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Reef Aquarium - A reef aquarium can beautifully adorn your coffee table or any other space that is not in use.  Check out today what kind of benefits you can have by purchasing a reef aquarium.


Ocean Watch. Ocean Watch Australia Ltd is an environmental, non-profit organisation sponsored by the commercial seafood industry. We represent the environmental interests of industry by working to protect and restore fish habitats, improve water quality and promote sustainable fisheries. To achieve this, Ocean Watch provides advice to government and educates the public about the environmental problems affecting aquatic environments. Information is also disseminated to industry on the nature of environmental issues, including sustainable fishing, to facilitate the development of solutions and improved environmental practices.


The Marine Stewardship Council The MSC is an independent, non-profit organisation which was initially created by WWF and Unilever back in 1997. It has developed an environmental standard against which fisheries all over the world can volunteer to be assessed. If they pass, they can use the MSC ecolabel on their products which you and I can already buy in shops and restaurants. It's a bit like the Forest Stewardship Council labelling programme for wood products, only this is for fish!


WAFIC The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council acts as an industry representative for Western Australian fishing, pearling and crown land aquaculture interests and is an active respondent to native title claims.


South Australian Fisheries Research Advisory Board (SAFRAB)
South Australia's Fisheries & Aquaculture 5 year Research & Development Strategy.


 AFMA In managing Commonwealth fisheries resources on behalf of the Australian community and key stakeholders... collect licence fees and management levies from foreign and domestic fishers to allow for cost recovery of licensing and management services.


The Victorian Aquaculture Council Inc. is Victorian Aquaculture. The VAC works within the industry to promote industry best practice, set sustainable performance benchmarks and develop codes of practice and best practice environmental management guidelines in conjunction with government and other stakeholders. To assist the development of the industry the VAC promotes knowledge and expertise within the industry, assists with the development of training and education programs, determines research and development priorities, and promotes investment.


The Australian Prawn Farmer's Association (APFA) was formed in 1993 to represent the interests and foster the development of the Australian prawn farming industry. The Association is a key contact for investors, new farmers and firms wishing to do business with the Australian prawn farming sector.


Food Science Australia is a joint venture of CSIRO AND AFISC  Australian-based food manufacturers are competing for freezer, chiller and shelf space with manufactured food products from all around the world.
For the food industry in Australia, staying competitive means continually improving products and productivity while controlling costs of raw materials, packaging, labour, energy, storage and transport and enhancing product safety.

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