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Amigo Sea Foods Co. - Suppliers & Exporters of Frozen seafood. Vannamei Shrimp, black tiger Shrimp, Poovalan, Karikkadi shrimp, deep sea shrimp and squid, cuttlefish, octopus and different varieties of fishes like tuna, ribbon fish etc

Oceanic Marine - Our company is the biggest crew supplier for tuna fishing vessels in the world. We supply crews mainly from the Philippines

Mah Protein Co. Ltd - We are the leading processor & exporter of fresh frozen vannamei shrimp, cuttlefish, ribbon fish, rainbow trout & all type of seawater and freshwater fishes from Iran.

Alinco AS - Supply of Live, Chilled, Fresh and Frozen Norwegian Seafood Products: Blue Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Cod, Saithe, Scallops, Capelin, Atlantic Mackerel, Atlantic Trout, Herring, King Crab, Monkfish, Cusk, Plaice, Turbot, Redfish, Norwegian Prawn, Norway Lobsters...

Emmah Andoh Eva Seafoods - Leading manufacture and exporter of safe & high quality seafoods Thailand. We export Seafood such as Shrimps, Fishes, Shells and other Seafoods.

Lazak Boushehr Co. - We are exporting vannamei shrimp and Asian seabass to the world. We work with several countries and our brand is one of the best in there and we are one of the best exporter in Iran.

PT Syam Surya Mandiri - Cold Storage and shrimp processors of sea caught and cultured Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) and Black Pink Shrimp (Penaeus affinis)

Royal Norway AS - Supplying and exporting Fresh & Frozen North Atlantic Pelagic Fish from Norway - Greenland Halibut, Atlantic Cod, Mackerel, Capelin, Saithe, Haddock, Herring & Stockfish from Cod Saithe and Haddock.

Ocean Gold Seafood - Processors and exporters of sea white shrimps, pud, pnd, rock lobster, silver pomfret, black pomfret, lady fish, sting ray, cuttle fish, loligo squid, lady fish, Indian mackerel, sole fish, croaker (silver, yellow & Tiger Tooth), eel fish, grey mullet, Indian oil sardine

Olig Seafood SARL - Atlantic Mackerel - Scomber scombrus, Sardine, Pilchard, Sardinella, Bonito - Sarda sarda, Common Sea Bream, Red Snapper, Pargo - Pagrus pagrus, Dentex - Dentex dentex, Horse Mackerel, Jurel - Trachurus trachurus, cuttlefish and all other Moroccan Seafood

J.O. Seafoods LLC - Supplying the Finest Live, Fresh and Frozen fish and seafood. Canadian Live lobster, Maine Live Lobster, Alaskan King Crab, Dungeness Crab, Clams, Blue Crab, Red Crab, Cod, Sea Cucumber, Yellow Fin Tuna, Geoduck, Atlantic Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Black Tiger Prawn, Prawns, Blue Fin Tuna, Brown Crab, Snow Crab, Oysters, Scallops, Mussel

Paramount Caviar - #1 USA supplier of Imported Caviar, Imperial Select Caviar, Specialty Caviar & Roe, Domestic Caviar and Fish Roe. Smoked Fish products, Lobster Tails, Caviar Spoons, Tableware and Accompaniments.

A B Golden Seafood Co. Ltd. - Frozen Seafood from Vietnam - Shrimp, Pangasius, Tilapia, Tuna, Mahi, Red Mullet, Red Snapper, Barramundi, Bonito, Round Scad, Indian Mackerel, White Clam, Octopus, Surimi, Seafood Mix

Qingdao Unifood Co. Ltd - Vannamei shrimp, pink shrimp, red shrimp, illex squid, todarodes squid, loligo squid, baby squid, Pacific cod, Atlantic cod, chum salmon, hake, Greenland halibut, catfish, mackerel, red fish, yellow fin sole, mahi mahi, john dory, arrowtooth flounder, saithe, pomfret, tilapia, seafood mix, surimi, mussels, octopus, baby octopus

Lotus Seafood Inc. - USA Importers & Wholesalers of Sustainable Tuna, swordfish, Alaska pollock, hake, cod, ocean perch, tilapia, Pangasius, mussels, king crab, clams, squid, octopus, shrimp, sushi, surimi

VietOcean Seafood Co. Ltd. - Pangasius, Shrimps, Cephalopods, Reef Fish - Sourcing All Your Seafood Needs. Factory Audit, Pre-Shipment Inspection, Loading Supervision.

Reefberry Foodex Pvt. Ltd. (Foodex Group) - We deal in almost all seafoods available in Indian Ocean (FAO Area 51) and always more than happy to pack as per our Customers specifications. Products include various forms

Ocean More Foods Co., Limited - tilapia, vannamei shrimp, surimi crab sticks, Alaska pollock, hake, cod, salmon, yellow fin sole, haddock, saithe, red fish, Greenland halibut, arrowtooth flounder, squid, mix seafood, mussel, mackerel, catfish, pomfret, eel

Blue Gulf Seafoods Co., Ltd - A supplier and exporter of all kinds of frozen SQUID and TILAPIA products, Also supplying Alaska Pollock, Hake, Cod, Sole, Arrow Tooth Flounder, Salmon, Golden Pompano, Pacific, Spanish & Horse Mackerel, Red, Pink & White Shrimp

Dalian Fengning Limited - Specialized Exporters and Suppliers of fish fillets - pollock, tilapia, seabass, sole, flounder, saithe, cod and hake. W/R Fish also available and loligo squid.

Seaprimexco Vietnam - Processors and exporters of Black Tiger, White, Pink & Cat Tiger Shrimp, Octopus, pineapple-cut cuttlefish, squid

Ocean Treasure Foods Ltd - Processors and exporters of Pollock, tilapia, mahi mahi, tuna, cod, grass carp, panga, salmon, squid, baby octopus, cuttlefish, vannamei, red and pink shrimps, scallops, mussels, surimi.

Urutrades - We trade in land and sea frozen fish from Uruguay

Rocmar Seafood S.A. - A leading frozen fish wholesale Export Company based in the Republic of Panama

Binh Dinh Fishery Joint Stock Company
Manufacturer specialize in Marine fish in Viet Nam. yellowfin tuna, swordfish, marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo, oilfish and blue shark.


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