baby clam, mussel, scallop. Brand Names: FrozenOcean, Captain TJ
Contact: James Xu
City: China & Thailand
Tel: +66866681604
Skype: tarbiz_1
Email: [email protected]  
Gallant Ocean Thailand Co Ltd
We are specializing in frozen seafood process business, export to US, Japan, Europe etc. Our product range including fish, shrimp and breaded products. Red & Black Tilapia, baby octopus, catfish, cuttlefish, loligo squid, shrimp - vannamei, sea, black tiger, Breaded Butterfly Shrimp, Breaded Torpedo Shrimp, Breaded Shrimp Burger, Breaded Squid ring, Breaded Soft Shell Crab, Breaded Fish Fillet, Octopus Karaage, Spring Roll Shrimp, Shrimp Fritter .
Contact: Kay Liu
City: Mahachai, Samut Sakhon
Tel:   +66 34836175-7 
  +66 34836542
Skype: gallant-ocean.kayliu
Email: Email Gallant Ocean Thailand
Global Menu Solutions Co., Ltd.
Global Menu Solutions Co., Ltd. is dedicated to making the very best 100% natural food products. G.M.S. specializes in Private Labeling and value added signature menu items for the retail and foodservice hospitality industries, as well as the healthcare and Quick Service Restaurant (Q.S.R.) sectors. seafood, all natural seafood, frozen seafood, value added seafood, breaded oysters, oysters, frozen oysters, fish, grouper, tilapia, appetizers, seafood appetizers, hor d'oeuvres, pies, ready meals, frozen meals, healthcare meals, retail meals, foodservice meals, pasta meals, rice meals, Italian meals, Thai meals, asian meals, chicken meals, chicken breast, baked goods, pies, blueberry, banana, apple. Headless Sea Bream, Headless Sillago, Headless Sea Trout, Headless Indian Mackerel, Shrimp Double Skewer
Contact: Joe Fuda
City: Mahachai, Samut Sakhon
Tel: 34 423 839  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Global Menu Solutions
Global Solutions
Our Sea Horse is sun dried, natural, no chemicals, beautiful sample, highly quality, good for healthy, has many sizes. We also supply sea cucumber, we also supply Shark fins, Sea Horse and also process fish maws, Vannamei shrimps, black tiger shrimps, fish, crabs and snails.
Contact: Tek Nuk
City: Tambol Rassada, Phuket
Tel: +66941038095  Fax: -
Skype: dashgreen65
Email: Email Global Solutions
Golden Sea Frozen Foods Co., Ltd
Processors and exporters of frozen Seafood and value added to World Wide including tilapia, barramundi, vannamei, black tiger shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, octopus
Contact: Ms. Jidapa Luesukprasert
City: Mahachai, Samutsakorn
Tel: 34 820 841-2  Fax: 34 820 695 - 6
Skype: -
Email: Email Golden Sea Frozen Foods
International Seafood Entrepreneur
We offer reliable sources of high quality Frozen/Canned & Dried Seafoods, Fish etc, at competitive prices from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Oman, Yemen, South Africa, but not limited to: Frozen Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Tuna (Skipjack/Yellowfin/Albacore), Sardine, Mackerel, Pangasius fillets etc.
Contact: Maetee Sethasuwan
City: Bangkok
Tel: 2 454 2479  Fax: 2 454 2479
Skype: excel45skype
Email: Email International Seafood Entrepreneur
J-Fac Co. Ltd
Founded in 1990, a manufacturer/exporter of frozen seafoods, fruits and vegetables committed to quality products under implementation of GMP and HACCP standard. Presently, we export to countries worldwide such as E.U., Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia etc. with English, Japanese and Chinese language are welcome. Processors and exporters of Frozen seafoods - Cuttlefish (Sepia spp.), White clam meat (Meretrix spp.), Baby clam (Paphia Undulata), Baby octopus (octopus spp.), Squid (Loligo spp.), Seafood mix
Contact: Mr.Juthin Thaploka
City: Bangkok
Tel: 2 289 2903 / 2  289 0257 
2 289 0281
Skype: -
Email: Email J-Fac Co. Ltd
Kalmarine Foods Pvt Ltd
We are a seafood processor in India with a sourcing office in Thailand. We supply all kind of seafood from all over the world.
Contact: B.P.Khaitan
City: -
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Kalmarine Foods
Kantang Seafood Co., Ltd
We are one of Thailand's leading manufacturers and exporters of frozen products e.g. Surimi (Fish Paste), Seafood, Fishes, Squid, Cuttlefish, Soft Shell Crab, and various values added products to world market.
Contact: Alex
City: Trang
Tel: 75 251 275  Fax: 75 252 007
Skype: -
Email: Email Kantang Seafood Co
Kongphop Frozen Foods Co., Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of frozen seafood worldwide e.g. shrimps, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, mussel, clam, scallop, seafood mix, fish and fillets, soft shell crab, breaded seafood (pre-fry, ovenable), dim sum, ready meals
Contact: Siriporn L
City: Samut Sakhon
Tel: +66 34 833403 
+66 34 833410
Skype: -
Email: Email Kongphop Frozen Foods
L.S. Plus
Importers, Exporters and wholesale Suppliers of Fish Maws. Datina (male and female) fish maw, dried elf fish maw, fried pangasius fish maw, triangle fish maw, funnel fish maw, sea cucumber and other fish maw products.
Contact: Palin
City: Samutprakan
Tel: +6621821131 
Skype: -
Email: Email L.S. Plus
LENK Frozen Foods (Asia) Co., Ltd
We are sourcing and exporting all kinds of frozen Seafood products originating from Asia such as Shrimp, fish- and fish fillets, cephalopods, breaded and pre-fried products, all kinds of value addition and finger-food
Contact: Mr. Vo Phuoc Loi
City: Bangkok
Tel: 2 713 7820  Fax: 2 713 7825
Skype: sea-scout.loivo
Email: Email LENK Frozen Foods (Asia)
Lucky Cannery Co., Ltd.
Lucky Cannery Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. We are a manufacturer and exporter of canned fish. Our main products are canned sardines, canned mackerels, private brand canned food and made- to- order. We supply to international markets such as USA, Asia Pacific region, Latin America, Europe and Africa.
Contact: Ms. Sirithorn Srisaowakul
City: Samutsakhon
Tel: 483 9483 / 5  Fax: 483 9482
Skype: -
Email: email Lucky Cannery Co

Thailand Seafood Contacts - A-L - M-Z 

Government Contacts & Information Resources for
Commercial Fishing, Seafood, Aquaculture, Marine & Oceans in Thailand


Fishery and Aquaculture Country Profile for Thailand - aquatic species caught by country or area, by species items, by FAO major fishing areas, and year, for all commercial, industrial, recreational and subsistence purposes. The harvest from mariculture, aquaculture and other kinds of fish farming is also included.


Department of Fisheries - Fisheries management in Thailand has started since B.E. 2444 (1901) with the purpose to collect taxes and tariffs and to ensure the steady contribution of fish supply for its national consumption as well as export. On 22 September B.E.2464 (1921) , King Rama VI declared a Royal Announcement which entitled the Ministry of Land and Agriculture for the responsibility of aquaculture, preservation of aquatic animals, recommendation on closed fishing gears harmful to aquatic animals.


National Institute of Coastal Aquaculture - The centre of basic science and applied science research on coastal fisheries. The center of coastal aquaculture development and promotion and training personnel from both government and private sectors.


Mekong River Commission - was formed on 5 April 1995 by an agreement between the governments of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam. The four countries signed The Agreement on the Cooperation for the Sustainable Development of the Mekong River Basin and agreed on joint management of their shared water resources and development of the economic potential of the river.


International Association of Fish Inspectors - Fish, seafood and associated products that are safe, of acceptable quality and readily available for sale in the world's marketplaces. The International Association of Fish Inspectors (IAFI) is a new and growing organization serving the world fish inspection community. As stated in our Charter, IAFI exists to promote the exchange of ideas and information, foster interaction, understanding and professional collaboration among individuals, organizations, and governments, disseminate knowledge about fish, seafood, and associated products inspection, and promote advancement of the state-of-the-art in fish inspection research and education.


Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA) - NACA is an intergovernmental organisation that promotes rural development through sustainable aquaculture. NACA seeks to improve rural income, increase food production and foreign exchange earnings and to diversify farm production. The ultimate beneficiaries of NACA activities are farmers and rural communities. Current member governments are Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, I.R. Iran, Korea (DPR), Lao PDR, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam.


ASEAN Seafood Federation (ASF) - ASEAN Seafood Federation (ASF) has been established on May 12, 2009, joining the leading national seafood producers and exporters’ associations of ASEAN countries. Its core members are: Brunei Darussalam Aquaculture Producers Alliance Cooperative (BAPA), Fresh & Frozen Seafood Association of the Philippines (FFSAP), Indonesian Frozen Seafood Association (AP5I), Malaysian Frozen Food Processors Association (MFFPA), Myanmar Fishery Products Processors & Exporters Association (MPEA), the Thai Frozen Food Association (TFFA) and the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP)



Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center - For four decades, SEAFDEC has been recognized by the Member Countries as an organization that promotes sustainable fisheries development in the region on various aspects. Activities are conducted under interdisciplinary approach covering – responsible fisheries and aquaculture technologies and practices, post-harvest technology, international and intra-regional fish trade, fisheries management concepts and approaches, policy and advisory services, and addressing international fisheries issues.


AQUASTAT is FAO's global information system on water and agriculture developed by the Land and Water Division. It collects, analyses and disseminates data and information by country and by region. Its aim is to provide users interested in global, regional and national analyses with comprehensive information related to water resources and agricultural water management across the world, with emphasis on countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Information for Thailand


Ocean Health Index Thailand - The Ocean Health Index is a valuable tool for the ongoing assessment of ocean health. By providing a means to advance comprehensive ocean policy and compare future progress, the Index can inform decisions about how to use or protect marine ecosystems. The Index is a collaborative effort, made possible through contributions from more than 65 scientists/ocean experts and partnerships between organizations including the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, Sea Around Us, Conservation International, National Geographic, and the New England Aquarium. Information for Thailand


Thailand Seafood Products:

Alutera Monoceros
Anabas Testudineus
Argurosomus Macrocephalus
Argyrosomus Argentatus
Asian Seabass
Baby Clam
Baby Octopus Block
Bar Snapper From
Baraculla Block
Barramundi Fillet
Big Eye Travelly
Black Pomfret
Black Tiger Prawn
Black Tiger Shrimp
Black Tiger/ White
Blackmouth Goosefish
Blanched Cuttlefish Fillets
Blanched Squid Rings
Blanched Squid Tentacles
Blue Mackerel
Blue Shark
Breaded Crab Claw
Breaded Shrimp
Buttefly White Shrimp
Butter Fish
Butterfly Clean Tail Shrimp
Butterfly Cut Shrimp
Buttlyfly Shrimp
Caranx Sexfaselatus
Carassius Auratus
Carnax Sexfaselatus
Carving Squid Roll
Catfish Fillets
Catla Catla
Channa Striatus
Chanos Chanos
Chinese Pomfret
Choerodon Schoenleini
Cirrihirus Mrigala
Clanias Fuscug
Clarias Fuscus
Clarias Macrocephalus
Cleaned Tilapia
Climbing Perch
Cocktail Shrimp (Tail-On)
Cololabis Saira
Color Dice
Conger Eel
Conger Eel Block
Cooked Easy Peel Shrimp
Cooked Head On Shell On Shrimp
Cooked Headless Shell On Easy Peel Shrimp
Cooked Headless Shell On Easy Peel White Shrimp
Cooked Headless Shell On Shrimp
Cooked Pdto Shrimp
Cooked Shrimp
Cooked Tail-Off Shrimp
Cooked Tail-Off White Shrimp
Cooked White Shrimp
Coryphaena Hippurus
Crab Ball
Crab Nugget
Crab Stick
Crispy Shrimp Ball
Croaker Block
Croceine Croaker
Cuttle Fish Ball
Cuttle Fish Fillet
Cuttle Fish Head
Cuttle Fish Head Half Cut
Cuttle Fish Whole
Cuttle Fish Whole Round In Box
Cuttle Fish Yellow Spot
Cuttlefish (Sepia Spp.)
Cuttlefish Fillets
Cuttlefish Fillets Matsukasa
Cynoglossus Spp.
Dace Fish
Decapterus Russell
Ebi Ten
Epinephelus Spp.
Eviscerated Octopus
False Travelly
Fillet Baby Cuttlefish
Fish Chip
Fish Tofu Bun
Formio Niger
Fresh Shrimp
Fresh Water Shrimp ( Peeled Deveined Tail-On
Freshwater Fish
Fried Seafood Tofu Curd
Frozen Baby Octopus
Frozen Black Tiger Cooked Then Peeled Shrimp
Frozen Black Tiger Peeled Deveined Tail-Off
Frozen Black Tiger Peeled Deveined Tail-On
Frozen Black Tiger Peeled Undeveined Shrimp
Frozen Cuttlefish Fillet
Frozen Fresh Water Shrimp
Frozen Loligo Squid
Frozen Seafood Mix
Frozen Shrimp
Frozen Slipper Labster
Frozen Spanner Crab
Giant Octopus
Giant River Shrimp
Golden Fish Ball
Golden Threadfin
Grey Mullet
H/On White Shrimp
Hair Tail
Hilsa Ilisha
Hoy Jor
Illex Argentinus
Illex Squid
Illex Squid Tube
Imitation Crab Bite
Imitation Crab Chunk
Imitation Crab Claw
Imitation Crab Meat
Imitation Squilla
Indian Halibut
Indo-Pacific King Mackerel
Inkless & Gutted Baby Octopus
Japanese Butterfish
Japanese Sea Bass
Japanese Sea Bass Fillet
Japanese Spanish Mackerel
Kagiki Steak
Katsuwonus Pelamis
King Fish
King Fish Fillet
Koban Roller
Labeo Rohita
Land Frozen Fish
Land Frozen Loligo Squid
Land Frozen Poulp Squid
Larimichtys Crocea
Larimichtys Polyaitis
Latealabrax Japonicus
Lates Calcarifer
Leather Jacket
Lethrinus Lentjan
Live Harvest Shrimp
Live Spanner Crab
Lobster Ball With Stuffing
Loligo Formosana
Lophiomus Setigerus
Lutjanus Spp.
Mackerel Pike
Macrobrachiam Rosenbergii
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi Fillet
Marinated Shrimp
Marine Products
Mctapenaeopsis Barbata
Micropterus Salmeides
Milk Fish
Mugil Cephalus
Mussel Meat
Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel
Nemipterus Spp.
Nemipterus Virgatus
Ngoh Hiang
Nobashi Ebi
North-Pacific Squid Steak
Notopterus Chitala
Oboro Tsuki
Octopus Ball
Octopus Dolifusi
Octopus Dollfusi
Octopus Vulgaris
Oil Fish Fillet
Ommastrepteso Bartrami
Oreochromis Niloticus
P&D Cooked White Shrimp
P&D Shrimp
P&D White Shrimp
Pacific Dorey
Pampus Argenteus
Pampus Argentus
Pampus Chinensis
Pangasius Hypopnthalnus
Pangasius Micronemus
Pangasius Pangasius
Pangasius Sutchi
Parrot Fish
Parupeneus Heptacanthus
Pdto Shrimp
Peeled Black Tiger Shrimp
Peeled Deveined Tail Off Black Tiger Shrimp
Peeled Headless
Penaeus Duorarum
Penaeus Indicus
Penaeus Monodon
Pendalus Eous
Peraeus Penicillatus
Plectorhynchus Pictus
Pony Fish
Popcorn Shrimp
Portunus Pelagicus
Poulp Squid
Prawn Bread Crumbs
Pre-Fried Shrimp
Psenopsis Aomala
Pseudosciaena Crocea
Pto Shrimp
Pto White Shrimp
Pud Shrimp
Pud Black Tiger Shrimp
Puntius Gonionotus
Purple Spotted Big Eye
Purple Spotted Big Eye Headless
Ranina Ranina
Raw Tail-Off White Shrimp
Raw Cuttlefish Fillets
Raw Head On Shell On Shrimp
Raw Head On Shell On White Shrimp
Raw Headless Shell On Butterfly Shrimp
Raw Headless Shell On Easy Peel Shrimp
Raw Headless Shell On Easy Peel White Shrimp
Raw Headless Shell On Shrimp
Raw P&D/Pud Tail-On Shrimp
Raw Pto Butterfly Shrimp
Raw Pto Butterfly White Shrimp
Raw Shrimp
Raw Squid Rings
Raw Squid Tentacles
Raw Tail-Off Shrimp
Raw Tail-Off White Shrimp
Raw Tail-On Skewers Shrimp
Raw Tail-On Skewers White Shrimp
Raw Tail-On White Shrimp
Red Drum
Red Drum Fillet
Red Mullet
Red Pud Shrimp
Red Snapper
Red Spot Emperor
Ribbon Fish
River Cobbler
Round P&D Tail-Off Shrimp
Round Scad
Salmon Ball
Sciaenops Ocellatus
Scomberomorus Commersoni
Scyllarus Cultrifer
Sea Caught While Shrimp
Sea Frozen Cuttle Fish
Sea Frozen Cuttlefish
Sea Frozen Fish
Sea Frozen Lobster
Sea Frozen Loligo Squid
Sea Frozen Octopus
Sea Frozen Slipper Lobster
Seafood Raw Material
Seafood Roll
Seafood Tofu
Seaweed Roll
Seer Fish
Sepia Esculenta
Sepia Pharaonis
Serrasalmus Nirgatus
Sesame Shrimp Toast
Shirimp Chip
Shrimp Ball
Shrimp Cake
Shrimp Paste On Sugar Cane Stick
Shrimp Product
Shrimp Ring
Shrimp Rings
Shrimp Roll
Shrimp Wedges
Siliver Barb
Sillago Silhama
Silver Pennah Croaker
Silver Pomfret
Silver Sillago
Skin Packed Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce
Skin Packed White Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce
Skinless Cutle Fish
Skinless Cuttle Fish
Skinpacked Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce
Skinpacked White Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce
Skipjack Tuna
Slipper Lobster
Slipper Lobster Mea
Slipper Lobster Meat
Slipper Lobster Tail
Slipper Lobster Tail Pack
Slit Squid Fillet
Snake Head Fish
Soft Shell Crab
Sole Fish
Sole Fish Big Scale
Sole Fish Fine Scale
Spanner Crab
Spotted Featherback
Squid Products
Squid Ring
Squid Ring With Head
Squid Rings
Squid Tentacles
Squid Tubes & Tentacles
Squid Wings
Stretched Cut Shrimp
Striped Catfish
Sushi & Sashimi Products
Sushi Ebi Shrimp
Sushi Ebi White Shrimp
Swimming Crab
Tail-Off Shrimp
Tempura Bt Shrimp
Tempura Shrimp
Tentacle Squid Rings
Thai Fish Cake
Threadfin Beam
Thunnus Albacares
Tilapia Fillet
Tilapia Mossambica
Tilapia Nilotica
Tongue Sole
Tongue Sole Fish
Torpedo Shrimp
Trachurus Japouicus
Trichiurus Lepturus
Tuna Roll
Vanamei Shrimp
Vannamei White Shrimp
Vietnam Catfish
Wallago Attu
White Croaker
White Fish Bone
White Fish Fillet
White Shrimp Wedges
Whole Cleaned Baby Octopus
Whole Cleaned Catfish
Whole Cleaned Cuttlefish
Whole Cleaned Loligo Squid
Whole Cleaned Squid
Whole Eviscerated Giant Octopus
Whole Round Catfish
Whole Round Cuttlefish
Whole Round Loligo Squid
Whole Round Squid
Xiphias Gladius
Yellow Croaker
Yellow Fin Tuna Loin
Yellow Fin Tuna Saku
Yellow Fin Tuna Steak
Yellowfin Tuna


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