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You would think it was another language, when fishermen get together and talk!  We all know that fishermen around the world are known for their "Tall Tales".   Following are some Fishing Terms and what they mean!

From Fishing Equipment, Fishing Tackle and Fish Attractants, the names are sometimes slightly unusual!

Heard a word and would like to know the meaning?  The following list is in alphabetical order.


Alvey Australian made sidecast fishing reel
Baitcaster A type of fishing reel
Ball Type of fishing sinker
Barrell Type of fishing sinker
Berley Fish attracting mixture, also chum
Blank Fishing rod shaft with no fixtures
Bobby Cork Type of float
Bubble Float Type of float
Caster A round plastic ring used to hold fishing line
Centrepin A type of fishing reel
Chopper Name for small Tailor
Chromed Slice Type of lure
Closed Face A type of fishing reel
Composite Rod Fishing rod made of a mix of two or more ingredients
Dorsal Fin Back fin
Drop-off Shelf area underwater
Droppers Short pieces of line to the hook
Estuary Tidal river
Flies Artificial lures made to imitate insects or small fish
Fly Type of lure
French Type of hook
Gaff Stick or pole with a large hook attached to the top
Ganged hooks Two, three or four hooks strung together with the bend of one passing through the eye of the next
Handline A length of line wrapped around a cylinder or caster
Helmet Type of sinker
Hook Bent piece of metal with a very sharp point
Limerick Type of hook
Lure Artificial bait
Mudeye Dragonfly larvae
Nippers Saltwater yabbies or small crayfish. Pink & white. Great bait when used live.
Overhead A type of fishing reel
Pectoral Fin Side fin
Pollard A by-product of milling wheat used as a bait
Quill Float Type of float
Rigging or Rig The method of putting line, terminal tackle and bait together to catch fish.
Sidecast A type of fishing reel
Sinker Weight, usually made of lead, to help you cast or get the bait to the fish
Spoon Type of lure
Star Type of sinker
Stemmed Float Type of float
Suicide Type of hook
Swivel Terminal Tackle used to stop twist & tangles in line
Terminal Tackle Bits and pieces of tackle that are lost and replaced regularly
Threadline A type of fishing reel
Trace Short piece of nylon line or wire joining the hook to the main line.
Trolling Pulling a lure or bait behind a boat
Trolling Lure Type of lure
Yabby Pump Pump used to collect yabbies or nippers.






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