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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing Seafood Industry Contacts - Vietnam B - D


Manufacturer specialize in Marine fish in Viet Nam. yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), swordfish (xiphias gladius), marlin (makira indica), mahi (coryphaena hippurus), wahoo (ancanthocybium solandri), oilfish (lepidocybium flavobrunneum), blue shark (prionace glauca) Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish Black Tiger Shrimp, Pangasius, Mahi Mahi, Red Mullet, Red Snapper, Seabass (Barramundi), Tuna, Seafood mix and seafood skewers
Viet Ocean Co - Vietnam seafood audit, sourcing & inspection company AB Golden Seafood Co. Ltd - black tiger/ vannamei shrimp (hoso, hlso, raw pto, cooked pto, ect), pangasius (swai), tilapia (red and black), yellowfin tuna (steak, loin, saku), mahi mahi (fillet, portion), red mullet, red snapper, barramundi (lates calcarifer), bonito, round scad, indian mackerel, white clam, baby octopus, surimi, seafood mix and seafood skewers, etc.. Processors and exporters of Black Tiger, White, Pink & Cat Tiger Shrimp, Octopus, pineapple-cut cuttlefish, squid and itoyori surimi, mixed surimi, hamo, tachiuo.
  Zahra JSC - Seafood from Vietnam  


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Advertise your seafood company OFCO Group - SEAFOOD INSPECTION IN VIETNAM
OFCO offers inspection and consulting services on seafood in Vietnam since 2007. We are a 100% foreign owned company in Vietnam and more than just providing inspection services, our objective is to support our regular customers on their seafood purchase from Vietnam. Our advice helps to obtain the best possible deal and our inspection secure the purchase. Contact OFCO for your seafood purchase from Vietnam! Your inspections will be carried out by multinational teams of highly trained and professional inspectors following international standards. OFCO Market intelligence, advices and forecast will always keep you one step ahead and help you to develop new and better strategies for your business.
Contact: Jean-Charles Diener (Director)
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:   +84 86 28 18 016 
  +84 86 28 18 017
Skype: diener_jc
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Siam Canadian (Vietnam) Limited
Supplying a wide range of shrimp, fish, cephalopods and value added seafood products from Vietnam, including Black Tiger Shrimp, Pangasius, Mahi Mahi, Red Mullet, Red Snapper, Seabass (Barramundi), Tuna, Seafood mix and seafood skewers and many more.
Contact: Bowie Leung
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  +84 28 845 2688
Fax: +84 28 845 2225
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Binh Dinh Fishery Joint Stock Company
Manufacturer specialize in Marine fish in Viet Nam. Yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), swordfish (xiphias gladius), marlin (makira indica), mahi (coryphaena hippurus), wahoo (ancanthocybium solandri), oilfish (lepidocybium flavobrunneum). EU code : DL57.  FDA Registration : 10921026646. BRC code : 1753253.
Contact: Huynh Tan Hiep
City: Qui Nhon, Binh Dinh
Tel:  +84 56 389 2523 
  +84 56 389 2355
Skype: hiephv
Email: [email protected] ; [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Seaprimexco Vietnam
Processors and exporters of black tiger shrimp, white shrimp, pink shrimp, vannamei shrimp, cat tiger shrimp, (HOSO, HLSO, raw PD, raw PDTO, cooked PD, cooked PDTO, nobashi, butterfly, sushi ebi) Octopus, pineapple-cut cuttlefish, squid and itoyori surimi, mixed surimi, hamo, tachiuo.
Contact: Bui Vinh Hoang Chuong
City: Ca Mau City
Tel:  +84.780. 831230
Fax: +84 780 3 831 861
Skype: chibimeo
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Vietocean Seafood Vietnam
VIETOCEAN is a seafood audit, sourcing & inspection company. Our work is looking for best competitive offers, arranging mixed load with various items. Frozen Seafood: Pangasius (Swai), Tilapia, Black Tiger, Vannamei, Clams, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Seafood mix, Surimi, Yellowfin Tuna, Barramundi, Swordfish, Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Parrotfish, Mackerel, Round Scad, Snapper, Grouper, Pomfret, Sole fish, Slipper Lobster, Frog legs, Oilfish (Escolar), Wahoo, Marlin, Leather Jacket, Red Mullet, Red Horse Head Fish, Breaded, Marinated, Dried, Spiced, Skewer, Sushi, Nobashi, Shrimp with potato string, Surimi stick, Torpedo, Matsukasa, Shrimp ring, Temaki, Tempura.
Contact: Mr Truong
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84 3991 3503
Fax: -
Skype: truong.tiger
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company A B Golden Seafood
We supply a wide range of frozen seafood from Vietnam such as: black tiger/ vannamei shrimp (hoso, hlso, raw pto, cooked pto, ect), pangasius (swai), tilapia (red and black), yellowfin tuna (steak, loin, saku), mahi mahi (fillet, portion), red mullet, red snapper, barramundi (lates calcarifer), bonito, round scad, indian mackerel, white clam, baby octopus, surimi, seafood mix and seafood skewers, etc..
Contact: Alex Huynh
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84 339 980 980
Fax: +84 2 836 207 793
Skype: alexhuynh1978
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Zahra JSC
Established by gathering highly experienced people from seafood exporting field of Vietnam, with the desire to offer the leading services in exporting seafood from Vietnam to many countries and continents around the world. We are now offering to you our most comprehensive trading services from the very beginning till the end to ease and simplify your trading process. Exporting seafood from Vietnam. pangasius/basa/swai, barramundi, snakehead fish, toman, black tilapia, red tilapia, shrimp: black tiger, vannamei, freshwater prawn, Cooked peeled shrimps, Cooked shrimps, Breaded Torpedo Vannamei Shrimp, Breaded Butterfly Vannamei shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, baby octopus, red snapper, crimson snapper, mahi mahi, tuna, yellowtail scad, Frog legs, sushi products, value added seafood products, fruit and vegetables
Contact: Thuy Nguyen
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84-942178178
Skype: Thuyaseafood
Email: [email protected] 


Ba Hai Co Ltd
We are one of the leading seafood Manufacture and exporter of Vietnam our main products are  Frozen Tuna with co treated tuna loin, ribbon fish, soft shell swimming crabs, amadai fillet, vannamei, and much more items
Contact:  Sean
City: Tuy hoa
Tel: +84 918 169 147 
+84 573 548 838
Skype: seanbui.seafood
Email: Email Ba Hai Co Ltd
Baria Vungtau Seafood Processing And imp-Exp Join Stock Company (Baseafood)
Contact: NN Tuyen
City: Vungtau, Baria Vungtau
Tel: 64 383 7313  Fax: 64 383 7312
Skype: tuyenbsf
Email: Email Baria Vungtau Seafood Processing
Basa Mekong Co., Ltd
We would like to introduce ourselves as one of leading manufacturer and exporter of Seafood in Vietnam. Our company specializes in pangasius fillet/Steak/HGT and other various seafood. From carefully selected raw materials the finest of seafood products - HACCP, EU code, ISO.. Hoping of establishing business relation with your company. Let us know your request and opinion when you demand any of our products or need more information, we are proud of offer you the best quotations. We are looking forward to cooperate as a potential partner of yours in the future.
Contact: Tina Dang
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 82 431 256  Fax: 8 296 6197
Skype: celinedang82
Email: Email Basa Mekong Co
Baseafood Hochiminh Branch
We are one of big company specializing in seafood section. We have EU code DL20 and DL34. W have six factories. Our main products, Cuttlefish , Leather jacket, Squid, Sole fish, Surimi, Pangasius, Dried fish, Anchovy, Dried Squid...
Contact: Phuong
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 098 322 6009   Fax: 8 268 6334
Skype: phuong200277 | PHUSEAFOOD
Email: Email Baseafood Hochiminh Branch
Email Baseafood Ho Chi Minh Branch
Baseafood Vungtau Branch
sell, export Frozen and Dried seafood, origin VietNam. My company process and export Seafood products: Octopus, Cuttlefish, Whole round sea fishes (Lajang scad, Bonito), Dried salted sea fishes, snack fish Our main markets: Japan, Korea, EU, Canada, USA.
Contact: Lily Nguyen
City: Vungtau
Tel: 84919489529   Fax: -
Skype: tuyenbsf
Email:  [email protected] 
Bentre Seafood JSC (BESEACO)
We are processor and exporter of seafood with ISO and EU licenses. Main our products: Pangasius hypophthalmus and clam (Meretrix lyrata)
Contact: MRS. JESSIE
Tel: +84-075-2240409  
Skype: jessie.vo
Email: Email Bentre Seafood JSC
Bien Viet Co., Ltd
Our main product: Baby Octopus one skin, cut octopus one skin, baby octopus two skin, cut octopus two skin, cut poulp squid, sting ray fillet (skate), sting ray slice, whole round ribbonfish, Vannamei shrimp (white leg shrimp), black tiger shrimp, sand lobster shrimp, rock lobster shrimp, white clam whole round, yellow clam whole round, arkshell meat, Squid whole round frozen on board, Squid ring..
Contact: Mr. Le Hung
City: Vung Tau, Ba Ria
Tel: +84 64 35 772 35
+84 64 35 772 45
Skype: lehung_adong
Email: Email Bien Viet Co
Binh An Seafoods Joint Stock Company
We are Pangasius Supplier from Vietnam. One of Leading factory process Frozen Pangasius Fish from Mekong Delta. Frozen Pangasius fillets, Frozen Pangasius HGT, Frozen Pangasius WR, Frozen Pangasius Steaks, Seafood ball, Fish wheat flour, Fish Finger, Fried fish.
Contact:  Mr Dustin Nguyen
City: Can Tho
Tel:  +84. 7106 251408 
+84. 7106 251402
Skype: bianfishco-vietnam
Email: Email Binh An Seafoods Joint Stock Company
Email Binh An Seafoods
Advertise your seafood company Binh Dinh Fishery Joint Stock Company
Manufacturer specialize in Marine fish in Viet Nam. Yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), swordfish (xiphias gladius), marlin (makira indica), mahi (coryphaena hippurus), wahoo (ancanthocybium solandri), oilfish (lepidocybium flavobrunneum). EU code : DL57.  FDA Registration : 10921026646. BRC code : 1753253
Contact: Huynh Tan Hiep
City: Qui Nhon, Binh Dinh
Tel:  +84 56 389 2523 
  +84 56 389 2355
Skype: hiephv
Email: [email protected] ; [email protected]
Binh Duong ADN Corp
We are feed producer, sea-food producer and agriculture commodities traders
Contact: Mr. Thac Vinh
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 965 03 790 737  Fax: 650 379 0484
Skype: thacvinh
Email: Email Binh Duong ADN Corp
Binh Long Company Limited
A professional reliable supplier with over 6 years of experience in farming, processing and exporting Pangasius (Basa fish) to overseas markets.
Contact: Annie Nguyen
City: An Giang
Tel: +84 763 941725  
+84 763 940822
Skype: vinasa25
Email: Email Binh Long Company Limited
Binh Minh Fish Corporation
A frozen seafood processor and exporter in Vietnam, specialized in processing, packing and exporting all kinds of Pangasius, Swai frozen products such as fillets, steaks, industrial block
Contact: Ms Linh Vo
City: Dong Thap Province
Tel: +84 067 3649 973 
+84 067 3649 974
Skype: ylvo81 or binhminhfish
Email: Email Binh Minh Fish Corporation
Binh Phu Seafood Corp.
Binh Phu Seafood Company is a representative office in Ho Chi Minh for Thanh Hao factory. Our factory is located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau with many advantages of seaport for seafood harvesting. Also, we invested directly in the local boat system with over 100 vessels to have a priority for buying seafood from fishermen. Thus, We can collect any kind of cephalopod when the boats come back very conveniently. The quantity of 20 tons/day includes Loligo squid, Octopus, cuttlefish and few fish. Our main product’s factory is squid, Octopus, cuttlefish which are exported to EU ( Italy, Germany, Spain, etc.), Asia (Korean, Japan, etc.) and other markets over the world. Beside our own products, we have agreements with other suppliers in Viet Nam and over the world who can guarantee the quality, quantity & safe products to our customers and have competitive price. With this action, We can do various kinds of seafood item such as cephalopod (Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish), seafood mix, Shrimp (Black tiger, Vannamei, Cat Tiger, Lobster), Pangasius, Tuna, Barramundi, Red mullet, Clam, frog leg , Value added products and others as your requests.
Contact: Mr. Hung
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84 286 271 0223
+84 903 749 809
Skype: tan_hung1901
Email: [email protected] 
Biological Vietnam Seafoods Consulting
We design & realise aqua farms, hotels & resorts water solution. We usually recommend natural solutions. filtration systems, aquaculture, hotels water management, analyses, project development, organic swimming pool.
Contact: Jean Christophe Sevin
City: Van ninh, Khanh Hoa
Tel: 583 940 752  Fax: -
Skype: jcsevin
Email: Email Biological Vietnam Seafoods Consulting

Blue Bay Seafood Co., Ltd
Blue bay seafood is a professional exporter for raw shrimp, cook shrimp, breaded Shrimp, breaded seafood and soft shell crab, Squids, Octopus. Here is our main products: Raw & Fried Breaded shrimp: BBS, TORPEDO, MENBOSA, COCONUT, BURGER, SHRIMP BALL, TEMPURA... raw & Cooked shrimp: HOSO, PDTO, PD, NOBASHI, SHUSHI, SHRIMP RING... Our products have been exported to all global markets with certificates: HACCP, BRC, IFS, MSC COC, ASC FRAM, SMETA.
Contact: Maris | Scout Thai Son
City: Ca Mau Province
Tel: +84 908 028 085  Fax: -
Scout - Whatsapp, Mobile: +84946920514
Skype: ngoctrang.thanglong;
wechat: ruanyuzhuang
Email: [email protected]  
[email protected]
Blue-Ocean Im-Export Company
We, Blue Ocean Im-Export Company , are specialized in exporting Pangasius from Vietnam. We have produced multi- products from Pangasius Hypophthalmus and export to many markets as EU Market, Asia Market, Middle Eastern Market, ..
Contact: Nancy Nans
City: Hochiminh
Tel: (0) 937 393 757  Fax: 88 303 086
Skype: nancymekong
Email: Email Blue-Ocean Im-Export Company
Bluesea Co., Ltd
We can provide around the world many kinds of seafood.
Contact: Leva4nminh
City: Hochiminh
Tel: 84 027 021  Fax: 84 026 307
Skype: leonlive4
Email: Email Bluesea Co., Ltd
Bluevision Trading Corporation
We are seafood company with staffs of over 10 years in experience of seafoods industry -can supply all kind of seafood (shrimp, fish ,squid ,cuttlefish ,clam and some high valued food product ... ) at reasonable price and stable quality to all of the world from Vietnam market . Beside we have been importing seafoods and foods to distribute in Vietnam local market . We are seafood Agent of some foreign seafood company in Vietnam to find out source of seafoods with reasonable and support their business in Vietnam also We are really want co-operation and become partner of all in the world with concept :CREDIT -QUALITY -EFFECT -Thank for your attention .
Contact: Pham Thanh Vu
Tel: 908 103 671 / 8 940 9999 
8 940 7979
Skype: vu-bluevision
Email: Email Bluevision Trading Corporation
B-T Seafood Co., Ltd.
Contact: Barry Cohan
Tel: 903 011 443  Fax: 58 893 356
Skype: -
Email: Email B-T Seafood Co
Bt Seapro Group
We have produced and exported frozen and dry seafoods worldwide with many experienced years
Contact: Mr Thanh
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 83 912 4471  Fax: 83 511 6090
Skype: -
Email: Email Bt Seapro Group
Cadovimex Seafood Vietnam
Processors and exporters of frozen shrimps, black tiger, vannamei, freshwater shrimp, scampi, white, pink, cat-tiger, slipper lobster, loligo squid, cuttlefish, octopus, red mullet, grouper, red snapper, sea bass, tuna, pangasius...
Contact: Mr.Nguyen
City: Ca Mau City
Tel: +84-8-38629686 
Skype: -
Email: Email Cadovimex Seafood Vietnam
Cadovimex II
Main production in aquaculture, processing and exporting seafood Pangasius products with variety of processing as well trimmed, untrimmed, semi-trimmed, skin on, portion cut, loin cut with natural white, light pink, pink, dark pink, light yellow, yellow color meat
Contact: Ms Cater
City: Sa Dec, Dong Thap  | Ho Chi Minh
Tel:  +84 0673762172
+84 0673762224
Skype:  hangnguyen110
Email:  Email Cadovimex II
Camau Agricultural Products & Foodstuff Imp-Exp JS Co. (AGRIMEXCO CAMAU)
Our company is processing & exporting seafood. The main products are White shrimp, Pink shrimp, Black tiger, Vannamei with specification PD, PDTO, HOSO, HLSO, CPDTO, CPD and Sole fish fillet.
Contact: Phan Thi Huynh Anh | Ho Thu Hien
City: Camau
Tel: 780 356 0229  Fax: 780 356 0325
Skype: phan.anh2 | hien-agrimexco
Email Camau Agricultural Products & Foodstuff Imp-Exp JS Co
Ca Mau Seafood Processing & Service Joint-Stock Crop
Processors, exporters and wholesaler suppliers of Black Tiger, White, Pink, Cattiger ( HOSO, HLSO, RPTO, CPTO, RPD, CPD, EZP, Nobashi.), Squid, Octopus (Whole cleaned baby octopus and Cut ), Cuttlefish, Cut poulp Squid and Surimi, Guchi Surimi ( 100%), Kintokidai Surimi (100%), Itoyori Surimi (100%), Basa Surimi and Eso Surimi),
Contact: Mr Truong Hoang Kiet
City: Ca Mau
Tel: 780 383 5805  Fax: 780 383 0298
Skype: Kietksm
Email: Email Ca Mau Seafood Processing
Cam Ranh Seafoods
Our company is private company, was established on 1995. have been exporting frozen seafoods to EU, USA, Japan, and Egypt. EU code: DL207, HK212.. Vannamei prawn, Black tiger prawn, Squid - Loligo, Barramundi fillet etc Raw: HLSO, PDTO, PD, and PUD, Cooked: HLSO, PDTO, PD and PUD.
Contact: Cam Ranh Seafoods
City: Cam Ranh town
Tel: 58 865 141  Fax: 58 865 143
Skype: -
Email: Email Cam Ranh Seafoods
Cat Tien Co. Ltd
Seafood supplier of frozen Indian mackerel, ribbonfish, skipjack tuna, loligo squid, cuttlefish.
Contact: Denny
City: Khanh Hoa
Tel: 583 742 089  Fax: 583 742 089
Skype: denny.catico
Email: Email Cat Tien Co
Cases (DL 113)
We are one of the most professional seafood companies in Viet Nam. CASES specializes in processing as well as exporting shrimp and surimi. I would like to offer best price to you with various products.  Please contact me if you have any demand.
Contact: Nguyen Trung Chinh
City: -
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]  
Chon Nguyen Co Ltd
One of leading company in processing and supplying seaweed and agricultural products in Vietnam, with more than 10 years experience in collecting, processing and distributing seaweed. We specializes in providing seafood products such as Ulva, Gracilaria, Sargassum, Eucheuma Cottonii, spinosum seaweed and agricultural products such as cuttlefish bone, Crab shell, shrimp shell
Contact: Cindy Tran
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  +84 839917108
+84 839917108
Skype: kimphung90
Email: Email Chon Nguyen Co Ltd
Co May Seafood Joint Stock Company
Our products: Frozen baby cuttlefish, cuttlefish fillet, sushi cuttlefish, red mullet fillet, leather jacket fillet, sardine butterfly fillet. Market: EU, Japan, Hong Kong. Quality certificate: HACCP, Code DL 438. If you are interested, please contact us by email.
Contact: Tran Dinh Hoan (Mr)
City: Vung Tau City
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: hoanfish - zalo
Email:  [email protected]
Control Inspection Group
The world leader in providing a complete range of inspection, verification, testing, quality goods control, consulting and certification services, NDT & Industrial Inspections, Marine & Cargo Surveys, Third Party Inspections
Contact: Dr Capt Nguyen Te Nhan
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 838 327 204  Fax: 838 328 393
Skype: aimcontrol
Email: Email Control Inspection Group
Crystal Bay Oyster Company
Established in 2007, Crystal Bay Oyster Company can supply certified hygienic live French style oysters and other seafood including, farmed spiny lobster, slipper lobster, langoustine, scampi, scallop on 1/2 shell, crabs, mud crabs and other specialty seafood.
Contact: John McKay
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  +84-8-2216 0487
+84-8-356 4541
Skype: -
Email: Email Crystal Bay Oyster Company
Cuong Trang Co. Ltd - Seafoods
We are now manufacturing and exporting aquaculture
Main products: whole frozen lobster
Export markets: Singapore, Thailand, China ... etc
Contact: Mr Hoa
City: Nha Trang City
Tel:  +84934960996
Skype: -
Email: Email Cuong Trang Co
Cuu Long Fish Import - Export Corporation
The closed processing cycle “Aquatic Feed Factory – Farming – Processing – Exporting”. Our farming ponds with over than 100 hectares give an annual output of 32,000 tons per year of raw fish and supply for the factory 1,000 tons of capacity per month. The 50,000 m2 of factory now has 1,000 workers and will expand more. Our main markets are EU, Middle East, Asia and S. American…CL Pangafish Corp. products have been processed under international standard requirements by HALAL, HACCP, ISO 23000, BRC, GLOBAL GAP, ASC, FDA, DIPOA certificate. EU code: DL 714. Our main product is Frozen Pangasius Fillet (well-trimmed, untrimmed, semi-trimmed).
Contact: Anna Pham
City: Sa Dec, Dong Thap Province
Tel: +84 8 5410 4797 
+84 8 54104914
Skype: ana-tuyetpham
Email: Email Cuu Long Fish Import - Export Corporation 
Dada Seafood & Goods Co. Ltd
We offer Yellow fin Tuna, big eye tuna, Sword Fish, Marlin, Sail Fish, Kind Fish, Wahoo, Skipjack Tuna, Bonito, Bullet Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Indian mackerel, Horse mackerel, Round scad, Sardine, Parrot fish, Emperor, Kind snapper, Red Snapper, Red Mullet, Grouper, Coral trout, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, White Clam, Yellow Clam Meat, scallop meat, Pangasius, Black Tiger, Vannamei, Catch Tiger, Rock Lobster, Slipper Lobster. As for the quality and quantity, we have our QC strictly inspect the products during production and before loading. Because good quality and service and enough quantity are our pursuit forever.
Contact: -
City: Ho Chi Minh, Binh Tan District
Tel:  +84 9379 3664 
+84 9379 3664
Skype: nguyentanda_pr
Email: Email Dada Seafood & Goods
Dai Hai Long Seafood Company
Our company's main item: Frozen Snakehead Fish, Frozen Tilapia, Frozen Arkshell meat, Frozen Stingray Wing, Frozen Baby Octopus, Frozen Baby cuttlefish, Frozen Cuttlefish Fillet, Frozen Cut Poulp Squid, Frozen Cut octopus, etc...
Contact: Tran Hoang
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 908 483 220  Fax: 88 107 953
Skype: tranhoang81
Email: Email Dai Hai Long Seafood Company
Dai Thanh Seafoods | Dai Dai Thanh Seafood Ltd
We are Dai Thanh Seafoods which specialize in Pangasius fillet only. Our factory with approval EU code DL 471 which can supply you products of Pangasius with best quality at best competitive.
Contact: Jody Pham  |  Pham Thien
Giang Nguyen
City: Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province
Tel: +84 73 3619 468
+84 733 611 678
Skype: seaex53 | giang39
Email: Email Dai Thanh Seafoods
Daithanh Seafoods Co. Ltd
Daithanh Seafoods Co. Ltd (EU code No. DL471) is among of 20 leading processors and exporters of frozen Pangasius hypophthalmus (tra or basa) fish in Vietnam. We have over 30 hectare of piscicultural areas and 4 hectares of processing factory with more than 1,500 well-qualified workers. Our present processing capacity is about 150 tons of raw material per day with main products: frozen pangasius fillets, steaks, whole round,.. The company has been qualified with certificates of HACCP, ISO 22000-2005, BRC, HALAl,. that advancing our products to EU, MIDDLE EAST, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, AMERICA markets.
Contact: Le Tron Vinh  |  Pham Thien
City: MyTho
Tel: 733 611 115  Fax: 73 311 101
Skype: letronvinh
Email: Email Daithanh Seafoods Co
Dat Phu Hai Seafood Co. Ltd
Our company is specialized in processing and exporting frozen seafoods with the high quality products and reasonable price. Our main items are: Sailfish, Wahoo, Marlin, Swordfish, Mahi mahi, Mackerel, Yellowfin Tuna, Skipjack tuna
Contact: Oanh Vo   |   Evy Vo
City: Danang City
Tel: +84-511-3649-655 
Skype: oanh.vo.123  | datphuhai.seafood
Email: Email Dat Phu Hai Seafood
Daviho Trading Service Co., Ltd
We are a processor and exporter majoring in Pangasius Hypothesis Fish (basa Fish / Cat Fish) since year 2002. We own 2 ponds for planting fish, 1 fish meal producing factory and 1 processing factory. So, the fish quality strictly well control.
Contact: Ms, Jurie
City: Quangnam- Danang
Tel: +84 905.372.246  Fax:-
Skype: nguyentdhoa
Email: Email Daviho Trading Service  Email Daviho Trading Service Co., Ltd
Diep Long Food Export Co.,Ltd
My company have exported Frozen Frog Legs over 15 years.
Contact: Ms Sen
City: Ho Chi Minh city
Tel:  +84 37505 982 
+84 938343003
Email: [email protected]   
Dong Phuong Foods Company Limited
Producers, processors, exporters and wholesale suppliers of Boiled cut octopus, Open cut octopus for sushi, Small cut octopus, Raw cut octopus, Anogo fillet, Hamo fillet, Octopus karaage, Process trout, Takoyaki, Onokomiyaki, Anago karaage
Contact: Dang Cong Toan
City: Quang Nam
Tel: +84-510-3843722 
Skype: -
Email: Email Dong Phuong Foods
Specializing in raising, processing and exporting Seafoods products, especially from Pangasius fish. The following are some our main items - Frozen Pangasius Fillet (Well trimmed pangasius and Untrimmed Pangasius), Frozen Breaded Pangasius, Frozen Pangasius Skewer, Frozen Pangasius Stick, Frozen Pangasius Roll Rose, Frozen Pangasius Whole Round.
Contact: Nguyen Tan Phong
City: Cao Lanh
Tel: 67 354 1900  Fax: 67 354 1902
Skype: nguyentanphong1971
Email: Email Dotaseafood
Processor of Pangasius and shrimp products. Our company has certified ASC, HALAL, HACCP, BRC certificate
Contact: DIEN
Tel: Fax: -
Skype: global.seafood
Email: Email Dotimex
Dragonwaves Frozen Food Factory Company Ltd
We are currently a leading frozen seafood importer, processor, and exporter in Vietnam. Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) , Oilfish/Butterfish/Escolar (Lepidocybium flavobrunneum & Ruvettus pretiosus), Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus), Marlin (Makaira indica), Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri), Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus), Red Snapper (Lutjanus malabaricus), Squirrel fish (Holocentrus rubber), Swordfish (Xiphias Gladius), We are willing to server your requirements with various of specifications, grade, size, percentage glazing and packing... Specification: WR, DWT, GG, Fillet, Loin, Chunk, Portion, Saku, Steak, Cube, Skewer, Carpaccio.
Contact: Ms Thuy
City: Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
Tel: 374 3502  Fax: 374 336
Skype: td.thuy
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Duc Toan Seafood Co Ltd
Producers, processors and exporters of Frozen boiled sea snail, salt basa stomach, salt baby shrimp and salt green chilli. Main market is Korea.
Contact: MR DAVID
City: Tan Binh, HCMC
Tel: +84 909 14 00 71  Fax: -
Skype: sale.seafood1
Email: Email Duc Toan Seafood
Dung Thanh Co Ltd
specialized in catching, processing and exporting all fishes so our price is very competitive with good quality product. Welcome to Importers in around the world.
Contact: Mr Dung
City: Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: dungthanhltd
Email: Email Dung Thanh Co Ltd
Duong Vu Int'l Co. Ltd
We supply dried fish maw & sea cucumber from Vietnam. Commit quality, best service and competitive price
Contact: Duong Vu
City: Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84-8-37165 197 
+84-8-37165 196
Skype: duongvuint
Email: Email Duong Vu Int'l Co
Duy Van Co., Ltd - Seafoods
We are a wholesale company and specialize in the field of seafood processing, importing and exporting. We have a team of professional engineers with many years experience in seafood processing. They are regularly trained and timely training to improve the quality of products required by customers as the hard market. This allows us to provide you the highest quality products and speedy services with competitive prices. We have shares in the processing plants in southern Vietnam, and so we have more EU codes as required by each market. Also we have basa fish farms in the Mekong Delta with the water surface area of over 50 ha. We manage a very strict of breeding process from selection of breeding fry, food and the source of water is changed frequently. Harvested fish has more than 85% white, with firm flesh.
Contact: Mr. Tran Ngoc Anh
City: HoChiMinh
Tel: 862 962 747  Fax: 839 715 415
Skype: trangocanh
Email: Email Duy Van Co

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