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Shinhocon Ltd Tel:      +82 17 585 7574
Seoul,  Korea Fax:     +82 2 3436 6711
Contact Name:  Sean Skype:  sean2002
We are supplying Crude fishoil, Sardine fishoil, EPA 17% fishoil, EPA DHA Enriched fishoil, Refined fishoil at the most competitive price. We also supply the Frozen WR Sardine ( 40/60 grams 60/90 grams 90/110 grams ) for bait fish long line at the most competitive price.


Shinwa Sea Products Enterprise Tel:      +65 3105 3966
Singapore Fax:     +65 6489 6009
Contact Name:  Francis Ng Skype:  s96185027
Frozen Seafood wholesale distributor supplying seafood from the pristine water of the world's ocean.


Shivganga Marine Products Tel:      +91 2876 231 938
Veraval, Gujarat, India Fax:     +91 2876 231 752
Contact Name:  Mr Pinak Raval Skype:  pinakraval
Ribbonfish, cuttlefish, croaker, BMC, Katti, reef cod, hilsa, gholefish etc.

SHM Trading Company Tel:      +92 21 565 6324
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 565 6325
Contact Name:  Syed H. Mehdi Skype:  shmtrading
We have been in Seafood Industry for almost 2 decades. We are exporters of all kind of seafood to many countries. We deal in Fresh, frozen and dried seafood.  We have team of experts who have expertise in their particular areas. All species , fish, shrimps, lobsters, crabs.


Shoaib Hasan Tel:      +880 31 285 2876
Chittagong, Bangladesh Fax:     +880 31 285 1212
Contact Name:  Syed Md. Shoaib Hasan Skype:  shoaib.hasan
We are dealing with all tools, feed and artemia for aqua hatchery. We want to find good feed for shrimp hatchery and at the same time we are interested to export Artemia to any country. I hope client will satisfy with our artemia according to the price and quality.


Shree Datt Aquaculture Farms P Ltd Tel:      +91 2634 282 151
Billimora, Gujarat, India Fax:     +91 2634 283 151
Contact Name:  Dattubhai Tandel Skype:  dattu.tandel
We are Processor & Exporter of Fresh/Chilled/raw frozen fish and fishery products (IQF/Semi-IQF/BLOCK FROZEN/IF) including Aquaculture products. We have Very modern EU approved plant with all the machineries and equipments for freezing and cold store are imported from DANTECH FOOD SYSTEM MACHINERIES, imported from SINGAPORE , Denmark, Spain, Italy, China, etc.. Our EU approval number is 1133.


Shrimps Bangladesh Tel:      +880 41 860 287
Khulna, Bangladesh Fax:     +880 41 860 287
Contact Name:  Shaikh Shahid Skype:  shrimpsbangladesh
We are pleased to introduce our selves as on of  the  leading Sea Food Purchasing Agent/sourcing Agent of
above Seafood  being located in Khulna zone, Khulna, Bangladesh. We  act as Buyer's/ Agent for Purchase of Quality Shrimp/ Seafood Since 1999. As we are professional in Seafood business, We used to provide duties and responsibilities to our valued Principals in brief.


Shubh Sea Food Tel:      +91 2876 645 130
Veraval, Gujarat, India Fax:     +91 2876 246 580
Contact Name:  Santosh Dhekane Skype:  santoshdhekane
Trading company in India arranging various kinds of seafood from reliable packers to our buyer. We are dealing all kinds of frozen and fresh seafoods.


Shui Hing Marine Tel:      +65 9487 7318
Singapore Fax:     -
  Email:  -
Contact Name:  Francis Ng Skype:  francis
Importer and exporter of dried & frozen sharkfins, fishmaws and sea cucumber in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia & China.


Shung Fon Industries Co Ltd Tel:      +86 755 8286 4064
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Fax:     +86 755 8286 3472
Contact Name:  Lucy Zeng Skype:  shungfon
We are marine diesel engine spare parts manufacturor, like JIS valve spindle, piston, thermometor and VTR turbocharger etc series. If any enquiry, welcome and free to contact us. We also can produce according to your sample or drawing.


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