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Aith Enterprise Tel:      +60 016 217 0073
Selangor, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 8962 1513
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Dr Abu Asmara Mohamed Skype:  BOSMARA
we are involve in small trading of fish products and would like to get cheap suppliers of norwegian fish and fish products to sell to the government for the consumption of school childeren so that they have adequate and reasonalble cheap protein for healthy and intelectual growth.


Alps Synergy Enterprise Tel:      +60 122 698 612
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 7874 3048
  Email:   [email protected]
Contact Name:  Jimmy Phuah Skype:  bizpower
Plastic Thermal Insulated Box for Seafood Processing, Ice Cube, Fishery & other related industries


Aquamaster Worldwide Supplies Tel:      +60 164 147 899
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia Fax:     +60 4 642 9829
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Peter Skype:  AQUA

Ebony Wonder Sdn. Bhd. Tel:      +60 3 2166 8785-86
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 2166 3885  /  +60 3 2166 6858
  Email:   [email protected]  
Contact Name:  M. Muzammil Skype:  M.MUZAMMIL1
We are interested in fresh sea food fish such as tiger fish, rohu, black pomfret, white pomfret, Indian mackerel, john snapper, red snapper and live crabs.


Fongsheng Tel:      -
Kulai, Johor, Malaysia Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Lim Chee Chau Skype:  fongsheng
We are the trading company focusing and majoring in supplying dried seafoods products like dried sea cucumber, dried shrimp, dried anchovy, dried fish (salted). Other products included live oysters and bird's nest (raw).


Great Sun Frozen Food Sdn Bhd Tel:      +60 3 8945 9115
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 8945 6115
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Ms See Kay Skype:  seekay115
A globally integrated enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in fresh frozen seafood supplies and services. We offer premium value added processing of seafood plus marketing support services. Frozen Product: Raw and Cooked Shrimp, Fish, Squid, Cuttlefish, Crab, Lobster


H.Z. Management Plus Sdn Bhd. Tel:      +60 3 5191 8344
Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 5191 8337
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Habib Skype:  hzplus s/b
Frozen fish and seafood


Hai Seng Hin Enterprise Sdn Bhd Tel:      +60 3 6138 8075
Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 6138 8163
  Email:   [email protected]
Contact Name:  Tan Tong Hua Skype:  TAN TONG HUA
Import and Exports of marine products. Processing of snack foods from sea products


Hussmann Tempcool Tel:      +60 16 331 6332
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 6140 4988
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Simon Chew Skype:  ccksimon9168
Ice machine, flake ice, tube ice, ice handling equipment


Kennyco Frozen Food Trading Tel:      +60 3 6276 6144
Kepong, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 6276 1244
  Email:   [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Kenny Lai Skype:  kennyco
our company is a supplies for frozen seafood.our product most selling to restoran mamak, cantin, catering & also for whole sales.


Lamb Enterprise Inc. Tel:      +60 198 636 560
Tawau, Sabah,  Malaysia Fax:     -
  Email:   [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Dr. J. Loudin Skype:  johchris-lamb
We are an Import & export company for Aquatic Seafood products originated from South East Asia Countries.Our frozen and dried seafood are being supplied to Europe,US and Asean.Our Group network companies has met all international standard(HACCP,EU-Number. EAN, FDA (US). Our speciality is in Dried shrimp, Dried Anchovy, dried salted fish and Frozen seafood.


Ocean Roto Moulding Sdn Bhd Tel:      +60 33 241 3228
Sekinchan, Malaysia Fax:     +60 33 241 7898
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Mr Peter Khoo Skype:  peter.khoo42
manufacturers of  Insulated Plastic Multi-use Fish Containers for use in the  Food Processing, Fisheries & Ice Cubes industries. Our Insulated Containers  are made from virgin material   Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) and the  insulating agent is Polyurethane (PU).


Rock & Gems Entrepreneur Tel:      +60 1 6226 6278
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 214 6278
  Email:   [email protected]
Contact Name:  Mr Peter Ngow Skype:  ROCK&GEMS
Position Buyer and Seller in the Global Market


Roto Speed Moulding Tel:      +60 3 6034 4610
Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 6034 4612
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Alvan Yee Skype:  alvanyee75
Plastic thermal insulated box for Fisheries Industry Food Storage industry, Wet & Wholesale market, Portable for leisure & social activities.


Southern Rock Seafood Tel:      +60 1 2277 1348
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 4253 5715
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Tim Boucaut Skype:  t.boucaut
We supply customers in the food service, retail and industry sectors, specialising in fresh fish, shellfish, oysters and complementary gourmet products from Australia. Southern Rock Seafood's mission is to be a quality supplier of seafood and our success will be attributed to our experience, expertise in products, and company value to not compromise on quality


SQB Sdn Bhd Tel:      +60 9 573 3328
Pahang, Kuantan, Malaysia Fax:     +60 9 573 9328
  Email:   [email protected]
Contact Name:  Alvan Yee Skype:  sqbsb99
We are one of the aquaculture company that supply live baby marble goby and leech or hirudo medicanalis for export through out the world.


Vesta Resources Tel:      +60 16 215 6564
Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 2274 4951
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Vijay Skype:  vestar
we sucsess fully collebrate with more than 65 local fishermans and more than 35 under water sea divers to meet our customers needs. we allmost can supply any cind of sea product from malaysian seas. we allso sucses fully collebrated with sabah seaweed local growers. for more info pls contact me


Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

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