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Silver Barb

Silver Barb

Scientific Name Barbonymus gonionotus
Size 40.5 cm TL (male/unsexed)

Occurs at midwater to bottom depths in rivers, streams, floodplains, and occasionally in reservoirs. Seems to prefer standing water habitats instead of flowing waters. Inhabits the flooded forest during high water period. Feeds on plant matter (e.g. leaves, weeds, Ipomea reptans and Hydrilla) and invertebrates. A migratory species but not considered to be a long-distance migrant. Regarded as local migrant which moves from the Mekong up into small streams and canals and onto flooded areas during the rainy season and back again during receding water. Some reports indicated that upstream migration of this fish is triggered by the first rains and rising water levels. When it finds a tributary, canal or stream it moves upstream and eventually onto flooded areas. When water recedes, it migrates back into canals and streams and into the Mekong again. Often used as a pituitary donor for artificial propagation in aquaculture. Escapees from culture installations have become established in rivers and form the basis for capture fisheries on several Southeast Asian islands. Useful in cropping excessive vegetation in reservoirs. Used for lap pa (in the preparation of which the numerous small bones are ground fine) or grilled or used to make som pa. Usually marketed fresh and occasionally seen in the aquarium trade. A specimen measuring 45 cm TL (2,100 g) was reportedly caught from Dan Tchang Reservoir, Thailand on 8 July 2003.

Danger Harmless


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