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vannamei shrimp from Thailand, manufacture and export

A supplier and exporter of frozen squid and tilapia products.

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Aquaculture Farmed Products

Friendship Aquatics
NIGERIA - We are exporter of Ornamentals  fish and  Reptile from West Africa Nigeria.
Delta Aquaculture Equipment
TURKEY - And also we produce sea fish (seabream and sea bass)..
LEBANON - We are a major fish breeder, producer, processor and exporter in Lebanon.
Shandong Hongji Biology Technology Co Ltd
CHINA - we supply gammarus and artemia cysts in China.
TURKEY - aquaculture sector specialist on Rainbow Trout.
Aquasearch Ova
DENMARK - Supplier of first class rainbow trout eggs
Alfincoles Enterprises
PHILIPPINES - We are engaged in trading of Angel Wing (Diwal).
New Water Aquaculture LLC
USA - We operate an organic mariculture farm that raises fish, shellfish and unique halophytic vegetables.
Twins Aquarium
CONGO - Aquarium fish
Peru Aquarium Group
PERU - is the First & Biggest, Oldest & Mayor exporter of live tropical fresh water fish in Peru since 1958
Hellenic Fishfarming SA
GREECE - one of the leading companies in the Greek and the Mediterranean fish farming industry for sea bream and sea bass.
Africa Marine Aquatic Resources Ltd
GHANA - We are exporter of marine fish, corals ,
invertebrates, and live Rocks for the Aquarium Industry. We also trade in Seafood
Greenleaf Aquatics
SRI LANKA - Exporter of Live Tropical Fishes based in Sri Lanka
H.M.F. Maldives Pvt Ltd
MALDIVES - Exporters of saltwater aquarium fishes.
Guangzhou Lingshan Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.
CHINA - Farm Raised White Shrimp (Vannamei)
Crystal Blue Springs Trout Farm
USA - We specialize in rainbow trout. Disease free.
Aimash General Merchant Limited
NIGERIA - we are importer of ornamental tropical fresh water fish, including cat fish and aquacultural products.
Shree Datt Aquaculture Farms P Ltd
INDIA - Black Tiger Shrimp farms
THAILAND - We are importer the marine fish and export the Flowerhorn, Guppy, Betta , Koi and Discus.
South East Queensland Fish Pty Ltd
AUSTRALIA - Australian Native Grow-Out Fish.weaned live fingerlings, larvae and adult live fish including;Jade Perch, Silver Perch, Golden Perch, Murray Cod and other species.
O.A. Ghani Consolidated
MALAYSIA - marble goby that are Fresh, Rich, Good, Clean.
SQB Sdn Bhd
MALAYSIA - We are one of the aquaculture company that supply live baby marble goby and leech or hirudo medicanalis for export through out the world.
Zhong Mei Aqua (Pvt) Ltd
SRI LANKA - Farmed ornamental marine fish
GFB Fisheries
AUSTRALIA - Saltwater and freshwater Barramundi and Reef Fish 
Pomona Aquaculture
AUSTRALIA - Redclaw crayfish
Twelve Mile Aquafarm
AUSTRALIA - Silver Perch
Tailor Made Fish Farms
AUSTRALIA - Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)
The Oyster Patch
NISI Green Field Ltd
BANGLADESH - Organic and GMT tilapia
Itamonte Trout
BRAZIL - Trout
San Antonio Aquicultura
BRAZIL - Carp, tilapia, catfish....
K.H. Fisheries
CANADA - Tilapia
Shanghai Star Trend Enterprise
CHINA - Goldfish and koi
ECUADOR - Live tropical fish from Ecuador
Daraktsis Mussel Farms
GREECE - Live blue mussels
Pacific Fisheries Company
HONG KONG - Fancy goldfish, kois, tetras, freshwater fish
Aquaculture Associates
INDIA - Fish, shrimp, crab
RSL Mariculture & Exporter
MALAYSIA - Barramundi, Rock Cod, Groupers
Kenlot Aquazoo Co.
NIGERIA - Ornamental Fishes, aquatic plants, amphibians...
Colas Fisheries
NIGERIA - Fish farm for fresh tropical species
Holan Aquaculture Nig. Ltd
NIGERIA - Catfish fingerlings
Royal Seaweed
PERU - Seaweed (Gigartina chamissoi) for human consumption
Akuvatur Mediterranean Seafood
TURKEY - Seabass, seabream fry and new Mediterranean fish species.
Hollies Trout Farm and Fishery
UNITED KINGDOM - Trout production and fishing
Shrimp Feeder Inc.
USA - Shrimp hatchery diets, artemia cysts, aerators, instruments, probiotics....
Water 1st
USA - Crappie, bluegill, rainbow trout, catfish
VIETNAM - Breeding & Farming of Pangasius catfish and black tiger shrimp
Wijetunge Aqua
SRI LANKA - Ornamental Fish
Kings Aquatic & General Supplies
GHANA - Live rock


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