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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

Commercial Fishing & Seafood Industry Contacts - Canada E - L

We are exporters and suppliers of whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish mainly from Canada and the USA's pacific coast.

mokey Bay Seafood is a trading company based in Washington State, USA and British Columbia, Canada. We sell and export a range of seafood items, such as farmed and wild salmon, live crab and shellfish, geoduck and manila clam, and fresh oyster meat.



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Advertise your seafood company Smokey Bay Seafood Company Ltd
Smokey Bay Seafood is a trading company based in Washington State, USA and British Columbia, Canada. We sell and export a range of seafood items, such as farmed and wild salmon, live crab and shellfish, geoduck and manila clam, and fresh oyster meat. Established in 1998, our small trading company, has 9 staff.  We have expertise in sourcing fish from our region, and the regulatory, logistics and financing necessary to do complex and high value seafood exports and imports by land, sea, and air.  We hold various licenses and permits including MSC.
Contact: Gabriela Monroy
City: Vancouver, BC
Tel:  +1 604 568 4310 
+1 604 688 8360
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Sprestine Sea Inc.
We are exporters and suppliers of whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish mainly from Canada and the USA's pacific coast. Producers, processors and exporters of Canadian lobsters, king crab, Dungeness crab, snow crab, wild salmon (chum salmon, pink salmon, trout), halibut (Atlantic, Greenland), sea scallop, mackerel, Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, capelin, herring, red snapper, redfish, trout, wild king shrimp, wild pacific shrimp, wild albacore tuna, wild spot prawns, farmed and wild salmon
Contact: Ethan Leblanc
City: Neil's Harbour, Nova Scotia
Tel:   +1 902-200-0323
  +1 902-244-1466
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]


CTLE Seafood, Inc.
We are a frozen seafood company established since 2005 in Canada, however, seafood business goes back in our family since 1970s. Today we have our own cooperation and partnerships in various parts of world. Some of the following species we supply are: Atlantic Cod, Atlantic Mackerel, Haddock, Red Fish, Saithe, Greenland Halibut, Capelin, Atlantic Salmon, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Trout, California Squid, Illex Squid, Loligo Squid, Giant Squid, Leather Jacket, Yellowtail Scad, Red Big Eye Scad, King Fish, Grouper, Silver Pomfret, Whelk, Brown Crab, King Crab, Cuttlefish, Black Cod, Chilean Seabass, Red Snapper, Ribbonfish, Vannamei Shrimps, Argentine Red Shrimp and various other products.
Contact: Amyn Farid
City: Brampton, Ontario
Tel:  +1 647-241-2097
Skype: ctleseafood
Email: [email protected]


Sea Agra Seafood Ltd.
We’re a seafood firm that connects people with high quality product straight from the source. Premium quality wild-caught BC Sockeye, Chinook | King, Coho, Chum and Pink Salmon. Natural, fresh and from one of the world’s most famous fishing grounds: the mighty Fraser River.  Cultured SablefishCertified organic white sturgeon meat. Farmed Canadian Atlantic Salmon. Farmed Steelhead Salmon, Wild King Shrimp, Wild Pacific Shrimp, Wild Albacore Tuna, Wild Spot Prawns.
Contact: Robert Shaw
City: North Vancouver, BC
Tel:  +1 (604) 984-3303
+1 (604) 984-3323
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]


Borissov Dmitri Consulting Inc.
Our company Borissov Consulting Inc (incorporated in Vancouver, BC, Canada) helps Russian Companies export products. At present, Russian Sea Products companies are creating a plan for 2020 year to export next products: Wild Salmon (Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Trout), Halibut (Atlantic, Greenland), Mackerel, Sea Scallop, Crab, Herring. Right now we offer to sell Sea Scallop (from supplier Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). The minimum shipping 17 tonnes (17000 kg net weight), for all 2020 year total 600 tonnes.
Contact: Dmitri Borissov
City: Vancouver, BC
Tel:  +1 604 600-2390
+1 604 600-2390
Skype: 604 600-2390
Email: [email protected]
Fairisle Welding and Fabricating
Salmon grading systems, stun and bleed systems, counting system and shell fish products for harvesting.
Contact: Chet Chadwick
City: Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island, BC
Tel: +1 (250) 203-3056
+ (250)285-3970
Skype:  -
Email: Email Fairisle Welding and Fabricating
Fisherman's Market International Inc.
Worldwide exporters of live Lobster and seafood from the Canadian North Atlantic Ocean. We have been business for over 60 years (since 1948) and have 5 plant locations throughout Nova Scotia, with over 150 employees. Live Lobster (Homarus americanus), Cod, Haddock, Sole, Pollack, Hake, Cusk, Salmon, Halibut, Shark, Swordfish, Tuna, Oysters, Clams, Mussels.
Contact: Gino Nadalini
City: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902 445 3474  Fax: 902 443 5561
Skype: -
Email: Email Fisherman's Market International
Flyin Fresh Airfreight | Cargo
We are a full service multi - modal freight forwarding and logistics company for both import and export. Our office is staffed 24/7.
Contact: John van Tol
City: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Tel:  +1 902 377 3511 
+1 902 800 8573
Skype: -
Email: Email Flyin Fresh Airfreight
Fortress Technology Inc.
Fortress technology has grown rapidly to become a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of metal detector systems since starting on a small-scale in 1996. Fortress Metal Detectors scan products transported through the aperture via a conveyor belt in food processing and packaging applications.  In fact, thousands of fortress systems have been installed and are operating in more than 45 countries.
Contact: Steve Gidman
City: Toronto, Ontario
Tel:  +1 (416) 754-2898
+1 (416) 754-2976
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]

G-Star Exports
We are one of the best seafood exporter in Canada. We specialized in Geoducks, Clams, Sea urchin, Sea Cucumber and Oysters. We have special relationships with Farms and Fishermen in BC. When you buy from us, you buy direct. There are no middle man to deal with. Currently we are doing 1000 - 2000 Lbs of Geoducks a day. If you are interested, feel free to contact me at any time.
Contact: Gordon Wong
City: Vancouver, BC
Tel:  +1 604-8992282
+1 604-8992282
Skype:  -
Email: Email G-Star Exports
Global Ocean Products Inc.
Seafood experience since 1971 - Exporters, producers and importers of lobster tails. warm and cold water, scampi tails (metanephrops species or similar), blue swimming crab importers
Contact: Peter Silver
City: Montreal, QC
Tel:  514-738-3745 Fax: -
Skype: peterglobalocean
Email: Email Global Ocean Products Inc
Gold River Seafood Ltd
We are Processors, wholesalers, Importer, & Exporters of Live, Fresh & Frozen Fish, from the clean waters of Canada. Our company is focused on QUALITY and supplying product that our clients can purchase with confidence. International trader of Atlantic salmon, sockeye, Albacore Tuna, pollock, dover sole, arrowtooth flounder. Arrowtooth Flounder, Black Cod J-cut, Dover Sole, Rockfish, Perch, Red Bandits, Silvergrey, Skate Wings, Thornyhead, Wild Pink Shrimp
Contact: Maria Marbella | Arnie Ramirez
City: Langley, BC
Tel: 604-427-0119 
Skype: mareeeah   | arnie.ramirez27
Email: Email Gold River Seafood Ltd
Email Gold River Seafood Ltd Canada
Harbour View Fisheries
Bait suppliers from this location since the 1930's - Mackerel, herring, flounder, redfish
Contact: Frank Richard
City: Richibucto
Tel: 506 523 6351  Fax: 506 523 9317
Skype: -
Email: Email Harbour View Fisheries
High Tide Fisheries Ltd
We are a seafood and bait supplier located in Canada who have been in business since 2010. We supply only the highest quality of bait to our commercial fisherman and companies, along with supplying pelagics, lobster, crab, eels, redfish for food. Bait: Atlantic Mackerel, Bullet Mackerel, Japonicas Mackerel, Atlantic Capelin, Atlantic Redfish, Rockfish, Salmon heads, Atlantic Herring, Black Backs, Silversides, Redfish Heads, Cod Racks, Redfish Racks, Illex Squid.
Contact: Justin Albert
City: Bloomfield, PE
Tel:   +1 902 206 0074
Fax:  +902 853 2451
Skype: hightidejustin
Email: Email High Tide Fisheries Ltd
Inter-Canada Fisheries
Established in Canadian market for over 25 years. One of the first Canadian importers of South American and African seafood. Specialized in the import and distribution of squid, octopus, cuttlefish, sea bass, fresh Caribbean snappers, lobster tails, scampis, black cod, and more. Caribbean snappers, salmon, etc. Squid, octopus, cuttlefish, sea bass, lobster tails, scampis, black cod, etc. Sea bass fillets and portions, and more.
Tel: 905 660 1421  Fax: 905 660 0705
Email: Email Inter-Canada Fisheries
John Bond Marine Surveyor
SAMS Accredited Marine Surveyor and ABYC Standards Certified. Pre-purchase and Insurance boat surveys. Marine Surveys service in Southern Ontario and beyond.
Contact: John Bond
City: Port Hope, Ontario
Tel: 905 885 6486  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email John Bond Marine Surveyor
Kechum Manufacturing Inc.
Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. is the world's leading supplier of marketing materials for the seafood industry. We offer a full line of gill tags for the finfish market as well as Elasti tags for the shellfish industry. As well we manufacture a full line of point of purchase materials for the seafood and grocery industry. Our factory has been based in Canada since 1913 and currently employs 60 full time staff. We can custom manufacture hundreds of items and we ship worldwide factory direct.
Contact: Jason Baker
City: Brockville, Ontario
Tel: 613 342 8455  Fax: 613 342 7550
Skype: -
Email: Email Kechum Manufacturing
Kent County Lobster Trap Inc
We are a new company, personally I've been buying 40000 to 80000 of live lobsters per week for 6 years, from USA and have been selling to processors in Canada, but a few months ago I was approached by our Canadian aboriginal people to help them sell to the live market global. they are catching lobster off Sable Island Canada which are known for the best.. this is a new venture for us so you can be assured that quality for us is the most important factor. We hope someone out there will trust in us.
Contact: Raymond Robichaud
City: Bouctouche, New Brunswick
Tel: +1 506 744 0117 
+1 506 743 8519
Skype: -
Email: Email Kent County Lobster Trap
Krill Canada Sales Corp.
Krill Canada established 1983 and has been supplying fresh frozen and dried krills Euphausia Superba, Euphausia Pacifica and Mysis Relicta. Primary markets are public aquariums, aquaculture feeds and baits. Additionally krill is presently being processed for its valuable oils for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. Krill Canada ships world wide.
Contact: Gordon Sadler
City: Langley, B.C.
Tel: 604 533 0038  Fax: 604 533 1031
Skype: -
Email: Email Krill Canada Sales Corp
Laraib Trading International
We are actively involved in Frozen vegetable, frozen fruits and Seafood. Currently we are looking for reliable suppliers of Sea Cucumbers, Shark fins, and Sea maws.
Contact: Esar Sheikh
City: Hamilton, Ontario
Tel: +1 905-575-6446 
Skype: laraibtr49
Email: Email Laraib Trading International
Lions Gate Fisheries Ltd
Lions Gate Fisheries Ltd., is a family owned company incorporated in 1938, Servicing the wholesalers, food service industry in North America as well as the export markets in Europe and Asia. Pacific Halibut, Halibut Fillets, Wild Salmon " Chinooks, Chums, Pink, Sockeye & Coho", Farmed Chinook Salmon, Rock Fish Fillets, Sole Fillets, Turbot, Hake Pollock, Black Cod, Pacific Sardines, Black Cod, Dungeness Crabs, Shrimp meat, Oysters,
Contact: Todd Waterfield
City: Delta, British Columbia
Tel: 604 946 1361  Fax: 604 946 0944
Skype: -
Email: Email Lions Gate Fisheries Ltd
Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd
Fish processing ground fish such as cod. haddock. flounder. gray sole. turbot. pollock. yellow tails. ocean perch. skate. monk. halibut. and shell fish such as lobster. snow crab. shrimp .shell on. and shell off. whelk. sea cucumber.
Contact: James kennedy
City: Louisbourg, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902 733 2709   Fax: 902 733 3201
Skype: james.n.kennedy
Email: Email Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd

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