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Taxi Service in Thailand

There are different types of taxi service available in Thailand. You could use a motorbike taxi, tuk-tuk, motorcar taxi or one of the various limousine taxi services.

The motorbike taxi service is the cheapest and, in towns, usually the fastest taxi service available. It is also arguably the most dangerous taxi service available. (See also: motorbike rental)

Going up from that you have the option of a tuk-tuk. This offers you better protection from both other motorist and the elements (Rain and dirt). Tuk-tuks are a fun way to get to places with a group of friends, but you should be aware that some tuk-tuk drivers (especially in Bangkok) try to scam tourists by taking them round to "tourist attractions" that pay them commissions. You should clearly point out where you wish to go, and then negotiate a price for the trip. (See also: Bus)

For a little more (and often less if your bargaining skills are good), you could take a motorcar taxi. Most of the larger centres have taxis with meters, but in some of the smaller centres you will have to negotiate a flat rate for the trip. If a taxi has a meter, usually there will be a fixed initial rate (approx. THB 35.00) and thereafter a "rolling rate" which is usually about THB 2.00 per kilometer. At some of the smaller airports (Eg. Phuket) you will not find meter taxis inside the airport grounds. If you exit the grounds you will often find meter taxis at the entrance or exit, which are normally cheaper. Also, if you are using a meter taxi, and the trip is quite a long distance (Such as a trip from Bangkok to Pattaya or Hua Hin) you can usually negotiate a flat rate.

In most cities you can hire a personal limousine taxi. These cars are more luxurious. If you are going to be doing a lot of driving around a town or a long journey, it is the best way to travel without becoming fatigued.

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