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Aquaculture & Fish Farming Associations


Aquaculture Associations in Australia
Prawn farmers, oyster growers, barramundi producers, inland aquaculture, Tasmanian salmonid growers...


Aquaculture Associations in Austria
Verband Osterreichisher Forellenzuchter.


Aquaculture Associations in Belgium
European aquaculture society, European aquaculture producers.


Aquaculture Associations in Canada
Aboriginal aquaculture, Alberta aquaculture association, salmon farmers associations, shellfish growers, producers, aquaculture alliance...


Aquaculture Associations in China
Guangdong Prov. Aquarists’ Association, Asian Fisheries Society, China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA)


Aquaculture Associations in Columbia
Colombian Association of Live Tropical Fish Exporters


Aquaculture Associations in Czech Republic
Czech fish farmers association


Aquaculture Associations in Denmark
Organisation Dansk Akvakultur.


Aquaculture Associations in Finland
Finnish Fish Farmers Association


Aquaculture Associations in Greece
Federation of Greek Maricultures


Aquaculture Associations in Guyana
Aquaculture association of Guyana.


Aquaculture Associations in Hawaii
U.S. Marine shrimp farming program.


Aquaculture Associations in Holland (The Netherlands)
Ornamental fish international.


Aquaculture Associations in Iceland
Icelandic aquaculture association


Aquaculture Associations in Ireland
Irish aquaculture association, Irish salmon growers association.


Aquaculture Associations in Italy
Associazione pisicoltori italiani, Italian fish farmers association, Associazione Italiana Pesci ed Acquari,


Aquaculture Associations in Jamaica
Jamaica Ornamental Fish Farmers Association


Aquaculture Associations in Japan
Japan fisheries association, Japan international food and aquaculture society, Japanese society of fisheries science,
Japan Aquarium Fish Association,


Aquaculture Associations in Kenya
Aquacultural Association of Kenya


Aquaculture Associations in Malaysia
Malaysian fisheries society


Aquaculture Associations in Malta
Malta aquaculture producers association


Aquaculture Associations in New Zealand
New Zealand Salmon farmers association, Fish and Game New Zealand, government new zealand aquaculture site, aquaculture New Zealand, Greenshell mussels, marine farming association, mussel industry council, National Centre for Fisheries & Aquaculture


Aquaculture Associations in Norway
Norwegian fish farmers association, Norwegian institute for nature research,


Aquaculture Associations in Philippines
Asian fisheries society,
The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Philippine Tropical Fish Exporters Association


Aquaculture Associations in Poland
Inland fisheries institute, Stanislaw sakowicz inland fisheries institute.


Aquaculture Associations in Singapore
Singapore Aquarium Fish Exporters Association, Singapore Tropical Aquarium Fish Breeders’ Association


Aquaculture Associations in South Africa
Aquaculture association of south africa, Western cape Tilapia growers, abalone farmers, catfish south africa, trout producers, mussel & oyster forum, finfish, koi traders, ornamental fish producers...


Aquaculture Associations in Spain
Asociacion empresarial de productores de cultivos marinos


Aquaculture Associations in Sweden
Swedish aquaculture association, varrenbrukarnas riksforbund


Aquaculture Associations in United Kingdom
Scottish shellfish growers, gamer fishery managers, koi keepers society, marine finfish association, British trout association, institute of fishereries management, ornamental aquatic trade, marine science, Scottish salmon producers, shellfish association of Great Britain, Shetland aquaculture, western isles aquaculture association,


Aquaculture Associations in United States of America
Catfish producers, Alaskan shellfish growers, alternative aquaculture, cichlid association, american feed industry assoc, american fisheries society, livebearer association, tilapia association, aquacultureal engineering society, aquatic plant management, Koi club, catfish farmers, catfish marketing, Florida aquaculture, tropical fish famrs, fisheries institute



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