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Skype Directory by Seafood Company Name - P - Pan



P P Agencies Tel:      +91 944 420 1752
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India Fax:     -
  Email [email protected] 
GovindP.K. Dinesh Skype:  govind707


P.K. Seafood Trading Tel:      +91 891 254 8844
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India Fax:     +91 891 250 1002
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  P.K. Dinesh Skype:  Dinesh PK
We are one of the leading and reputed Agent in India. Apart from Indian Frozen seafood, we also procure Frozen Seafood from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Iran for our Buyers in other countries.


P.W. Doryb Tel:      +48 87 629 0012
Elk, Poland Fax:     +48 87 629 0013
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Anna Dajnowska Skype:  anna_dajnowska
The products falling within the scop of our business activities are: APO fillets, YFS fillets, Tilapia fillets, Anguilla Anguilla, Hake fillets, Hoki fillets, White fish gutted,Cisco gutted, Saithe H/G, Herring fillets/flaps/WR, Halibut H/G J-cut, Pike perch fillets, Wels fillets, Pike fillets/gutted, Perch fillets, Panguasius fillets and others

Pacific Andes Tel:      +86 532 8386 8888
Qingdao, Shandong, China Fax:     +86 532 8386 6688
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Ivy Yang Skype:  merryivy
Pacific Andes can offer IQF Black Cod Portions and  Fillets, Atlantic Cod, Pacific Cod, Alaska Pollock also. Please contact us  for more details!


Pacific Gold S.A. Tel:      +56 65 367 560
Puerto Montt, Chile Fax:     +56 65 367 567
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Julio Bloch Skype:  julio.bloch
We are the leader processor in Chile of Whole Shell Mussels Vacuum Pack & Whole Shell Mussels IQF. Our product is Blue Mussels (Mytilus Chilensis). We export to USA, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, etc.


Pacificimpex Co Ltd Tel:      +86 10 8626 8520
Beijing, China Fax:     +86 10 8966 1239
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Ce Zhang Skype:  zhang_ce
A professional producer and worldwide exporter of food and foodstuff, specialized in Alaska Pollock, Hake, Tilapia, Pangasius Fillet, Pacific Saury sea frozen W/R, cut dried Sea kelp, Surimi crab meat, etc.


Pacifico Agroindustrias Exp & Imp srl Tel:      +51 1 243 334
Tacna, Peru Fax:     +51 1 243 334
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Ms. Fiorella Oyolla Skype:  pacificoagrosrl
We are seafood producer in Peru , specialize in Locos , Mackerel , flying fish roe and giant squid product. We also import the live lobster / Various type of dry sea cucumber / fresh chill for our sister company in Taiwan.


PAGO Tel:      +48 69 715 0054
Grodzisk Wlkp., Poland Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Dawid Dudek Skype:  pago_dawid_dudek
Meat Trading company from Poland. Poultry and Pork meat specialize.


Pak Fisheries Tel:      +852 2753 6117
Hong Kong, China Fax:     +852 2751 1360
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Mohammad Zahid Skype:  stc_zahid
We are exporter and importer of live lobsters and fresh chilled fishes.


Pak International Tel:      +92 21 220 3565
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 220 3573
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Abdul Majeed Skype:  majeedjone
Processor &Exporter of all kinds of fresh & Frozen Sea foods With over 15 years of inheritance experience in the field of fishery products fish catches, Fish Trading, Purchase, Supply and Export deal


Pakfish International Tel:      +92 321 871 3926
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 455 9523
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  M K Ikram Skype:  Pakfish Intl
Seafood exporter.


Pampa Gourmet SAC Tel:      +51 1 243 1313
Lima, Peru Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Omar Rest Skype:  raul.cilloniz


Pampa Marketing Tel:      +54 11 4629 5556
Buenos Aires, Argentina Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Augusto Berard Skype:  pampamarketing
Marketing and business contacts.


Pan Harvest Co. Tel:      +886 9 1018 4006
Taipei, Taiwan Fax:     +886 2 2763 5860
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Walter Liao Skype:  walterliao2004
Pan Harvest is one of sea food importer in Taiwan, we are looking for economical frozen sea food to be imported into Taiwan, such as mackerel, female capelin, Basa, white shrimp, salmon, hoki, hake or pollock. The finish products could be whole round, fillets, steak and loin.


Pan Seas Enterprises Pte Ltd Tel:      +65 6264 2233
Singapore Fax:     +65 6265 0839
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Arthur Seit Skype:  pskypeE2005
we trade in various food commodities. kindly get in touch. we are trading in various frozen fish and dried seafood.


Panafish Peru SAC Tel:      +51 7 321 2469
Paita, Peru Fax:     +51 7 321 2469
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Alejandro Coloma Villegas Skype:  panafish


Panamerican Fish Tel:      +34 928 271 527
Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain Fax:     +34 928 276 183
  Email:   [email protected]
Contact Name:  Jose Antonio Betancort Skype:  panamerican-fish
We are an export import company based on the Canary Islands. We deal with all kind of frozen fish and our customer are all over the world.We trade with good quality raw material.


Panga Mekong Co Ltd Tel:      +84 8 243 1256
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Fax:     +84 8 296 6197
  Email [email protected]   
Contact Name:  Tina Dang Skype:  celinedang82
Contact Name:  Nguyen Le Vien Skype:  nguyenlevien
We are manufacturer and exporter of seafood from Vietnam, especializing in frozen pangasius fillet, squid, tuna. We have experience in many years for exporting seafood and enjoy a very good reputation.


Pangasiria Co. Ltd Tel:      +84 8 244 6278
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Fax:     +84 8 292 1343
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  - Skype:  quynh_gia
Contact Name:  Mr Philip Do Skype:  do.huy.cuong
Contact Name:  Khiem Ho Skype:  universea007
We are Pangasiria Office (Vietnam) ,  processing and exporting Pangasius is under our line of business with many sizes, high quality and best price.


Pangasius & Fish Meal Tel:      +84 93 739 3757
Can Tho, Vietnam Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]   
Contact Name:  Rose Skype:  pangarose
Come to us and search more information of Pangasius Hypophthalmus and Pangasius meal. Good quality and good prices as your request.

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