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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

B & L Distributors distributors of Keepalive Aerators
Keepalive aerators and tanks, to keep your bait or fish alive
Contact: Bruce
City: Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Tel: -
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
B.Y. Store
Huge choice. From A to Z!
City: Norwich
Tel:  860 887 2548
Fax: 860 887 2548
Email: [email protected]
Ballyhood "Top Gun" Lures
saltwater trolling lures --Rigged n ready-- specializing in tuna -- dolphin/dorado- schoolie bluefin tuna --sharks-white marlin- wahoo -- Ballyhood lures have won 42 tournaments - 24 of the tournaments -''wahoo' Free same day shipping -- experts in saltwater fishing ''worldwide''
Contact:  Darrell Primrose
City: Santa Ana, California
Tel:  714 545 0196
Fax: 714 545 0197
Email: [email protected]
Let's Go fishing! >< ))))>  |  Bass and Flats.com
Guide service, wholesale fishing tackle - serving Florida

Contact: Capt. Greg "Hutch" Hutchens
City: Odessa, Florida
Tel:  727 458 3274
Fax: 813 920 9844
Email: [email protected]
Basswishes Tackle Company
Full line of high end bass tournament tackle to include: hard baits, soft plastics, spoons, accessories, buzz and spinnerbaits, fishing line, tools, reels, weights, hooks, jig heads and so much more.
Contact: Tom Murphy
City: Richland
Tel:  573-774-0631
Fax: 593-765-5966
Email: [email protected]
Beaver Fishing Tackle
We produce ZING and LIGHTHOUSE bobbers, large catfish pole floats and specialty bobbers. Call for a catalog.
Contact: Rob
City: Springfield, OH
Tel: 937 831 8765
Email: [email protected]
Beckers Bait and Tackle
Great Prices on all your fishing needs from Lures, Roads and Reels and any other type of tackle needs.
Contact: Steve
City: Island Lake, Illinois
Tel: -
Email: [email protected]
Best Bet Inc. Illuminator Jigs
Here at Best Bet Inc. we are really excited about this revolutionary new fishing jig we are offering. The illuminator lighted jigs are so new that we are one of the few places offering them for sale. We all know how well the standard glow jigs work. The new Illuminator lighted fishing jig has gone to the next level in fishing technology. The lead free jig has a LED light that is operated by a non replaceable lithium battery that lasts up to 100 hours. After that, it can then be fished like a standard glow jig. The LED light in the jig will automatically turn on when it gets wet and attract fish in the dirtiest of stained water and will turn off when removed from the water.
Contact: Dan Kolb
City: Anoka
Tel:  763 323 9273
Email: [email protected]
Big Cat Tackle
Name brand wholesale fishing tackle for shops and pay lakes.
Contact: John Hotarick
City: Germantown
Tel:  +1 937 304 8750
Email: [email protected] 
Big Ten Tackle
The Bobber With A Brain - World's only 10 Function  Bobber! Huge Site on the BOBBER WITH A BRAIN! All Year around, Worlds'  only 10 function bobber! STATIONARY in the water. See the many fish caught  FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!  This product has been sold on the net and some stores for SEVEN YEARS it  is successful and a really fun fishing product!
Contact: Roy McMahon
City: Latrobe, PA
Tel:   800 480 4216
Email: [email protected]
Big Y Fly Co.
Wholesaler of hand-tied fishing flies in the United States.
Contact: Cameron Larsen
City: Maupin, Oregon
Tel:  541 993 8844
Email: [email protected]
Bigcat Tackle
Wholesale and retail fishing tackle for everyone. Competitive pricing. Please drop us a line.
Contact: John Hotarick
City: Georgetown
Tel:  513 485 1397
Email: [email protected]
Fishing Resource Center and online anglers community.
Contact: Mike Hodgdon
City: Colorado Springs
Tel:  719 572 9065
Fax: 719 591 0422
Email: [email protected]
Black Angel Jigs
All our jigs are hand tied and go through a three stage process in construction. Unique designs with epoxy coating with the colors that bass are looking for.
Contact: Gabe Spencer
City: Grove, Oklahoma
Tel:  918 944 9279
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Black Bart International
Manufacturer of Black Bart Offshore Trolling Lures and Custom Rods.
Contact: Jack Tullius
City: Riviera Beach, Florida
Tel:  866 289 7050 (Toll Free)
Fax: 561 842 4549
Email: [email protected]
Blackhook Wholesale Distribution
Blackhook Big Game Wholesale Distribution  is primarily a distributor of saltwater fishing tackle. We help Tackle Shops target "Big Game", "Blue Water" enthusiasts.  Our staff has over 25 years of experience assisting top retail stores in lure rigging, teaser building, consulting, and outfitting. We know how important it is for you to receive your order in a timely fashion. This is one reason we guarantee excellence in customer service, product quality, and order accuracy.
Contact: Sean Rominger
City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tel:  954 653 4930
Fax: 954 525 0725
Email: [email protected]
Block & Tackle - 8 Hour Sportsmen's sunscreen
Block & Tackle 8 Hour Sportsmen's sunscreen. All Oxybenzone free, some items 100% natural/chemical free. Small case packs, no minimums. Good print support material. Spray, Zinc hybrid crème, lip protectant and 100% natural facial crème and lip items.
Contact: Steve Finley
City: Jupiter
Tel:  +1 561-250-6530
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Blue Fins Bait & Tackle
Fresh and frozen Bait.  Tackle, Guns, Ammunition
Contact: -
City: Baltimore
Tel:  +1 410 477 9244
Fax: +1 410 477 9245
Email: [email protected]
Blue Ocean Tackle Inc.
Sport and Commercial Fishing Equipment and Marine Supply
Contact: Mark J Barrett
City: National City, California
Tel:  (619) 336 2403
Fax: (619) 649 0909
Email: [email protected]
Blue-Thru LLC
Blue-Thru is a safe and fast salt removal system that improves marine engine cooling performance and reduces corrosion in cooling chambers and heat risers. This product is a total clean system for your boat, motor, tackle, trailer, dive equipment, beach furniture and salt ridden windows
Contact: Greg Hall
City: Sarasota
Tel:  +1 941-227-1626
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Bluewater Videos
Boating, Fishing, Hunting, GPS, Radar DVDs & VHS. Everything Outdoors with over 1000 Titles of "How to" videos to choose from at great prices!


Contact: Capt. John C. Allen
City: Bridgeport, N.Y. 13030
Tel:  +1 315 699 5517
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Boro Strike Lures
Glass saltwater lure, catches the big ones! Environmentally safe approval by Canada, Florida and Louisiana. They are being used on the east and west coast of Florida by charters and in tournaments. Caught grouper just last weekend in the Gulf of Mexico!!
Contact: Terry Parker
City: Belleview, Florida
Tel: 352 307 4527
Fax: 352 307 0556
Email: [email protected]
Brella Brella LLC
Brella Brella specializes in adjustable, lightweight, portable, packable, high performance rain wear. We sell the Brella that allows a custom fit around your wait, sides and head, freedom of movement for your upperbody and a small footprint so you can roll t into the hood. The Brella which is a multi-use rain garment for fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping and other outdoor sports.
Contact: Hugh Rundle
City: Webster
Tel:  5854726515
Email: [email protected]
Bruiser Baits
Bruiser Baits is an exciting new array of soft plastics baits manufactured in Florida by anglers for anglers. Bruiser Baits offers 12 different baits and will custom make any color desired or you can order one the many colors offered already.
Contact: Chris Fickey
City: Bradenton
Tel: 941 232 9539
941 751 4386
Email: [email protected]
BTL Baits,llc
We sell MC3 lures online and mail order. MC3 lures are 3 inch soft plastic grass shrimp.MC3 lures come in 8 colors and are anise scented. Please contact us for further information.
Contact: Bruce Adams
City: Fort Payne
Tel: 256 844 2810  Fax: 256 844 2810
Email: [email protected]
BulletBobber Enterprises
The BulletBobber eliminates or greatly reduces the need to recast and makes fishing more FUNctional. BulletBobbers are the only fishing floats with on-demand directional control.
Contact:  Paul Lieb
City: Norton, OH
Tel:  330 825 0479
Fax: 866 605 2269
Email: [email protected]

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Sea-Ex is celebrating
25 YEARS of assisting Seafood, Marine & Related Companies with online marketing!

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