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AJOS Enterprises Ltd Tel:      +64 9 533 4088
Howick, Auckland, New Zealand Fax:     +64 9 533 4090
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  John Samy Skype:  John Samy
Niche-market oriented importer of tiger prawns and mud crabs ( known in Philippines as Alimango).


Black Marlin Ltd Tel:      +64 21 114 3257
Christchurch, New Zealand Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Mike Grinevich Skype:  mikegrin
Also in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Culture Seafoods Ltd Tel:      +64 2 7688 8136
Nelson, New Zealand Fax:     +64 3 547 3649
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Roy Olsen Skype:  royolsen1972
We are probably the freshest seafood company in Oceania. Although, we are proud to have more than 19 years experience through our roots in the global seafood industry. Our team in Oceania and Europe work every day to supply you with healthy sustainable fresh and frozen fish and seafood.


Deep Blue Seafoods Ltd Tel:      +64 4 389 6465
Wellington, New Zealand Fax:     +64 4 389 6484
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Dion Muollo Skype:  diondeepblue
Suppliers of Fresh & Frozen Seafood from New Zealand. Live Lobster, Live Surf Clams, Chilled Groper, Bluenose, Ling, Shark, Flounder, Scallops Orange Roughy & more. Also a variety of Frozen product.


Highford Marketing Limited Tel:      +64 3 343 2255
Christchurch, New Zealand Fax:     +64 3 343 2266
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Matthew Lee Skype:  matthew_c_lee
We have an excellent supply of numerous deep sea species including ling, hoki, hake, southern blue whiting, barracouta, arrow squid, and shellfish. We can offer both value added and unprocessed fish and source most fish species in New Zealand.


Immco Ltd Tel:      +64 9 827 8488
Auckland, New Zealand Fax:     -
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  John Gregovich Skype:  johnimmco
broking sale and purchase, chartering, new building vessels facilitation


Lyford & Burkhart Exports (NZ) Ltd,
trading as L&B Taspac
Tel:      +64 9 573 2624
Auckland, New Zealand Fax:     +64 9 573 2620
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Jun Chen Skype:  lbtaspac
Involved in the seafood exporting industry for more than 40 years. We work very closely with many of the foreign vessels fishing in New Zealand waters, especially the Korean and Russian vessels. We are one of the leaders in the New Zealand Lobster industry as well as being quota holders, processors and traders of a wide variety of Seafood products


Maritime International Ltd Tel:      +64 4 478 7989
Wellington, New Zealand Fax:     +64 4 478 2352
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Godfrey Wilson Skype:  godfreywilson
Sale & purchase of commercial vessels including fishing, work, aquaculture, oil/mining, passenger.  20 years in business.  2 offices in New Zealand. Agents world wide.


Sea Products Ltd Tel:      +64 3 337 2400
Christchurch, New Zealand Fax:     +64 3 337 2402
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Mark Skevington Skype:  Sea Products - Green lip Mussels
Aquaculture, Greenlip Mussel farmer and Processor, Frozen wholeshell, Frozen Halfshell, Frozen Mest, EU & USFDA registered exporter.


Seafood Network Ltd Tel:      +64 3 379 7466
Christchurch, New Zealand Fax:     +64 3 379 2522
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Steve Sumner Skype:  seafood-steve
Seafood exporters from New Zealand working closely with JV vessels and NZ packers. Products include: Hoki, hake, ling, sth blue whiting, orange roughy, barracouta, groper, red cod, jack mackerel, blue mackerel, monkfish, blue warehou, silver warehou, albacore tuna, greenshell mussels and others.


Tuna Longline Advice Tel:      +64 684 258 4314
Christchurch, New Zealand Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Dave Pooley Skype:  haydave22
Offering Advice on Longlining , fishing gear, Boats, A-Z of fishing over 33 years experience in and around the Pacific


Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

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