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Water Treatment Products & Equipment for Aquaculture

Diatoms LLC
- Nualgi boosts DIATOMS in water, oxygenating the water and forming micronutrient food for aquaculture. Reduces aeration costs and improves the water quality forming a sustainable solution to intensive operations.
Contact:  Jeffrey Mertens   
Tel: +1 941 301 7749      
Envirolyte Spain S.L.
Comercializamos un sistema de desinfección de agua,superficies y ambiente, generando in situ un desinfectante que es el acido hipocloroso estabilizado. Existen equipos que utilizan agua dulce y otros agua de mar. Aplicaciones en acuicultura,acuariofilia,acuaponia. Market a water disinfection system, surfaces and atmosphere, generating in situ a disinfectant is hypochlorous acid stabilized. There are teams that use freshwater and seawater. Applications in aquaculture, aquarium, aquaponics.
Contact:  anselmo fernandez
Tel:  +34 4952005335       Email
Seafarm Systems (The PFG Group)
AUSTRALIA - Suppliers of Aquasure cages and ice bins, filtering systems, ocean aquaculture solutions, steel stanchion cages, hatchery and feeding equipment, nets (best net prices - including Kikko nets), Aquamoor mooring systems, netweight hooks and consulting services.
Contact: Erin Hibberd
Tel: 0448090721   Fax: (03) 62740234    Email
Henan Hongye Chemical Co.,Ltd
CHINA - We can manufacture 40000t sodium percarbonate per year. Sodium percarbonate is used to the aquaculture industry as the oxygen agent.
Corotite Aero-Tube
USA - Colorite's Aero-TubeT provides a cost-effective, high performance water aeration solution for the new generation of improved aquaculture systems.
BioSAFE Technologies Pty Ltd
AUSTRALIA - Leaders in antimicrobial intervention programs
JV Marine Ent Co Ltd
CHINA - Aquaculture related products and services
USA - AQUA-VIVE (POND BACTERIA) used to eliminate filamentous algae, fish & shrimp wastes, excess feed and ammonia (in shrimp & fish ponds).
Organnica Biotech Pvt Ltd
INDIA - Biological inputs for shrimps, fishes and other aquatic farming.
Bioscience, Inc.
USA - Specialized, naturally-occurring microbial cultures
Process Aquatics International LLC
USA - Integrated industrial process systems. Specializing in state-of-the-art indoor closed recirculating aquaculture systems.
Detay Aritma
TURKEY - Water and wastewater treatment plants
USA - Superior and patented aquarium products


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