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PT Karimata Timur Tel:      +62 511 477 7300
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia Fax:     +62 511 477 4949
Contact Name:  Harry Tan Skype:  HARRY TAN
We are shrimp packer and exporter for indonesian seacatch shrimps.  We export mainly to europe ( eu approval no. 481.19.B) and Japan.


PT Karunia Empat Bersama Tel:      +62 21 4392 2718
Jakarta, Indonesia Fax:     +62 21 4392 2719
Contact Name:  Sudirman Skype:  sudirman_karunia21
manning & crew management, provide our customers with high quality, cost efficient and personalized crewing service which will support and encourage safe and efficient ship operation whilst promoting clients competitiveness by providing services which can be confidently relied on


PT Karya Abadi Maestro Tel:      +62 813 1069 6836
Jakarta, Indonesia Fax:     +62 21 693 0382
Contact Name:  Themmi Skype:  themmimaestro
We are forwarding agents in Indonesia reliable to handle every export import clearance such as freight, trucking, custom clearance, documentation etc.

PT Laura Indo Tel:      +62 711 537 111
Palembang, Indonesia Fax:     +62 711 537 058
Contact Name:  Kumala Tirthani Skype:  Kumala_Tirthani
Contact Name:  Yenni Skype:  frozenprawn
Our company is a frozen shrimps processor and exporter, located in Palembang, South Sumetera, Indonesia. We process Black Tiger, Vannamei, White, Pink, Yellow, Cat Tiger


PT Lautan Niaga Mandiri Tel:      +62 21 9221 8817
Bekasi, Jawa Barat Fax:     +62 21 8895 8824
Contact Name:  Ahmad Dayan Skype:  adam1970
we are seafood processor from Indonesia. HACCP and EU Approved. we process Loligo Squid, packed 2 kgs per Inner carton, Frozen on Board, by hook.


PT Maya Food Industries Tel:      +62 285 421 676
Pekalongan, Indonesia Fax:     +62 285 422 551
Contact Name:  Agus Suseno Skype:  hsuseno
We are manufacturer of Canned Fish, Canned Fruits and Frozen Surimi located in Central Java Indonesia. Please feel free to contact us to build mutual business.


PT MF Pond Indonesia Tel:      +62 31 741 2377
Indonesia Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Djoko Sulistyono Skype:  MFPOND
We are doing farming, processing and export of milkfish both for human consumption and bait. We are looking for partnr, customer, importer of this product with long-term business.


PT Multiguna International Persada / MIP Reefer Logistics Tel:      +62 817 0303 4959
Surabaya, Semarang, Jakarta, Indonesia Fax:     +62 31 357 9271
Contact Name:  Ilham Wicaksono Skype:
a food logistics company based in Indonesia with satellite offices all over the world.


PT Multisari Makassar Tel:      +62 411 472 3232
Makassar, Indonesia Fax:     +62 411 472 3222
Contact Name:  Amalia Fubani Sitanggang Skype:  amalia sitanggang
Exporter of Frozen Seafood from Makassar, Indonesia. Main product Frozen Snapper, Grouper, Emperor, Parrotfish, Octopus, etc


PT Orca Marine Crewing Agency Tel:      +62 818 909 712
North Jakarta, Indonesia Fax:     +62 21 4587 4688
Contact Name:  Nico Lauren Skype:  nicolauren
Our company is also ready for sending crew to lots of Fishing Vessels, as we are able to provide and supply the Indonesian Fishermen, such as Bosun, Foreman, Deck Hand, Ice Seamasta, Factory Hand, Packing, Cook, Oiler. For all type of Fishing Vessels: Tuna Longliner, Trawler, Processing, Factory Trawler and Factory Longliner.


PT Pedang Rahmat Samudra Tel:      +62 21 9380 7290
Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia Fax:     +62 21 4390 0795
Contact Name:  Jami Aryani Skype:  Pedrahsam
Our company as Crew manning agent for Fishing vessels (Freezer trawler, Stern trawler, Purse seiner, Long liner, Squid jigger, Pole & line, griller net, Shrimp trawler, Skip jack and Reefer cargo) and Merchant marine purpose also Offshore/support vessels etc.


PT Samudra Kualita Mina Tel:      +62 31 854 7196
Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Mohammed Sameer Skype:  mangesti


PT Sari Ayuwindu Semesta Tel:      +62 61 685 8888
Medan, Sumatera, Indonesia Fax:     +62 61 685 7888
Contact Name:  YS Tan Skype:  platinumystan
We are the seafood processing company. Produced products like Black Tiger, White, Vannamei, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus


PT Sarilaut Ekatama Tel:      +62 31 749 2458
Surabaya, East Java Indonesia Fax:     +62 31 749 2457
Contact Name:  Erawati Skype:  ptsle
We are processor and exporter of various frozen seafood such as milkfish and muroaji for bait, cuttle fish, ribbon fish, loligo squid, baby clam, conger eel, red snapper, and many other.


PT Satya Trinadi Komira Tel:      +62 812 968 8710
Jakarta, Indonesia Fax:     +62 21 6660 4648
Contact Name:  Mr Hand Skype:  KOMIRA
a big trader company in jakarta want to buy Indian Mackerel, Horse Mackerel,Chub mackerel, Skipjack tuna.


PT Shilla Nusantara Tel:      +62 817 684 7017
Jakarta, Indonesia Fax:     +62 21 799 7049
Contact Name:  Novi Yudha Skype:  novi.yudha
We are a legal labor agency, established in October 2003, based in South Jakarta-Indonesia. SLN provides superior recruitment and consultant. We specialize in providing a complete range of hotel's staffing services and fishing vessel crews. We give qualified people to our clients on time and ways that satisfy them.


PT Sukses Jaya Makmur Tel:      +62 31 7039 4664
Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia Fax:     +62 31 853 4532
Contact Name:  Djati Skype:  djati_sjm


PT Tridaya Eramina Bahari Tel:      +62 21 663 1226
Jakarta, Indonesia Fax:     +62 21 663 1148
Contact Name:  Wahyu Skype:  wahyudiarto1
We are seafood processor from Jakarta, Indonesia. Our factory in Jakarta Fishing Port. We are exporter with EU Approval No, and HACCP. We can supply frozen fish in Loin, Steak, saku, Fillet, GG or DWT. We process frozen on board swordfish, marlin sail fish wahoo and oil fish.

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